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  1. I have four correct air cleaners. He should buy one. He's asking LS5 air Chevelle money. Like to see the paperwork.
  2. Dummy, the discharge is in the vice end. Aspect.
  3. I have a dealer installed small pump. Same head, but no tank. It has the cap.
  4. The one in your pic is not a Monte hose. Later models maybe, but not First Gen.
  5. Every Monte hose (First Gen) I have ever had the discharge is as straight shot to the condenser. Might be the novacaine talking, but I'm about to look at my hoard of Chevelle/ Monte hoses to see. I'm not dressed.
  6. What does that hose you show fit? it def aint Monte.
  7. Been using John Deere Hy-Gard for years in the hypo stuff.
  8. These backorders are killing me, but the drivers seat is done. My Buick will eventually get new covers, but PUI is far from on their game. But a dye job, new plastics, repop headrests, and I am just about to gut the interior back out of said Buick. I have a really nice console and shifter, it already has a floorshift speedo, and an old Monte console harness and all will be right as rain. Next thing is get the 4.30 8.5 out of it and make that 455 work a little less hard. I have a nice 3.54 8.5 and a 3.31 12 bolt that either will work. Leaning towards the 8.5 as the 12bolt in my Monte is not sou
  9. Show me a complete G67, with lines and clips, the original air cleaner, matching numbers and a build sheet, I'd pay $12k. But not a dime more.
  10. Good luck on your quest to find the grail. A 350-2v with those options stand out quite abit. Esp the gauges with the low hp engine.
  11. 445 blocks are some of the best to build. I have done three 505s out of them and none were phased at a .100 overbore.
  12. Funny part of the shields is this. They were standard on most 68-72 El Caminos. That's I have around twelve sets. Elkys were the cheapest parts cars to get twelve bolts out of.
  13. Yes, you would need to disconnect the driveshaft. all them funny little widgets in the tranny are lubed by the tranny pump when running.
  14. Yup, 72 Cutlass Supreme convertible. the absolute best thing? I paid $25 above the asking price of $225. Gave him the $250 and booked back to my shop.
  15. He scores! Been looking for a decent set of A body seat cores for my 70 Buick convertible for over a year. It was always a grand for junk and $700 a set for garbage. These popped up very randomly on Offerup while I was looking for firing cannons. Yeah, I collect those. Guy was about an hour north and said he still had them. Left the shop at 10, back at one yesterday. And the driver seat is power, and it works.
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