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  1. Chris, I’ll be praying for your brother in law.
  2. Ron, are you going to have the new tires and rallies on for Carlisle?
  3. Last year was my first meet. I was a little nervous not knowing exactly what to expect, and not knowing anyone. I felt welcomed immediately and made many new friends. Now with just 6 1/2 weeks until this year’s eastern meet I can’t wait. Looking forward to seeing old friends and making more new ones.
  4. sbarnette

    Slap It!

    Man! I would have loved to see that! Maybe you can turn her loose in Carlisle?😜
  5. Yeah, you’re probably right. I just like to know what’s going on in the Monte world. Don’t want to miss anything!
  6. I get emails daily for BaT listings, but the Monte Carlos never show up. If it weren’t for people posting them here I would never see them. Go figure!
  7. He’s fixing it! I say we start a pool. It’s a yes here!
  8. Okay, now it makes sense. I’m missing those parts. I borrowed the pictures and wasn’t sure how it was put together. Thanks for the explanation!
  9. I’m sure that makes a huge difference. You’re going to like that on the highway. I would like to do the same with mine. That’s the main reason I’m trailering mine to the Eastern Meet. I hate running high RPMs for such a long trip.
  10. Yes, I will be in Carlisle. I appreciate your help and look forward to meeting you.
  11. Thanks Dennis. How do these hex shaped spacers fit into the equation? Does it thread on the bolt?
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