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  1. PayPal sent ship to Robert Lyman 1120 Valetto loop, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579 thanks bob
  2. Take PayPal? U can send me a money request if you like to lastss@hotmail.com or call 518-469-3752 thanks bob
  3. I need the driver side stainless steel 45 degree corner for front drip molding goes at the top of windshield mounding price and shipping Many Thanks bob lastss@hotmail.com
  4. I have one good used diaphragm $75.00 one NOS air shock compressor with tank powered coated works perfect, no leaks etc $1200 firm. 843-748-0116
  5. Just received my hockey sticks from parts place, better than GM.
  6. Wow that was quick, as quick or faster than Fede , glad to hear it’s ok, now use the pouches I put inside to save up some money for Xmas. LOL
  7. I have lots of parts but few nos ones, im currently building my last one/
  8. Shipping is no problem on your cost, what would you think it worth, be fair . Thanks bob
  9. I have a nos pass door skin in an Oem box which the box is beat from age, has an area corner damage from being dropped if anyone is interested I’ll get some picks lastss
  10. Someone should have been patient and waited for mine, which are show ready, complete ready to mount
  11. That’s high.i think it over. Thanks
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