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    My 79 triumph tr7 had a dealer installed 8 track.. the electrical system allowed it to work sometimes as long as the heater was off.
  2. I got them from summit, I see them all over the net under names Speed master, procomp, eBay etc.... They appear to be well built, I test fitted them before I went any further. The plastic/metal/aluminum mashup bushing design is awkward, bulky and clumsy but fine me... for anyone that accumulates a lot of miles I think the bushing setup should be replaced with a tried and true design. I’m unsure of the quality of the ball joints. as for installation they fit about as good as expected for the price. Just slightly worse than the Speedtech arms I installed in a 71 chevelle a few years ago but 90% cheaper so no complaints at all.the transmission is patiently waiting to be yanked... but aches and pains are priority.
  3. This is why I stopped doing car shows with my cars in my younger years... I would always hear comments like .. “yeah this truck is nice but when I do mine” I referred to them as the IM GUNNA crowd.
  4. Well... I have been involved with customs, restorations and good old fashioned down and dirty clean ups with new chrome and paint... the only term that has bothered me for the last 30 years is the saying “frame off restoration” ... it’s wrong... everyone uses it.. is a unibody car worth less than a framed car because it does not have this opportunity? Isn’t “frame out from Under” more correct? I give up.
  5. Thank you! I got all the valvetrain dialed in and found my rocker nuts were hanging by like 3 threads on the studs. I guesstimated what length I needed and was wrong, still learning.. At this rate I’m going to have enough odd parts to build another motor.
  6. the lower part is still in the bore... it’s just that top portion that’s running close...
  7. In my 20s I have probably sprayed 600 gallons of John Deere green.. just looking at that gives me an anxiety attack.
  8. Please don’t laugh or roll your eyes... haha. This is my first BBC build and my first time running hydraulic lifters. I’m buttoning everything up and noticed this...when the cam is at full lift the lifter is less than 1/8 from coming out of its bore. I have asked a few people and can’t get any solid opinions other than a few starting their opinions with “if it was an LS” ... my concern is it being a hydraulic lifter if it floats or bounces or something of that sort I would think it would be disastrous. thank you!
  9. I got myself into a situation where I need to move the Monte over and clear some space. So I cleaned up the frame just where the rearend goes, bolted on my new control arms that were supposed to be not-red but I’m ok with it, added a sway bar (because you guys told me to) and some new non saggy springs. Not done but I think it looks good for a weekend driver.
  10. Summit took care of the issue, they contacted me Monday morning, everything was at my front door Tuesday night.
  11. The gasket and tube of RTV I used cost more than the cover .. haha.
  12. couple quick passes with a wire wheel and cheap gloss black paint, new wheel cylinders, stainless brake lines, bushings and a cheap chrome diff cover. This so far has been the quickest and cheapest part of the car.
  13. We will see... my biggest fear is they will require me to send it back... I won’t spend the time nor money to do that . I will just move on to another company. No big deal since I have lots of other stuff to keep me amused. Tomorrow I’m cleaning up my rear axle, shiny black with stainless brake lines and a chrome diff cover to let everyone know I’m stuck in the past.
  14. Windshield wiper Wednesday?😕
  15. My giant box came in today!!! Half opened with lots missing..... summit has been a great company to deal with... now I get to experience their customer service. But I am very happy with what I do have.. hahaha
  16. only front end pic I have that’s not work related or inappropriate.
  17. Ok this just did it for me! Stock drums it is!! I just had flashbacks to the street rod shop days... blaming the master cylinder and the rod needing adjustment.. heard that a thousand times... I hope it all works out for you but I need to keep my sanity... ya just saved me some money! Thank you!
  18. I’m not sure yet. Every brake upgrade I have done used OEM components. I’m just concerned about issues and overall function. I worked in a street rod shop for a few years that did a lot of willwood kits and none of the cars stopped good after they were done. I know the majority of the problems had to be installer error. I just finished the front brake setup on my commuter KIA 2022 Forte GT using all OEM parts and it works perfect. 2022 Hyundai Sonata calipers, Veloster N 13.6” rotors and Kia k5 brake lines.
  19. Anyone installed the summit rear disc kit? Input? thank you!
  20. Yes the replacement arms are pre-drilled for the swaybar .... I found that by the time I’m done reconditioning the old ones and purchasing new bushings it’s almost the same price as the new set and a lot less elbow grease.
  21. Hello everyone, I went and pulled my gas tank and decided it would be a good time to replace the shocks, so might as well do the springs too, bushings looked a bit worn so the logical thing to do at that point is to rip the rearend out of the car and start buying things without thinking ahead... I purchased a heavy duty rear swaybar that bolts to factory location, my car did not come with a swaybar from the factory. Is it worth the upgrade or should I box it up and send it back? They kinda look like the old 4x4 axle truss kits from 4 wheeler magazine in the 90s. thank you.
  22. There a jimboys tacos nearby?
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