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  1. Rob, Sorry for your loss. I always liked talking with your Dad. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers through this difficult times.
  2. Todd, The steering columns are pretty simple. I've had well over 100 of these apart through the years. Take your time and lay each piece in order that you remove it. I have some very good files with pictures and procedures that I will find and send to you. I'm South of you several hours in Leechburg. Maybe a road trip would be in order if you run into problems.
  3. The Bluetooth technology is the best thing since sliced bread. Works great....as long as you have a strong signal.
  4. I think Patsy mixed up your meds!
  5. I have dealt a lot with Amazon. Very good customer relations. The 3rd party companies at times don't seem to care so much. I've had a couple problems with 3rd party shipments but Amazon has always fixed them.
  6. Have a good time! Will be missing all the fun this year.....again. Grrrrr
  7. Sounds like you got a Malware file that got downloaded to your computer. Run your antivirus to see if it finds any files.
  8. I just sent another email to him. Patiently waiting........
  9. All Montes clean up nice! The trick is to enjoy the journey.
  10. It does show up. The album must be set to private.
  11. That looks really good. With hydrodipping the possibilities are endless. I would love to try it sometime.
  12. footballubet

    Sad News

    Sorry to hear this tragic news. Thoughts and prayers sent Dean and Denise to help get through all of this.
  13. Maybe some interior parts since Legendary has their sale now. I'd like to also get a serpentine belt system this year.
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