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  1. Hoping things this coming year are better than what we are going through now. That being said I am planning on going and make up for what I missed at the 50th anniversary 😎.
  2. Gotta admit my Monte never left the garage once this year. Started it several times but it never moved...🙁
  3. We all get those odd sounds that turn out to be nothing but an object rolling back and forth or vibrating...sometimes when you can locate it turning up the stereo seems to help, lol.
  4. On a side note...when I switched to 1350 joints I installed 1350 greaseless u-joints. Being greaseless they are more solid and stronger.
  5. Bummer on the outcome, people are the same everywhere and hardly ever fess up when they are at fault. I learned my lesson years ago and now have a camera in all my vehicles. Saved me twice and the simple words of telling the other insurance company I have video proof speeds things up dramatically. I have even pulled over after "witnessing" an accident and showed the police my video of it. They very thankful and cited the correct person which they said before seeing the video they were just gonna let the insurance companies fight it out.
  6. Great price. New tires are the first thing it needs before it sees the road again.
  7. Curious as to what is the problem. If they are not leaking then they should work.
  8. I installed one in my 72 back in the 80's. I removed it from another Monte but can't remember if it was a 70, 71, or a 72. Looks just like the other picture.
  9. 502ci

    New member

    No problem on 15x8" rim with 5" of back spacing. I have that on my car now. I have had bigger tires on it but so many things come in to play like trimming your wheel lip, pounding the inner wheel well in, having a perfectly centered rearend, etc...
  10. Wow, they kinda waited till the last minute to send them out.
  11. We had an extensive data base of everyone's wheel tire combo but it got lost but here is a link of the new one started...sadly not much there....
  12. 502ci

    How You Doin

    I am in Ohio and still working (electrician) as though the pandemic never happened, luckily I have been on jobs that have only one or two other people in the whole building. Some days there were no one except me...I have been doing punchlists for several of the new buildings at the local college we did. Even traveled to Columbus Ohio the past two days to fix things in a school that was remodeled...again just one other person in the entire school. Things could halt at any time though. If they do it will give me a reason to fix things on the Monte and around the house that I am normally too tire
  13. I have a Flex A Lite fan set-up. Their fan controller can be bought separate if that is all you are looking for. I think it is a well made product.
  14. Like mentioned are they new out of the box? Sure look like they went through a heat cycle on a vehicle although what I can see (or can't see) is no scuff marks on the bolt holes from being mounted.
  15. I am dying to see what it looks like when they finally post pictures...underside too. Best pics will come from someone who buys it and reviews it for us...😎
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