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  1. I forgot to comment ....Paul Bell's modified wiring system (the diagram with the battery in the trunk) is very good!!!....maybe lacking a "max fuze" on the charge cable (I'll bet if he's a pro-audio guy, it is there, but just left off the diagram)
  2. I have 70 & 72 (not a 71) service manuals....the engine bay charging system wiring is slitely different between the two. Wire splice location(s) & component locations vary, but operate pretty much the same. I will say that the "common component" is the "hot-at-all-times" buss-bar (aka: junction block) at the Horn relay. Battery, charge circuits and "high amp accessories" end up "connecting" to that point, if not directly, thru a splice. Also, running two smaller gauge wires from point "A" to point "B" is not recommended in the "electrical community"....
  3. Just did it to mine. Use 6 ga.
  4. Consider this.....Without debating wire colours, but assuming the pink/wite is, in fact, "Ignition on, switched power" to the window switches...remove the O.E. relay and install a 30 Amp circuit breaker (C.B.). Supply power to the C.B. from a "Hot at all times/battery power source". Consider protecting it with a 40 Amp fuse. Doing this eliminates the need to have the ignition key in your possession AND in the ignition AND in the "ACC" or "On" position. Notes: 1) the PW circuit wires (except the "ignition on" wire) should be 10 Ga. Any thing smaller is asking for problems. Maybe not next week
  5. It's not in Canada or way out west on the coast, and most area Monte owners are not the most active, or even members (I try!!!) but I might suggest the 3-day Good Guy's event in Loveland Colorado, normally scheduled for the 2nd week in September. Very nice venue with "walk-around-bare-foot-grass" and close, local lodging. Plenty of local cruise events and "Cars & Coffee" stuff around the area before and after the G-G weekend. Also, it is after Labour Day weekend so the majority of the "Caravans" (British term) are, thankfully, off the nearby mountain roads. Estes Park, "Booooooooulder", Go
  6. Welcome to the crew! I'm up in Loveland with a Yellow 72 Convertible. I do get down to some of the cruze-ins & shows in Denver-Metro. If you do get around to yur factory AC, I have a nice heater box and control panel with relay system. When the virus passes and they let us outside to play, we have a great cruiz-in every Friday and don't forget Good-Guys at the Larimer fairgrounds. Hopefully the All Chevy show in Broomfield will still be "a Go" on 20 June.
  7. Welcome from a former western NYer. I powder coated the headlite surrounds like that 12 years ago and PC'd a "slitely-broken" grill like that last year. GO BILLS!!!! DCW
  8. I was right....the e-mail did not go thru. I got a 3 paragraph message of "Non-understandable computer gibberish" as to why it didn't. Got a phone number? Dave
  9. Dan, I think I sent an E-mail reply to yur E-mail that had fotos, but its a computer so it is 50/50. Dave @ 970-685-2820
  10. Wanted: Drivers side A.C. lap vent. This is the part that is held to the steering column cover w/ 3 screws. "Decent" chrome vent desired. I'm going to paint it white so the original colour doesn't mater too much. Not all broken is also desired. With or without the ""slider foot vent". Lemme know what ya got. Dave / 72 Ragtop /80537
  11. Jared, I just now saw your post about checking out a car in Arvada, Colo. It is only 45 minutes to the south. Next time call or send a PM. Dave Winters
  12. I've tried to reply to what may have been a private E-mail about this subject, but with all things computer...the simple things, that I have done before will not work as "something" has been changed. I did get an E-mail from "somewhere" about it not going thru, but it was written in "un-understandable computer gibberish". (I have a flip-phone) I am now retired and no longer have the ability to print or scan. If any one wants a copy of my custom wiring diagram of this relay/heater control system, send a standard business-size SASE to: Dave Winters, 112 35th street SW, Loveland, Colo. 80537
  13. I've had this on most of my GM's w/ AC that have 4-speeds for the fan. Hard to nail down the specific issue which is the Fan or the switch itself. As the fan ages, it can be harder to get it turning, requiring more amps which can stress the wiring and the fan switch internal contacts. I've normally had the switch fail in the 3rd highest speed, (the one I seem to want to use the most!), while the lower two speeds continue to work. Also look for high heat build up at the "Max speed" in-line fuse and wiring that are in the engine bay...I've seen that get so hot that the factory in-line fuse holde
  14. 1991 Camaro RS, Blue/Grey, T-tops, V-8/AT/R134AC, less that 48,000 miles, 2 owners. Rust free Colorado car, straight w/ like new interior...doesn't even rattle! For more info & fotos, contact Dave Winters (72 Ragtop) @ 970-685-2820 or Dave.Winters72@Outlook.com
  15. 72Ragtop


    As with all my dealings with anything computerized, it did not work. Caps lock is not on. I tried three times on 23 May and two time on 24 May....typing V E R Y carefully each time. All times it repeated told me to "reauthenticate", which also failed. then I get the "...lock out for 14 minutes..." message. Question: What do the two symbols (3-lines and "X") next to "Notify me of replies" mean? ________ Liverpool near Syracuse? I grew up, cruised with my 1st Monte, drove cab & partied in Lockport, Later part
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