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  1. Would love to see "exactly" how this is done!!!
  2. DaveC

    CN air cleaner decal

    Looking for CN, keep your GM car all GM. Not finding this one from all the usual sources....even contacted Jim Osborne Reproductions, the maker of most of the under hood decals out there. He has a CN but it has a different part number under the CN, and from what I saw some of the wording is different ( his is for a 69 chevelle) Below is the one I need.
  3. DaveC

    CN air cleaner decal

    thanks Rob, that would be great! there is a slim chance I will make it up there as a spectator.
  4. Any one know where I can get a "CN keep your GM car all GM" air cleaner decal? As shown on the attached link. https://musclecaraircleaners.com/products/1970-71-chevrolet-monte-carlo-ss-454-ls5-oval-snorkel-air-cleaner
  5. I've always wanted a 12 volt posi!๐Ÿ˜… but would settle for a Tesla๐Ÿ˜
  6. I would dish soap the door and the guard just to be doubly safe!
  7. My 71 SS is a highly optioned Zone car, the "charge to" and "ship to" are both hand written on the build sheet. I've never seen one like this with, who i assume the intended recipients, name printed on the sheet as well. pretty cool imo. Darren, your first hand knowledge is invaluable! when others like my self can guess and hypothesize, you've been there, done it, and seen it! I have a few other sheets with "bypass code 4" and "bypass code 2" printed in the body below the options, assuming they were doing something out of the ordinary in these builds? Hope all is well!
  8. Looks like your car was ordered for an executive! Charged to Chevrolet Motor Division delivered to local dealer. Have not seen all that many "Zone Cars"/"Brass hat" build sheets. This is the first one I've ever seen that lists the name of the person who I assume the car was ordered for! I think that is more rare than any of the options...lol Congrats! great car!
  9. DaveC

    New member

    Welcome! They are often a labor of love. I've completed 3 paint jobs and 2 frame offs on my 1972. Was my parents car, and my first car. Do it cause ya love it and dont look back!
  10. Those stampings indicate 1969 model year car.. also there should only be 1 stamping that starts with P, the second character 9 indicates the "model" year car the trans is for. The partial VIN third character is a B, = out of a Baltimore built car. The trim tag pictured is a Flint built car, the car should have F in the VIN. For example My November 1969 built 1970 chevelle (numbers and POP matching) trans is P0R29A 0= 1970 model year R29= October 29 1969 A= M20. Look here!! http://chevellestuff.net/qd/muncie.htm So my opinion is that that is a transmission from a Baltimore built 1969 car. With 2 assembly dates for some reason.
  11. there should be enough of an opening for the water to run into and out of the rocker.
  12. https://www.ebay.com/i/113617975358 Check this one out Rob!!
  13. A few more observations; I think the wire in the trunk on the right side is the fiber optic line for the light monitor system. UM2 is the AM/FM tape (stereo system 4 speakers) see box 94 on the build sheet lists speakers F2 R2. I think the fan shroud is correct.. can't see the section that bolts to the rad support in the picture (as that is the section which is shorter for a big block) However, looks like part of the fan blade is peeking out, a small block shroud I would think would hide the complete fan. Looks like the front inner fenders have been replaced as well. Kind of surprised it doesn't have the heavy duty cooling option, would be listed on the build sheet box 45 as code PB= 4 core A/T Looks like it may have paint work or have been painted ( the driver fender bolt is painted and the dome light switch in the jam looks painted as well) Appears the headrests have been covered. Missing top rear A/C bracket..spare tire too!! I think the following options could have been ordered but weren't; I've had an NOS headlight bezel notched for a squirter, but think that option was cancelled pre-production or very very early on. power seat back release power driver seat sport steering wheel electric trunk release finger-tip wiper control heavy duty cooling Wide belt moldings Too bad they didn't post many more quality photos. Very cool car none-the-less!!
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