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  1. Well, it was so amazing to spend a few days & nights with our Monte Family. We had so much fun. Loved seeing our LI crew - I look forward to the day when Queenie can take a spot once more along side the other black Long Island Montes. We may now be from Long Island but we have the dago connection that allows us to belong. Larry - thanks for the specialness RVP - Loved driving your monte....over the speed limit Roy & Sue - what can I say???? Western Meets loss is our gain!! Roy between you and Greg version Rum 3.0 - I laughed until I cried and could no longer breath. Jared - you look wonderful - glad you were there Bill - Chris is great! Loved her. Scooter - love our time together We are definitely siblings from different parents Looking at pics from the previous Western Meets, I have an observation. Western Meets have so many photo shoots, cruises together....so nice with some late night partying. Eastern Meets - we drink, drink, sit and drink. We do not do too many cruises together nor do we do any photo shoots. Do we party too much??? Future goal: to make it to a western meet
  2. First Name: Capri Last Name: Blasco Screen Name: Capri's 71SS Name Of Others In Your Party: Greg Blasco Total Number In Your Party: 2 Home City & State: Brunswick, OH Arrival Date: July 15 Depart Date: July 17 Driving/Trailering: Car Year: Car Color: black Vinyl Top: yes Stock/Street/Modified: stock Hotel: Kalahari Email Address: ohiocaps@gmail.com
  3. Tomorrow is the last day to reserve your room at the club hotel. If you are coming but staying elsewhere please post so we can plan dinner accordingly. We need to know who is attending beyond the Kalahari registration list. Looking forward to seeing some old friends!!
  4. Hello Monte Family!!! Looks like the upcoming Eastern Meet is just 90 days away!!! We only have 60 days left to book rooms under the group rate. (June 13th is the cut off). Try not to wait until the very last minute. Scott & I are trying to plan the awards dinner, etc. and need to know about how many to expect. Greg and I are so looking forward to seeing our old friends - esp those we have not seen in way tooooo long!!! I know I have not logged on here in way too long but I think of you all the time. Working full time plus the boys keep me way too busy. Can't wait to see everyone!!
  5. So sad to say that the Blasco family will NOT be able to attend after all. John has been invited to play at Cooperstown June 19-26! He is beyond excited and thrilled!! He has wanted this since he started playing travel baseball.
  6. Last Name: BLASCO First Name: CAPRI Screen Name: CAPRI'S 71SS Name Of Others In Your Party: GREG & DRAKE Total Number In Your Party: 3 Home City & State: BRUNSWICK, OHIO Arrival Date: FRIDAY JUNE 26TH ABOUT 11:00 PM Depart Date: SUNDAY JUNE 28TH IN MORNING Driving/Trailering: Car Year: 1971 Car Color: BLACK Vinyl Top: MIA Stock/Street/Modified: STOCK - LESS A FEW PARTS Hotel: CLUB HOTEL Room Type: 2 QUEEN Email Address: OHIOCAPS@GMAIL.COM
  7. Congrats to all. Greg is sad as we r the last to leave today. He already missed everyone. Great to meet some new friends. We haf an amazing time.
  8. Time really did fly by!!! They are so beautiful and getting big fast!!!
  9. CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!!!!!!! Love how the FGMCC takes over Carlisle!!!
  10. I think Bobsmc bought aftermarket bumper (front)....It looked great!
  11. CONGRATULATIONS RVP!!! An honor very well deserved!!!!
  12. Queenie is NOT going to the junk yard to be picked at & crushed. We are keeping her and we have to have her title changed into a "salvage" title () but at least she will forever only be MINE. Not sure what will become of her down the road - but at least she is not leaving home anytime soon. I only had to pay $375 to keep her. I can now say I have the paid the least amount in history for a 71 SS with a build sheet ! (not really funny.....but funny) We still have not opened the trunk yet - haven't had time. I plan on having a shadow box done up with her keys, build sheet, copy of the title (B4 salvage), FGMCC key ring and the lil dash plaques things we get at the FGMCC Meets but I may be missing some so I will be asking if anyone has one to spare from the years I attended...2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 I had them in the laundry room and not sure what became of them since the fire. Still in search of a rental home found one possibility so hoping that works out - tired of the hotel life. House nearly emptied just a few more days to inventory & then reconstruction can begin. They estimate about 6 months till we return home. Taking it all day by day. Tired of it all already.
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