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  1. I was right....the e-mail did not go thru. I got a 3 paragraph message of "Non-understandable computer gibberish" as to why it didn't. Got a phone number? Dave
  2. Dan, I think I sent an E-mail reply to yur E-mail that had fotos, but its a computer so it is 50/50. Dave @ 970-685-2820
  3. Wanted: Drivers side A.C. lap vent. This is the part that is held to the steering column cover w/ 3 screws. "Decent" chrome vent desired. I'm going to paint it white so the original colour doesn't mater too much. Not all broken is also desired. With or without the ""slider foot vent". Lemme know what ya got. Dave / 72 Ragtop /80537
  4. Jared, I just now saw your post about checking out a car in Arvada, Colo. It is only 45 minutes to the south. Next time call or send a PM. Dave Winters
  5. I've tried to reply to what may have been a private E-mail about this subject, but with all things computer...the simple things, that I have done before will not work as "something" has been changed. I did get an E-mail from "somewhere" about it not going thru, but it was written in "un-understandable computer gibberish". (I have a flip-phone) I am now retired and no longer have the ability to print or scan. If any one wants a copy of my custom wiring diagram of this relay/heater control system, send a standard business-size SASE to: Dave Winters, 112 35th street SW, Loveland, Colo. 80537
  6. I've had this on most of my GM's w/ AC that have 4-speeds for the fan. Hard to nail down the specific issue which is the Fan or the switch itself. As the fan ages, it can be harder to get it turning, requiring more amps which can stress the wiring and the fan switch internal contacts. I've normally had the switch fail in the 3rd highest speed, (the one I seem to want to use the most!), while the lower two speeds continue to work. Also look for high heat build up at the "Max speed" in-line fuse and wiring that are in the engine bay...I've seen that get so hot that the factory in-line fuse holder "melts" slitely and makes max speed function intermittently. In 2007 during my MC Convertible build, I installed new fan, new switch AND 4 relays with it's own 10 ga. wire and Circuit Braker, so the fan load is no longer on the switch contacts. No law says you have to use that plastic connectour body...crimp and solder on a good female terminal and cover with heat shrink. Example: New aftermarket electronic cooling fans normally require a 30 or 40 Amp Circuit Braker....this is for the high amps normally required to get the turning....Amp requirements drop while the fan(s) are running....it is that first start-up that is "arcing" at the GM fan switch and slowly destroying the contacts and causing heat build-up. I'm installing a complete Vintage Air AC system as I write this, so I pulling the old system from 2007 and was "redlining" my custom wiring diagrams, so I was checking the site and saw your posting. The fotos I attached are of the "Relay System" I installed in 2007.
  7. 1991 Camaro RS, Blue/Grey, T-tops, V-8/AT/R134AC, less that 48,000 miles, 2 owners. Rust free Colorado car, straight w/ like new interior...doesn't even rattle! For more info & fotos, contact Dave Winters (72 Ragtop) @ 970-685-2820 or Dave.Winters72@Outlook.com
  8. 72Ragtop


    As with all my dealings with anything computerized, it did not work. Caps lock is not on. I tried three times on 23 May and two time on 24 May....typing V E R Y carefully each time. All times it repeated told me to "reauthenticate", which also failed. then I get the "...lock out for 14 minutes..." message. Question: What do the two symbols (3-lines and "X") next to "Notify me of replies" mean? ________ Liverpool near Syracuse? I grew up, cruised with my 1st Monte, drove cab & partied in Lockport, Later partied at college in Brockport, painted houses in Newark. Shoveled snow in all of them. I'm headed back on 4 June and doing the Hot Rod Power Tour with my brother.
  9. 72Ragtop


    I'm retiring soon and I think I need to change my E-mail from my current "work" address to my new "outlook" one. 1) is that true? ____ 2) I looked and can't seem to find where to do that. (Note: I have an AARP-Jitterbug Flip-Fone and don't know an APP from a URL, or even a UFO). Thanx, Dave
  10. Consider this.....do not put the relay in. Simply get a "Hot at all times" power feed (10 Ga. Wire) directly from the junction post on the horn relay at the firewall. Use a 30Amp circuit braker in this new circuit. This way you can operate the windows at any time with out the ign-key in the On position. As an added bonus, --if you have not already disconnected it-- you don't have to listen to that @#$% &^* $#%&-&$%#-%@#$ Government Mandated key buzzer every time you want to activate the windows while parked! Check your 50 year old wires for flexibility where they run thru the rubber boot in the door jam...At some point in time --depending on the cars history-- the old wires will brake inside the rubber boot.....like my knees! You probably know it, but you can lose a finger, or two, (!!!!!!!) if you unbolt the "spring-assisted-motor" from the arms (!!!!) without putting a bolt & nut thru the arms, (!!!!) as described in the Factory GM Body manual.....which you should have for this project. All said & done, you'll thank yourself when you're done with this....especially if you don't have A.C.! Forgot....sometimes a battery and a couple of jumper wires w/ female terminals can help during the removal process.
  11. They did it!!!!! ..........they actually trimmed the bushes at the Mc D's on south Hover in Longmont, Colo.!!!!!! I am in shock!
  12. With our new kids in charge of the House, Senate and Governorship, it is a matter of time before Bandimere Speedway in Colorado is closed or turned into a "Bicycle-Only" facility. Always amazed at the loss of power up here in the thin air. I guess it doesn't matter....we have less than 12 years to live.
  13. Is anyone going to attempt to do the 2019 Hot Rod Power Tour this year?
  14. Once a week I stop at the McD's on Hover Street in Longmont, Colo. For at least 6 months I have told a manager, every Friday, that the Heavy Bushes by the drive thru window need trimming so they don't scratch the car. every Friday: "...I'll try and contact the owner of the building...."
  15. 2nd the motion on Kojakā€¦."who loves ya baby". NYPD, not to be confused w/ NYPD Blue. Can't for get Barney Miller. Not a cop show, but let's really check your age and memory: Rescue8.
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