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  1. Okay if that's the case do I need to have that hooked up in mine? is that why my stereo isn't coming on? Or are you saying that's only necessary when you're operating those things if the car is turned off
  2. Thanks guys I actually put the 4 amp fuse back in...small lights still not working question what is the blue connector in the center of that picture
  3. 1972 monte, Which fuse operates the interior indicator lights, high beam indicator light, parking brake indicator light, and seat belt light? Thanks
  4. Hi Rob thanks for the information... all of the gauge lights work except for the two indicator lights, parking brake light, and the high beam light...oh and the seat belt light. If there is a radio light that isn't working either:(
  5. Everyone this is David with my 1972 Monte Carlo... What the four smaller lights?...assume turn signal on the top? What about the bottom 2? Why don't they work?
  6. Roger, thanks. Did you buy bulk vinyl or pre made seat covers?
  7. Everyone this is David with my 1972 Monte Carlo...my interior is in very good condition except for the 'seat' upholstery on the front bench which needs to be replaced, as well as the armrest, and carpet color for the interior is Saddle, however when I look through GM Heritage material and/or try to find replacement online there is a dark saddle, saddle, and sometimes a medium or light saddle I'm racking my brain...which one is which
  8. Welcome Kade, cool story. Nice looking Monte!
  9. Hi everyone, just purchased this 72 Monte in Missouri, one owner. It has the original wheels and hubcaps original tire size was a G 78 I want to go back with the original tire size what would the modern-day equivalent be? Also I want to put the Rally wheels on... for 1972 Monte Carlo Factory rally would have been 15 x 7 is that right?
  10. Yeah I was trying to figure out if that is stock... I noticed in some pictures that there are two styles of vinyl seats the one like I have and then there's another version that has a seem that goes down the middle of the seat portion
  11. Hi everyone, just purchased this Monte in Missouri. One owner 94K miles. Sounds great after a friend and I installed new fuel pump, fuel filter, plugs and wires...and some fresh 91 octane gas and lead additive. Planning to put new tires on this week but looking for a set of rallys...know of any?? Next is vinyl top, new carpet, and front seat upholstery.
  12. Hello, Luc, any chance you still have those rally wheels? Just got a 72 monte and looking for an original set Thanks, David
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