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    71ss454 * (Larry) reacted to 71ss454 * (Larry) in SS454 air compressor brackets and shock protectors   
    I found in my garage a used set of air compressor brackets and a pair of air shock protectors I would like to sell for best reasonable offer
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    71ss454 * (Larry) reacted to KLASSIK1 in 71 SS 454 MUST BE CRAZY   
    After over 40 years of restoring and collecting cars you think i would know better by now , just keep saving rusty cars , major metal work everywhere in our shop and i am still looking at saving this 71 SS454 , all numbers matching sat for many years , needs 75% of the sheet metal replaced , we have done several worse projects but this is major , color combo is odd/rare and build sheet documented , black on black with a jade green interior , was from Greenbay WI and had a Greenbay packers key chain , guessing a fan , first we will take her apart document and decide , so far it has been a great reference point and a sign that i am still a nut that loves a challenge
    and yes we had to duct tape and chicken wire the car together to get it home , a good friend of mine had this car stored for 20 plus years and kept asking me are you sure you want it , OF COURSE YES
    still crazy after all these years
    if anyone knows any history on this car or previous ownership please let me know

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