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  1. If anyone is looking https://www.ebay.com/itm/284420555835?hash=item4238c9443b:g:KYEAAOSwfQdhIwKL
  2. Ordered my passenger side mirror from Ausley's and should arrive on Friday. I will be using the tutorial from Bruce to help me with the install. Thanks Bruce!
  3. Will the car be easy to move on a good set? Thanks for the comments!
  4. Looking to purchase a set but there are so many to choose from. Any suggestions?
  5. Welcome aboard, sweet car!
  6. Is there anyway to get a contact number with the owner of this 71? I tried to through BAT but couldn't unless I missed something. Thanks -Don
  7. Do you mean the 70 at Drusk Auto sales? I thought the 71 was in Massachusetts. Please check your inbox I sent a message.
  8. I had the high bid at $23,500. I talked to the owner after the auction and his reserve on the car was $38K. I offered $25K figuring minimum of $15K additional for paint, fix heater, fix a/c and fix radio. The heater, a/c and radio didn't work. All of this is what we know about. What else could be wrong with the car? No way this car was worth $38K in my opinion. I continue to look..... Can you PM me a contact number please.
  9. Hi All. I believe they sell repo rear trim pieces for the 71 SS. Has anyone put these on a 70? Just curious if it's an easy install. Thanks,Don
  10. Did not know that an L on the cowl tag meant SS, is that for all plants?
  11. Just received my order for two parking light assemblies from the Parts Place. Has anyone installed theses? Are they happy with them? They look great.
  12. DDay

    True SS?

    Couldn't verify to be a true SS.
  13. DDay

    Vin # question

    Did any plant start there sequence with a 2?
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