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  1. It's an Eldorado compressor by the mounting brackets. They just kinda hang underhood on a support bracket between the booster and drivers side valve cover. But it will work in a Monte.
  2. When you install that manifold to the housing it will all make sense to you. Notice it is only attached by the side opposite of the clips?
  3. Truck looks good. Thinking about doing one of mine after my Stage 1 convertible comes back. Buick is going to be mint green metallic from My Cousin Vinny.
  4. Antione, my Chevelle is on a lift above my Hemi, but I pulled this off Google. Its the doohicky that slows the throttle from closing too fast on deceleration.
  5. I always tell people a Chevelle is a poor mans Monte.
  6. They were 750 CFM. It is missing something pretty important. The decel valve. It is also correct for a 70 454 4 speed Chevelle. Not sure what Bob wants for it, but I'd say it's worth every bit of $500. A little more if he could come of with the decel valve.
  7. If you have a 70 402 4speed. This is your carb.
  8. This is absolutely correct. Trying to figure out why the big plugs are in there in the first place. I'd put simple Delco R45TS in it. To dig out number 4, find a plug socket with the 7/8 nut on the end and wrench it out. Unless those are 65-67 big block heads, skip the big plugs.
  9. Hopeless romantics like you always have to ask on the first date, "Do you like old cars"
  10. Only way to tell by VIN if it is matching numbers, and even then there are restamps. Although restamps are fairly easy to see if you know what you are looking at. Canadienne cars with have a Z20 stamped on the trim tag. The 72 big block cars had a U for 402 or a W for 454, but no trim level by those numbers, unless Canadienne. And not a Z03 Customs were big block.
  11. Well, been kinda bored at the shop. A new ac compressor, expansion valve, CCOT conversion, and the ac blows 36 on a 96 degree day. Took it on a 30 mile beat down to pick up some 2k primer for my Buick. Fun part is Single Source is a half mile from the shop. Replaced the drag shocks with Monroes, replaced the flat spotted right rear tire. Put a new set of sway bar end links. Todays adventure will be the horn. Both horns are bad but the relay is good. Found the horns off the 72 Stage1 I parted out last month. I bought a new Grant wheel for the 70 Buick so it will give up the horn contact kit. Monte has a wood Grant on it now. And I found a console harness so maybe reverse lights too.
  12. With any big block it should be a 772 fan with a thermal clutch. Thing looks like it came off a stripper 6 cylinder Nova/
  13. Mike, no way to know if the dash is that bad until you take out. It all depends on what you want as far as how original looking you want it. to me, I can't stand the repops.
  14. Looks good to me. A small block shroud hits the power steering pump. And yes, that full seven inches is not covered by the shroud.
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