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  1. I guess I've been removed. Used to get a renewal notice. Glad time was spent on confusing computer crap and not on concentrating on clear communications. Not all of us live on computers.
  2. 72Ragtop

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    Too bad we were no longer sent renewal notices, like before. I guess I've been removed. At least the site has more confusing icons!
  3. 72Ragtop

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    Curious what these grill badges are and look like...I've been a member since 2006.
  4. I don't get on here as often as I should, but I think I've been a member since around 2006 and now I'm a "newbie" w/ some sort of "icon" attached. (Where's the "index" for what "icons"-if that's the right word for them- mean?) Do I have to earn points now? Did I miss an "update" to the site or being punished for not getting on here often enuf or not being "tech-savvy?
  5. Here's the story I got when I acquired my "partially done" 72 Monte ragtop out in California in 2006....The owner said that he paid 5K to fly out two guys from North Carolina to do the conversion in his garage, which I have fotos of. The owner wouldn't give me their names and numbers, saying he didn't want to "spread the word" and didn't want too many more converted, cause he wanted to do another one when funds became available. What I found written on the inside of the right side quarter panel was: "2006 Built by 2 crazy guys from N.C. Ed & Eddie". It has been a long time, I'll try and contact the guy I bought it from in Calif. Dave
  6. Not counting mine, I've got pictures of at least 7 on my garage wall. It was said that mine was "number eight" to be converted by two guys from one of the Carolinas, when I acquired it. Pictures in ad don't show much. If......it is done right and isn't some rust bucket, $40k is close, considering cost of car, donor-car, labour, materials & paint. A little too much black for me.
  7. I wish my wife would let me park my Monte ragtop in the house like you guys...................holy cow! I scrolled back, those are models!!!! nice jobs. Dave
  8. "Old Aire" has a good selection of heater/ac stuff like hoses, vents & ectc.
  9. 72Ragtop

    I'm back!!!

    After getting "locked out" (my non-computer term") since May or June 2020, I'm back and finally able to log on. God, how I hate "computer nonsense"!!! Now I got some catching up to do. Dave
  10. I forgot to comment ....Paul Bell's modified wiring system (the diagram with the battery in the trunk) is very good!!!....maybe lacking a "max fuze" on the charge cable (I'll bet if he's a pro-audio guy, it is there, but just left off the diagram)
  11. I have 70 & 72 (not a 71) service manuals....the engine bay charging system wiring is slitely different between the two. Wire splice location(s) & component locations vary, but operate pretty much the same. I will say that the "common component" is the "hot-at-all-times" buss-bar (aka: junction block) at the Horn relay. Battery, charge circuits and "high amp accessories" end up "connecting" to that point, if not directly, thru a splice. Also, running two smaller gauge wires from point "A" to point "B" is not recommended in the "electrical community"....
  12. Just did it to mine. Use 6 ga.
  13. Consider this.....Without debating wire colours, but assuming the pink/wite is, in fact, "Ignition on, switched power" to the window switches...remove the O.E. relay and install a 30 Amp circuit breaker (C.B.). Supply power to the C.B. from a "Hot at all times/battery power source". Consider protecting it with a 40 Amp fuse. Doing this eliminates the need to have the ignition key in your possession AND in the ignition AND in the "ACC" or "On" position. Notes: 1) the PW circuit wires (except the "ignition on" wire) should be 10 Ga. Any thing smaller is asking for problems. Maybe not next week but in several years as they age. 2) check ALL wires that pass thru the door...they will likely break there at some point. 3) old, original 4-pin (drivers door) switch will likely become "touchy" during operation of the driver's window. It is used more than all the other windows, and will likely fail due to electronic arcing, as power is send to the 50 year old PW motor (Like the #@$% 3rd speed of the heater fan on a 50 year old AC car!!!!) 4) if you don't have one, get a FACTORY G.M./Chevy service manual, a probe light that indicates power and a "good quality" Digital Volt Meter {DVM} {If you get the $6.00 red colour units from Harbour Freight, get two.....so you can check that the 1st one is working. And, a couple of test wires w/ alligator clips. Also suggest you photo copy the factory wire diagrams (to 11 x 17 size), that way you can mark on them (PENCIL) with changes, fixes, and modifications. I'm up to 30 or so "wiring drawings" on my Monte. Don't panic, piece o' cake! good luck.
  14. Welcome to the crew! I'm up in Loveland with a Yellow 72 Convertible. I do get down to some of the cruze-ins & shows in Denver-Metro. If you do get around to yur factory AC, I have a nice heater box and control panel with relay system. When the virus passes and they let us outside to play, we have a great cruiz-in every Friday and don't forget Good-Guys at the Larimer fairgrounds. Hopefully the All Chevy show in Broomfield will still be "a Go" on 20 June.
  15. Welcome from a former western NYer. I powder coated the headlite surrounds like that 12 years ago and PC'd a "slitely-broken" grill like that last year. GO BILLS!!!! DCW
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