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  1. I removed the control panel when I changed the heater core and the black backer was indeed the problem. I trimmed it down and it lights up just like it’s supposed to. Thanks for the solution!
  2. I got my first Monte when I was 18, for a graduation gift. Although I had to pay it off. My Mom and Dad bought it new in Dec 1969. It was white with black vinyl top and fender skirts. Skirts were the first thing to go when I got it. LOL This was 1972. Wish I had kept it. You have a beautiful car. Congrats on the anniversary.
  3. Sewed myself a new cap today. Turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself.
  4. Welcome Eric. Beautiful car. I bet it sure turns some heads in Germany. I'm guessing you guys and gals have car shows there, if so, are there many American classic Cars there?
  5. Finally changed the steering gear box. Then it was on to the heater core. Man is that a job. Got a new core from O'Rielly's and it fit perfect. Heater box was in great shape other than the dried up anti-freeze from the leak. Cleaned it all up and reinstalled it. I have to say going back in was the hardest for me. Getting it to stay in place to get a nut started would have been much easier with two people. I did remove both bucket seats and the rear seat along with the console. I took all the carpet and insulation out and power washed it. Will be putting it back in today after I finish sewing 2
  6. Thanks for that information. I’ll check that. I’ve never had it apart but it does seem to be misshapen.
  7. It is just the A/C control panel that is not illuminated. All other lights come on with the headlight switch, and will dim. The one bulb that I fond on the rear of that control panel housing is lit up. Also I have Dakota Digital gauge package and it works fine.
  8. My control panel will not light up when the headlights are turned on. Is there more than one bulb for this? The bulb that I found on the right, back side Is illuminated but it doesn’t light up the panel. How does this work? Is there supposed to be a reflector in there? Or is there another bulb I’m missing? Maybe on the bottom? Thanks for any help, Rodney
  9. Got her back to the house after engine swap and FiTec install. She was idling in the garage while I put The trailer up. When I got back to her I saw a big puddle of antifreeze on the floor. Heater core is leaking! Arg. And I thought my boat was a black hole for money. LOL
  10. Well now, since this was brought up, I have a question. I’m going back to factory exhaust manifolds and bought the spacer. I can’t seem to find what side it goes on. I seem to remember it being on the driver side. It would make sense as there is more room there on the big block cars. So which side? Thanks, Rodney
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  12. I got my wheels back yesterday and got some measurements. The rear tires are Toyo 275/40/r17 and are 10.375" wide. The cross section should be 10.83" if it was really 275mm. The back space on the wheel is 5.75". The clearance on the outer wheel well molding is 1.5" and the overall opening is just over 13". That leaves about an 1.125" in back. A 5.5" backspace would work just fine with this tire. A 295 tire would also work as it should be about 11.6" wide. See photos
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