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  1. Is there any update and all the pics disappeared. Maybe someone woi saved them could re-post them if the OP is MIA. Thanks
  2. BigDan

    carb stumbles

    Does it still stubble at low speed's like 10-15mph when you go WOT? I had THE WROST time trying to tune my carb to deliver max power when I wanted it. The only way I got around my ussue was to zip tie the secondary linkage to my primary linkage so all 4 barrels fully opened or fully closed when the throttle was pressed. I took it to tons of race shops and nobody could improve on my zip tie trick, even tried all the secondary springs and still fely like a like a 150 hp 2 bbl instead of a ZZ4/
  3. +1 on Vortec Pro. I don't have one of his engines but if I ever decide to spend my expendable income on a new power plant for my 72 350/350 I'd go for one of his iron headed 620+hp 468cid. LS engines are great and all especially if you want a dependable v8 that can take boost, get good mpg and can be tuned by a ton of shops but I think a car a like ours deserves a big block. I was also looking at the new F.A.S.T EZ EFI 2.0 to put on the 468 after a year or so of driving around on a carb. It would be really hard to find another engine builder that could build a dyno proven 660hp BBC for less then $6k. But something may be up since his web site isn't working for me. 665hp dyno video Cool article about his all stock iron headed BBC's http://www.engineprofessional.com/downloads/ep11/EP07-2010_20-28.pdf
  4. I can't see any of the pics? Did they get removed because I'm using two different browsers and would really like to see this install since I already have a LS1 to put in my Monte. Thanks
  5. My Monte 350/350 with the AC removed weighed 3,740 w/ no driver and ran a 15.5 in the 1/4 bone stock + HEI upgrade, 4,100b race weight.... factory gears. I'm now thinking about pulling the LS1 out of my stalled rock crawler project, put it in my Monte along with a fiberglass hood (stock is bent at hinges), fenders, cage and go racing. I just got done reading a GMHTP magazine article on PRC heads and a magic stick cam on a stock LS1 like mine. Very Nice Monte! I'm in love Are those 295/50/15's out back on 15x10 4.5" bs? and 255's up front. Thanks.
  6. BigDan

    CHOPPED '70

    I like it minus the played out wheel style.
  7. Looks nice. Do you have any pics of this installed in the car with the wood grain?
  8. What if you need to add a roll bar/seat belt harness? I thought it was best to go to the frame or would using floor plates be better suiter for a street/strip.
  9. $3,000 for a built tranny is a great deal I spent over $5,000 for the tranny in my Dodge Cummins.
  10. BigDan

    roll cage

    Do you have any pics of the frame mounting and the holes you had to cut in the body? Did you weld it from under the car or cut large holes and weld from inside? Thanks
  11. This is the tire combo I'd like to run. Looks like 295's out back on 15x8 5" bs 255's up front on 15x7 4" bs should give me the look Too bad the dont make the Goodyear Eagle Nascar w/ the yellow letters for 15" anymore That would look legit
  12. Here's a pic of 325's w/o a lift What size rim's tire's are on your car and do you have any more pics? It sure looks nice. Originally Posted By: 502ci 15 x 8 with 5" of b.s. 325 right? And there tucked w/o lifting. He says he doesnt reccomend 325 but I think a 295 would be a happy medium between a 275 - 325. So do I have it right Rear 15X8 5"BS 295/50/15 Front 15X7 4"BS 255/60/15
  13. Why not a 245 or 255 up front and why not 8" rim up front? Will a 295 fit w/ cut lips? Thanks
  14. BigDan

    roll cage

    Did you weld it to the body or the frame?
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