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  1. It still was the right weekend though. The following Saturday and Sunday we hit 104 degrees!
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    I told her and her husband if they find themselves in southern Oregon to give me a call. This year's western meet was less than 30 miles from my house...very sweet!
  3. It turned out to be the right weekend in spite of Friday's rain. We're looking at 104 degrees for this weekend.
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    Love the color of your cream colored one there.
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    Hi Folks, I live in southern Oregon (State of Jefferson). Just bought my 71' MC about 2 years ago. I always liked the looks of the 1st gens, I needed a daily driver, and the car I had sat too close to the ground for me nowadays. I figured one in great shape would cost the same or less than a new car, and I don't like any of the new cars. So why not drive something I like, and can work on myself? I found one online up in Yakima, WA. After checking it out the best I could at a distance, I flew up to Yakima taking chance that it'd work out. It did and drove it the 450 miles home. I bought it off the original owner who bought new when she graduated college in 1971. 110k miles and 5k on the rebuilt motor, still has the factory interior in pristine condition. Everything is still stock with the exception of the steering wheel. 350 2bbl, they made sure to say more than once "This is not a hot rod", and vetted me pretty well. My 67' Cougar XR-7 fits that bill so no problem. The lady had tears in her eyes handing over the keys. When I heard there was an MC club and that there was a national meet within 40 miles of home, I joined.
  6. I am from Southern Oregon. If you cut inland from Coos Bay, taking Hwy 42 to I-5 and figuring in summer tourist traffic, Coos Bay to Ashland will be a solid 3-1/2 hour drive not counting bathroom breaks. Just FYI.
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