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  1. I love how both of these care are right before Barrett-Jackson. Seems counter productive. And the background on the red car is def not Ft Lauderdale. Only trees down here that shed are bald cyprus.
  2. Dan, my heart goes out to you. Looked like a really good car. Remember a few months ago I posted about a 71 my buddy had but my dog got sick? I went back three weeks later and the guy said a member here had just bought the car. Lurkers are funny. Glad the guy wasn't a good friend.
  3. Had a guy at a car show last year selling a 70 W30 Olds convertible. Had "One Owner" in vinyl on the windshield. I looked him dead in the eye and said "Boy, you might be thirty years old, take that crap off the windshield" I owned that particular car in 1997. At 48 years old today, I wasn't the original owner either. My second favorite is "needs attention" on anything. That is code for needs replacement,.
  4. There are literally hundreds of 772 fans on eBay right now from repops to originals.
  5. I had plans on it but my pup is still sick.
  6. Don't feel bad, I can build a Chevelle or Monte with my eyes closed. Buy one of these and find out what you don't know. Those old Carters are a PITA!
  7. The LS5 dual snorkel was for a ZL2 delete Chevelle. ZL2 is Cowl Induction. What you have sounds right. The heat pipe connected to a piece of sheetmetal that bolted in with the RH manifold and almost always rusted off. PS, the ZL2 delete air cleaner usually sells on eBay for $3k plus.
  8. Leo has a set up on eBay right now for $350
  9. right carb. can you use your old baseplate? Swapping the throttle shaft is an artform to most
  10. Wrong carb, or at lesst wrong baseplate. TH400 cars were electric kickdown at the top of the throttle pedal. Yours is cable kickdown for a glide or TH350. Whats the PN on the carb?
  11. Congrats bud. Expansion is a sign you are doing it right.
  12. Antoine, no clue how to convert the file. Best I can find is this crappy pic.
  13. Does anyone know where this car went to? It seems to have fallen off the face of the Earth after 2011. download.jfif
  14. Nice! Aaron. Got something at Barrett-Jackson I bought in 2015. There's a die cast guy that really takes a good look at the docket to see what to brig multiples of. Everything I have ever bought there this guy would have a die cast of. Even my GTX this year. This is a carbon copy of my 71 Mulsanne Blue Monte Matco die cast. I'll get a pic tonight
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