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  1. Ronnie, paint looks good in pictures, how is it in real life?
  2. Doing it one piece is still questionable as it truly does the dance of the snake in the front half of the frame. I did my 70 SS454 Chevelle by lifting the tub before I put the fenders on. I did it at my home shop before I put the lifts in. I should have just taken back to my auto repair shop and popped the body back off. The issue is there are a few retainer clips that hold the fuel line above the spring pockets that are put on the frame st the factory before the body goes on.
  3. In a word, impossible. Need to lift the body off at least 4-5 inch.
  4. This bracket is the only difference. Like I posted, it will function fine on a 70, it just wouldn't be correct on a 70 BB resto.
  5. Those are 71 up. 70 upper bracket would have opening for PCV valve. Will function on a 70.
  6. When it comes to structural metal on any Vietnam War era hot rod, 50 year old Buffalo steel is better than Chineseum any day of the week.
  7. If the engine turns over fine, just leave it where it is. It will not hurt anything.
  8. G Force is cool, but it is heavy. Plenty of stock Chevelle crossmembers out there. And I am never a fan of Chinese built repops. I had a customer job split the weld on the tabs where the tranny mount attaches. Car was a 72 L48 Th350 Chevelle. Found him a proper used one off Craigslist for $50 local.
  9. If you figure they did a steel G Body cowl twenty years ago, it's a bout time. Its about time to freshen up the 71 anyway.
  10. I love how both of these care are right before Barrett-Jackson. Seems counter productive. And the background on the red car is def not Ft Lauderdale. Only trees down here that shed are bald cyprus.
  11. Dan, my heart goes out to you. Looked like a really good car. Remember a few months ago I posted about a 71 my buddy had but my dog got sick? I went back three weeks later and the guy said a member here had just bought the car. Lurkers are funny. Glad the guy wasn't a good friend.
  12. Had a guy at a car show last year selling a 70 W30 Olds convertible. Had "One Owner" in vinyl on the windshield. I looked him dead in the eye and said "Boy, you might be thirty years old, take that crap off the windshield" I owned that particular car in 1997. At 48 years old today, I wasn't the original owner either. My second favorite is "needs attention" on anything. That is code for needs replacement,.
  13. There are literally hundreds of 772 fans on eBay right now from repops to originals.
  14. I had plans on it but my pup is still sick.
  15. Don't feel bad, I can build a Chevelle or Monte with my eyes closed. Buy one of these and find out what you don't know. Those old Carters are a PITA!
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