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  1. I generally take the idea of a fresh battery, a can of carb spray, and a starter button. If she don't knock, I go deeper. Always disconnect the fuel pump feed line.
  2. Hey, done yet? I fired mine up and it took all of twenty minutes for the police to respond to a noise complaint. At my shop. Beyond busy this week but hop to get to some tuning tomorrow. Runs a tad fat at idle.
  3. I wonder how they stack up to real ones. I have a set of NOS in the box with instructions and the templates.
  4. I ran -10 to the regulator and a -8 return to the tank. Got me one of those shmanshy $1100 brushless fuel pumps. I'm at my shop right now trying to get her running, but the FORD starter solenoid has failed me.
  5. Honestly, the easiest way is pull the windshield. I did just about everything on my Chevelle that way.
  6. Good Lord, I am at the point of building the fuel system. I bought the $350 install kit from Blueprint and I just found out none of it works. Get to shop local to a bud to unload $1700 of my hard earned for a pump, regulator, and a set of filters. Then next week most likely $400 in lines and fittings. I know how will those wittle Snipers work, I hope the Dominator does the job.
  7. Didn't think you were going to believe that lie. If you can feel your fingers, you aren't trying hard enough.
  8. I finally replaced the broken visor support on the drivers side so my 71 is officially done. Did buy the wife a 2021 Wrangler last month. Basically a Build-A-Bear for adults.
  9. Do you remember when Oliver in Italy had the same issue with his 467 on TeamChevelle? Turns out it was a tuning difference to Olivers 4500 feet of sea level versus Marks 800 feet. He eventually wound up deep 11's with a 4 speed.
  10. You can literally get a QuickPerformance 9 inch delivered to your door for around $2300. And thats a aluminum center, daytona pinion support, 35 spline axles, and Wilwood rear discs.
  11. I've installed around 20 of them so far this year. Easy Peasy. New one on me is this Dominator 4500 style on my Malibu engine. Supposed to feed 1400 horsepower. I need to feed 1200.
  12. You had me at CRN. Your broach marks are amazing and your font is correct. You don't need a build sheet with a stamp like that, although it would be nice. Nice Van Nuys car.
  13. Been using Hagerty for over ten years now. My GTX, Monte, Chevelle, and GTO are a touch less than $1100 a year with zero deductible and just over $220k agreed value. But I have literally nothing to compare them to as I have never felt the need to shop around. it doesn't hurt that all the cars and bikes live under cameras, in a warehouse, with a fire suppression system.
  14. Probably the only three speed FirstGen I have ever seen.
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