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  1. So as it turns out I have a few nos air shock compressor filters I forgot about from a dozen years ago when I moved to SC. My son sent them to me so I’m putting them up for sale. $75 plus $5 shipping send me a pm or email me at lastss@hotmail.com very rare first come first serve. They maybe a little compressed in spots but will recover there shape when given some space even it the nos factory sealed bag as the are true nos been in storage for years. Thanks Bob
  2. Maybe it’s not pits, sometimes the factory didn’t clean them good before plating and the grills were cast in sand cast molds. Maybe it’s some sand trapped under the plating?
  3. Jamiestamper @ aol.com took my money for GM Rally center caps never shipped won’t respond 704-689-0952
  4. I believe it was from GM Jac Pac air shock system as an over the counter or dealer installed.
  5. Discontinued for a while now was special filter for Synthetic oil it’s the tall version which fits are Montes just fine. Total of 4 $55 shipped also have rebuilt ac Delco wiper motor $95 plus shipping factory rebuilt AC compressor $290. Plus shipping Rebuilt SS 7041200 quadrajet 325 shipped. All new correct jets and BG rods
  6. I have a buddy that has a rechromed one I can ask him if you want?
  7. Thomas is taking it. Thanks for saving it. Bob
  8. If no one wants but Tuesday morning it’s going to be junked. $25 shipping materials and Actual shipping
  9. They are complete nothing broken. See pictures. Both have air holes plugged. One has all the extra metal ground out for better flow, one hasn’t. Not hard to do gasket surfaces flat. Heavy to ship but will at actual cost . lastss@hotmail.com $50 each
  10. I have some wiring harness connectors cut from different harness all are free just pay shipping. Send me a description or pic of what you need and I’ll see if I have it. First come first served .
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