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  1. Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone happens to have an extra or miss ordered "Dark Saddle" Carpet set for my 72 Monte?? I know I could order direct but thought I'd ask here first. Thanks, David 417-366-0030
  2. Hi everyone, wondering what color splatter paint? When I look on The Parts Place or Ground UP etc, there is Black/Aqua, Grey/White, Black/Grey When I ordered my tire cover and trunk matt it was Black/Aqua...so just wasn't sure what the original color would have been. Also, has anyone painted the splatter or Por15? Does it stick ok? Thanks, David
  3. Found my build sheet in the rear back cushion. Really great condition overall. I will probably have more questions but one that comes to mind is what color is the interior carpet color? In know the trim is saddle, but there are several colors of carpet that could have been used. Also how do I know which "saddle" paint was used for interior trim pieces without have to order 20 different cans of trim paint? Thanks for any help, David
  4. Hi everyone, looking for Dark Saddle seat covers for my 72 Monte (split bench)...any chance someone has some?? I've looked at ordering from all the big names, but its like 9mnths out And I can supposedly get vinyl yardage for around 500-700 plus another 1K to make and install. So premade would be the way to go... or I would consider vinyl yardage if the price point was low enough. Thanks.
  5. Just curious, trying to find original paint chip samples and noticed that in 1972 both RM and PPG provided paint chip sheets for Chevy including the Monte Carlo. Did GM stop using one half way through the year? Or did certain plants use RM and others PPG? Is there any way to know which one I have? Thanks David
  6. Hi is this still available? I literally just posted something about this it a few minutes ago (Jan 9, 2022) Please let me know Thanks, David
  7. Hi everyone couple of questions on my 72 Monte Carlo 1) the dash insert is the carpathian burled elm. It is in near perfect original condition with the exception that a white lettering has worn off above the cigarette lighter and it is very dull overall. what can I use to help bring back some of the shine and luster? 2) I am wanting to go back with the original medium green vinyl top ( which had been taken off several years ago and is now a black primer)...I cannot find a supplier anywhere for the medium grain levant grain vinyl top... any ideas??? Thanks, David
  8. until

    Hi I noticed in this video at about 2:47-3 min there is a green monte with a white top? This looks like what I'm planning for mine. Do you have any info on this one? Thanks, David (72 Monte)
  9. Thanks. Another ?, my seat belt light is not working. New bulb, but nothing? I tried my test light at and nothing. I disconnected the wire under the bench seat, tried the test light and still nothing. All fuses are working. I know it's not a big deal, but I'd like everything to work
  10. You were right, switching the socket worked! So what causes the sockets to go bad? Can they be cleaned? Should I just order new?
  11. Yes, exterior lights flash. And my test light flashes when it touches the socket
  12. Hi everyone I'm trying to get my interior (dash) turn signals working on my all original 1972 Monte Carlo... can you help? Printed circuit looks good and I have power to the bulb socket, and I have a new bulb...but still no light? Is it the twist socket? Funny, all the other lights work with same twist sockets? Thanks, David
  13. Hi everyone I'm trying to remove my original radio from the dash of my 1972 Monte Carlo can you help?
  14. Hi everyone, getting ready to reupholster the front bench seat bottom on my 72 Monte with dark saddle interior...all original. I noticed however that the vinyl on the head rest and sides is a smaller grain which I think is "madrid" The bottom and back is a different grain...slicker/more difined...is it Elk grain?? Thanks, David
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