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  1. So...I went thru my Monte Binder. It appears we purchased 2 of these straps from Classic Muscle back in June 2008. Part # 3999780 which does coincide with the original post from way back that Carl was also a part of. I do not show that I ordered a bunch of them - just a quantity of 2. Greg has no memory - but for all we know we could have come across them later at a swap meet or something and passed them on. I dunno, makes me sad looking at this binder...someday Queen will rise from the ashes....I hold onto the hope. Miss everyone!!!
  2. Wow.. That was some time ago for sure. Let me ask Greg see what he remembers.
  3. Congratulations to ALL!!! Another great job, RVP!! You rock! I am VERY humbled and honored to have received the Founders Award. It chokes me up and warms my heart more than you could possibly know. ❤ Though I am MIA..its only because the boys suck up all my time. I miss being here...at meets..all of it. We were so psyched to be there this year. I couldnt wait too see old "family" members and meet the newbies. I love helping at the meets and miss doing so!! Now we HAVE to make next year happen. Thanks again -Caps
  4. Tomorrow is the last day to reserve your room at the club hotel. If you are coming but staying elsewhere please post so we can plan dinner accordingly. We need to know who is attending beyond the Kalahari registration list. Looking forward to seeing some old friends!!
  5. Congrats to all. Greg is sad as we r the last to leave today. He already missed everyone. Great to meet some new friends. We haf an amazing time.
  6. Time really did fly by!!! They are so beautiful and getting big fast!!!
  7. I think Bobsmc bought aftermarket bumper (front)....It looked great!
  8. When I post here I can only do ubb codes. I no longer can do html. It does not even give me the option in the drop down box at bottom of post. Where di my html go? We had a virus which most of it is gone - but still having some issues. I wish this thing would just die so we could get an "apple".
  9. Bummmer that is the grandson's bday party down in Columbus:(
  10. I am all set - Thanks to Sam a few years ago
  11. GREAT news RVP! Sorry you had to deal with not being knocked out
  12. SWEET, MIKE!!!!! PS: Yes, Greg saw this
  13. GREAT NEWS RVP!!! You will be back to yoru ol fit self in no time!! We can plump you up with all that good food at Mike & Barb's in October
  14. Glad things are on the upswing, RVP! Hope we see you at Mike's this Fall
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