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  1. One pair of door latches LH& RH repop $100 shipped pm me if interested thanks bob
  2. I have the radiator from the same Chevelle ss with ac automatic transmission that I sold the top cover from with the extra tab. Has a tag on the 4 core says made in USA 3690348 been in storage for over 2 decades. Any interest it’s for sale. PM
  3. Thanks I did revise ad to reflect the new info. Thanks for your support bob
  4. Ok thanks, wonder why the part number end in order 79&80
  5. It was my goof as I read the post from the newest to oldest, Mine mistake. Thanks bob
  6. I took my stock one and used a carbide bit and got rid of the hump on the inside that was for the smog tube.
  7. That opgi part you refers to is not the one we’re talking about. Reference the pics I posted. It’s the radiator cover.
  8. My first pics shows a close up of factory tab. eBay item number is 232574060087 don’t know about elcamino. Thanks
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