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  1. Hey Dennis, Thanks again for the wheels! I really love the way it looks on the stock 15x6's. I've always loved the luxurious "gentleman's coupe" aspect of the Monte Carlo. And the color, well you can't beat it. It's a 20 footer though, lots of paint problems. The paint is 24 years old!
  2. Hey Rob, Well three years ago, it really really needed front end work. So I started stripping down the a-arms, steering linkage, etc, then I thought I might as well detail the chassis and the firewall. You know how it goes from there. I ended up doing a complete "motor in" engine compartment restore. Replaced all engine gaskets, converted from a factory 2 barrel to a factory 4 barrel, rebuilt front end, added some hotchkis springs, installed some NOS inner fenders that I had been sitting on for a decade, install a new cad plated booster, tracked down a set of standard wheels from Dennis Bengtson, as well as rebuilt my am-fm 8track system. I think that's it, LOL! I've posted some pics in my album The car was bought new by my uncle in 1970. He sold it to me in 95 (I was 15) and told me I was the only one he would trust with it. I've tried not to let him down.
  3. After 3 years of being up on blocks and disassembled, this little Monte finally hit the road again. First stop, fresh gas! It felt so good to be driving it again.....
  4. Yes My dad and me, then Me and my son. All of us are "Vince"
  5. I have a bracket already. Can you send pics? Thanks for the response!
  6. Hey guys, I'm looking for this particular style of charcoal canister. It would be for a 70 but might be the same for other years. It has three connection ports that go to the fuel tank, carb, and pcv valve. Looking for one in decent condition. Thanks!
  7. Vinny

    1971 Grille

    I always thought the inside of the grille was painted gray. Is it supposed to be unpolished chrome or painted gray? and if gray, which gray? ralley wheel gray?
  8. Mike, That confirms what I thought, thanks! Paul, Thanks for the pics! Are all those wheels for 1970 chevrolets? Or a mix of years? It would have been cool if those turbine covers were available with the Monte Carlo crest hubs!
  9. Hi guys, I wanted to know what hubcaps would have been available for a 1970 Monte Carlo? I know there were the plain janes and the color keyed caps. But what other hubcaps would have been available for 1970? I seem to remember reading that the corvette "turbine" were not available in 1970, is that correct? Thanks
  10. Thanks Dan! I will give him a try. Bob, It's been so long since I had that part installed, I don't think I have any pics. My elbow broke probably around 1999; Never replaced it. So I'm going off of 20 year old memory. It was a 2BBL, but I think it applies to the 4BBL as well.
  11. Hey guys, I'm looking for a small air cleaner elbow that attaches to a small round hole on the bottom side of the air cleaner snorkel on my 70 monte 350 sb. This small elbow attaches to a 3/8" rubber hose that runs to the charcoal canister. I haven't seen any cars with this still installed and I thought maybe it was just a CA thing for emissions purposes. I though i'd put it out there to see if anyone knows where I could find one. Thanks Here is a link to the only pic I could find of one: http://www.v8buick.com/index.php?attachments/gs-air-cleaner-small-parts-002-jpg.363696/
  12. Thank you Aaron! This is exactly what my setup looks like (or should look like). much appreciated!
  13. Thanks you guys so much! Aaron, I do not have AC. Can you post a few pics of your 70 setup if you can? Would like to see if there is a difference.
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