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  1. As shown if any interest before posted on market place. Tell your offer thanks
  2. New aftermarket bbc water pump $25 wiper arm set one missing spring $25 71 headlight buckets $10 each New Rebuilt 61 amp Alternator $45 charcoal bracket with factory bolts $25 Champion spark plug machine works $200 or bo repop new washer fulid jug $15 used poa valve $50 all parts are plus shipping and Ck or PP F&F first come first served. Thanks
  3. As shown $20 plus shipping
  4. Late entry, sold, paid, and shipped. Thanks Jace
  5. Willie pm sent it a later gmc one, not what your looking for.
  6. Willie he’s buying a transmission, u are looking for just a oem steel Pan.
  7. Sale to Jace pending. Thanks
  8. Yes still available I’m in ga till Sunday night. Did you want to pick it up? I’m in Myrtle Beach SC
  9. Didn’t get the pm, ck your messages and call me. Thanks buddy
  10. I have a steel Pan is an oem one marked
  11. Works 100% mild shift kit. Rebuilt less 1k miles still has factory tag but builder painted over it. Long story short, was removed to R&R rear main seal on SB and owner decided to go 700r4 because of low rear gears. It has speedo gears for 373-1 rear, have $125 finned aluminum Pan. comes with torque converter. I’m in Myrtle Beach SC Price is $500 firm or I’ll keep it. will ship only if buyer pays all crate and shipping cost.
  12. It’s the correct part number your looking for. I don’t know about refilling it. If you want it to try$ 25 plus shipping. Thanks buddy
  13. I have one with charcoal removed and bracket
  14. Restored working one $950 shipped and Insured. If u have a correct tank version I take it as a core for $100 less as long as I still have the extra working pump.
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