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  1. 502ci

    Ohio members

    Richfield here, 25 miles "South" of Cleveland...😎
  2. 502ci

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter Everyone! Having parents and sisters over today...been a long time since I had visitors.
  3. I have had my Monte for 38 years and when I got it had a rally spare. Can't imagine someone would of put it there other then that's how it came factory.
  4. Agree, not true. I hear stories like that every so often but this one with 500 being made is like wow, lol.
  5. You do know the quickest way to remove those stickers on those tires right 😀
  6. At 2 minutes and 30 seconds the guy calls the Monte Carlo a Camaro, lol.
  7. Don't let it be a deal killer, the exhaust note will still be great with a cross over. I am old school and like to be different. You probably could not tell the difference unless the two cars were side by side and then like I mentioned it's a preference thing. The only way I could explain the exhaust note would be to use a Harley...they come with a dual exhaust from the factory with a cross over (now a days even have a catalytic converter incorporated in it). Remove the head pipes and replace it with a true dual and you will have a sound more of a drum beat...hope that makes sense.
  8. Are you looking at doing an x-pipe for performance or sound...or both? The x-pipe will help over all for performance but in my opinion at the sacrifice of a true dual exhaust sound. I decided against a cross over (x-pipe or h-pipe) on my Monte so I would have a different sound than most other people...it also helps that I have 3 1/2" Torque Tech exhaust from the headers to rear bumper, lol.
  9. Our club rates for Friday and Saturday nights are as follows Qn/Qn --------------$159.00 Changed to $119.00 by the hotel King------------------$159.00 Changed to $119.00 by the hotel Qn/Qn Suite--------$169.00 Changed to $129.00 by the hotel Qn/Qn Suites are limited and not guaranteed to be available King Suite-----------$169.00 Changed to $129.00 by the hotel King Suites are limited and not guaranteed to be available The surrounding date rates are listed below (These would be the rates for Wednesday, Thursday and also Sunday and Monday Nights and
  10. I would never get 3,500 lb. axles, even if you are getting a lightweight aluminum open car trailer. 7,000 lb. combined weight of the trailer and the car is just too close. Add gear, winch, tools, etc. and it gets worse. If you ever go to sell the trailer you will limit as to who would buy it...I myself look at trailers almost every day (out of boredom) and as soon as I see 3,500 lb. axles listed I immediately move to the next add. I would definitely get a dovetail, you will learn at some point it "may" scrape and just drive accordingly. Without it when loading a car with long tube headers
  11. Underpowered, underpowered, underpowered...yeah, that was getting old. Okay article but written by someone with minimal car knowledge. One thing that caught my attention was when the one car mentioned with 1200 rear wheel hp only ran in the 9's...should easily be a mid 8 second car.
  12. Hoping things this coming year are better than what we are going through now. That being said I am planning on going and make up for what I missed at the 50th anniversary 😎.
  13. Gotta admit my Monte never left the garage once this year. Started it several times but it never moved...🙁
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