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  1. Jared, Do you have a true firewall between the trunk and the seat. There is a requirement for one with the cell in the trunk. I think the battery need to be in a can. You can get a sending unit for most cells with GM values. You will have to take the foam out of the cell for the sending unit.
  2. Gear does make a big difference. You will think you picked up a bunch of power. I always thought you could feel a gear change more than a carb or headers.I drove from PA to Columbus OH with 3.73s and a 3500 stall so it can be done.
  3. I would put the posi in and not look back! What gear is in it now? Probably that nice lazy 2.73. I would consider my cruising habits and decide what gear would make you happy. 3.42s are a real nice option.
  4. I never liked to adjust lash on a running engine. If the engine is not making any valve train noises I would leave it alone. They do not need adjustment like solids, unless they are a short travel racing hydraulic lifter and they are noisy. I usually adjust the intake when the exhaust valve for that cylinder is just starting to close and I adjust the exhaust when the intake is almost closed. Back off the adjuster and then tighten until you can feel some drag when your are spinning the pushrod between your fingers. when yiu feel that drag tighten 1/2 turn and lock down
  5. I would do a compression test on it. Pay close attention to the plugs as you remove them prior to the compression test. One of the may give you an indication as to the cylindr that is giving you trouble. I hate to bring this to the game, but you might have a wiped out lobe on the cam. Modern oils are not good for break in on flat tappet cams.
  6. I just got mine a drum of Renegade 112+ fuel today. It must like it, It drinks a bunch! Paul, if you see this check out LSM valve spring compressors. My springs are real healthy, 800 lift 7400 chip and it is real easy to change springs on the head. You will the american racing headers they fit great. They are a little tight to the block if you run a diaper, but they fit really well and do not hang down at strange angles.
  7. I like the slotted rotors better than drilled and slotted, but they are hard to find. I have aftermarket Wilwood brakes on the front of mine. It is a lot lighter package. I do notice a difference between solid and drilled and slotted on tracks with short shutdowns. I have seen cracks radiating from the drilled area. that is probably from me putting a lot of heat into a cold rotor. For the street a good pad and coated rotor to prevent rust should be fine
  8. Decide your goals. Lots of power in a 383. If you are not going to turn it hard your stock block with main studs should work. You should have the mains line honed with new studs. You will have to clearance the block at the pan rails. The oil pan will need to replaced with a 400 or aftermarket pan. The assembly will need to be balanced with a 400 balancer and ring gear. You probably will not need to worry about it but with real high lift cams you need to check clearance between the lobes and connecting rods.I figure that you are planning a cruiser so keep the compression in check, aluminum heads will help don't go with giant ports. Retrofit roller cam would be good. A big block really fills up that engine bay! You need to figure all the accessory drives will have to be sourced, not a lot of that stuff left in junk yards. But I love big blocks!
  9. Rejoined the site, paid dues and all that good stuff. My password will not reset. I can go the password reset and it will get me on but it will not be permanent. Every time I want to sign in I have to go to the reset page.
  10. Go and have fun. It sounds like your car would be street. Distributor, Spark plug wires, Carb, Intake, and probably air cleaner would take it out of stock. No Monte came with a Holley intake. I will be going to the meet. I registered as modified, The drive to the field from the hotel is longer than the return road at Norwalk. I am looking for a nice quiet muffler for a 4 inch header. I found one that is 4 inch ID and 4 inches long. It should do nothing. But officer it has mufflers, look!
  11. I know I am late to the part but the best fitting header I have found is the American racing header. they fit my AFR325 heads and tuck up to the body nice. The are close to some places on a Gen 6 block but I can still get the engine diaper on. They fit better than hooker or headman.
  12. Just renewed after some years off. Want to see what happens.
  13. If you are looking to restore a 402 car it may be worth it, but other than that it is a small big block. And if it has big heads it will be a dog on bottom end.
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