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  1. Don't worry about red lighting or sitting there after the light turns green... just race your race, nether will affect your ET. High 15's.
  2. Well, my Monte has been sitting in my trailer since last year when I brought it home from Carlisle... yesterday I finally started it up and pulled it out. Went to the local car cruise near me and it was so crowded I just parked the car far away and walked around. I see a 71 so I head over and there is Greg Blasco (Capri's husband) talking to the car owner. Then I run into my girlfriend's friends and hung around them. Their 18 year old son has a early 90's Camaro and it was cool to see how much interest he has in cars. There is still hope for the youth.
  3. There should be a tab about halfway up the tube that has a hole in it that mounts to the block.
  4. I can't view the pics either.
  5. Welcome aboard. Looking forward next year at the Eastern to meet you and your car. I myself have owned my Monte for 36 years.
  6. Forgot to mention I have beat the daylights out of it and it runs flawlessly.
  7. I put a ZZ502ci GM crate motor in my Monte roughly 17 years ago. Mine had no provision more a mechanical pump. Mine came with a short water pump, no problem I just used my original long style and everything bolted right up.
  8. I also want to point out if you install a drop base like I did you do not have to use the top plate that came with it, I installed a filtered K&N top on mine now with that original Moroso drop base. I even have a 6" filter on it now but have a hood scoop.
  9. Years ago (many) I bought a Moroso "drop base" 14 inch diameter and ran a 4" tall filter with no hood insulation and did not rub. Probably could get away with a 3" if you still have the insulation.
  10. Nice, looks like nice weather too. 😎
  11. 502ci


    I stopped at my Mom's house today and visited but then again I stop over every week .
  12. 502ci


    Unfortunately not gonna make it this year but will definitely be at Carlisle next year. Going 4 wheeling in West Virginia at the Hatfield McCoy Trails.
  13. 502ci


    My last post of my mug mentions it was over 3 years well here I am updating it again and yes it is another 3 years. Same girlfriend Christine.
  14. Original post was deleted by accident so a new one is started. Repost your wheel and tire combo here so we can have the list again of what fits our cars. List wheel size with back spacing, tire size, any quarter panel trimming needed, spacers if used, airshocks if needed, spring spacers, wheel tub modifications, etc... Also add pictures so we can get see how they look. 😎 Example: 15x7"wheels with 4" of back spacing front. 15x8" wheels with 4 1/2" of back spacing rear. 255/60/15 front tires. 265/60/15 rear tires.
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