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  1. The Flames are harlequin. I think it was a Ppg paint. It was painted 21 years ago.
  2. I was wanting to know if there are any Monte members in the gulf coast area of South Texas?
  3. I am looking to possibly replace my Intermediate Steering Shaft. Anyone know of a good supplier for a new one?
  4. We are book at the hotel and pre registered for the show.
  5. Jakob & I are set up and registered at the hotel. We will arrive Friday evening from Milwaukie.
  6. Event: Flashback Cruz Location: Bend, OR Date: Early August Web site: http://www.centraloregonclassicchevyclub.com/flashback.html Other: 3-day event with car shows, poker walk, raffle and lots of cruising. I am voting for the show in Bend. We have a national for BMX racing in Redmond Oregon which is just north of Bend and the riders from Arizona and California love coming there because of how central Bend is for traveling. It is about a 4 hour drive for us and there is a lot of stuff to do there and also great scenery for pictures and drives. Take care, Jack
  7. Hello Doug, We got a trophy on Saturday and got a sponsor's pick on Sunday. My son is really enjoying the shows right now. [img:center]http://www.pdxcarculture.com/Portals/0/Gallery/Album/135/DSC_0105.jpg [/img]
  8. That is my car that has those rims. There is no trim rings on the wheels. Hope this helps..
  9. Hello David, We are leaving on Friday to head to The Dalles. If you are coming down Friday let me know and maybe we can follow each other. We have the day off and not sure what time we are leaving yet. Take care, Jack
  10. Add The Young's as reserved @ the Hotel Friday & Sturday. Also mailed my payment in for the cruise in. Is there going to be special parking for our cars at the hotel overnight?
  11. Hello Everyone, We are in for the show. We reserved for 2 nights. Not sure if I get Friday off yet but we will see. Can't wait to meet everyone. Take care, jack
  12. Help. Where did my signature picture go? I am not a computer person so I do not know how to post my signature. Can anyone help. Thanks, Jack
  13. Hello, We plan on being there. This will be awesome.
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