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  1. One thing to mention on the motors. They are not reverse polarity motors like most later model lifts. You ground the housing and apply power to one terminal or the other. Ask me how I know. Those motors burn up quick.
  2. Couldn't make it this weekend This was more important. My 180 pound baby puppy got sick on me and if it takes every penny I have he will get better.
  3. Dan, please pm me with the size when you find out. Evidently Jim is a little stressed over it. I;m guessing 10/32.
  4. Going over to a buds house Saturday who twenty five years ago had a 71 Monte SS in his driveway. Parked with other cool things like a Hemi Charger 500, 71 455HO Trans Am and literally dozens of other things. Reconnected with the guy a few years ago and the Monte was sold off 9 years ago to a friend of his. Talked to him last night. His bud still has the car and has done nothing with it other than drive it into a warehouse. What I remember about the car was it is Black Cherry, vinyl roof, cloth bench, gauges, and then it had 41k on it. And it had a Roger Dean Chevy emblem riveted to the trunk. A local dealership that I still buy my parts from to this day. And my bud has NOS fenders, bumpers, and bumper rubber for it if I can get it bought. Oh, and two grills. Pics one way or another this weekend.
  5. Type in eBay listing 282852952512 Glad it showed in one piece.
  6. Jim, looks like a bushing snapped off during shipping. Cheap on eBay and you should replace them anyway.
  7. That my friend that is gold to an LS6 guy. A CRV December 8th 1st shift Buffalo rear is worth a ton on an early LS6 car.
  8. 70 was a one year only rear bracket that the PCV valve goes right through the middle. You can use the 70 on up BB hoses, but you have to grind about 1/8 inch off the block that the hoses connect to the compressor with. That will clear the bracket. Originals had a rounded connection. I found three in my hoard. Two are store bought, one is original but has new hoses crimped on. The big difference between Chevelle and Monte is the discharge hose is around 6 inches longer.
  9. Jim, now that my pump and shields are on their way to you, pumps will come out of the woodwork. lol
  10. I have two complete sets, but are 71-72 switches. But no rods.
  11. Might do some wife ditching on Friday. lol
  12. Dan, round or square corners on 70 switches?
  13. Although the right suffix, you still need the vin stamp to call it matching numbers. right now you stand as the "correct" engine, just not matching.
  14. I have Flowtechs on my 70 Chevelle that fit extremely well. On my 71 Monte I decided PAIN was the best route. Hokker Super Comps. Changing number eight plug with AC is basically impossible, and when you do find a tiny handed contortionist friend, it still has to be an Accel header shorty plug. Both have Flowmaster American Thunder exhaust, you know, because I live to drone!
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