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  1. Chris, I’ll be praying for your brother in law.
  2. Ron, are you going to have the new tires and rallies on for Carlisle?
  3. Last year was my first meet. I was a little nervous not knowing exactly what to expect, and not knowing anyone. I felt welcomed immediately and made many new friends. Now with just 6 1/2 weeks until this year’s eastern meet I can’t wait. Looking forward to seeing old friends and making more new ones.
  4. sbarnette

    Slap It!

    Man! I would have loved to see that! Maybe you can turn her loose in Carlisle?😜
  5. Yeah, you’re probably right. I just like to know what’s going on in the Monte world. Don’t want to miss anything!
  6. I get emails daily for BaT listings, but the Monte Carlos never show up. If it weren’t for people posting them here I would never see them. Go figure!
  7. He’s fixing it! I say we start a pool. It’s a yes here!
  8. Okay, now it makes sense. I’m missing those parts. I borrowed the pictures and wasn’t sure how it was put together. Thanks for the explanation!
  9. I’m sure that makes a huge difference. You’re going to like that on the highway. I would like to do the same with mine. That’s the main reason I’m trailering mine to the Eastern Meet. I hate running high RPMs for such a long trip.
  10. Yes, I will be in Carlisle. I appreciate your help and look forward to meeting you.
  11. Thanks Dennis. How do these hex shaped spacers fit into the equation? Does it thread on the bolt?
  12. My 71 had been sitting in storage for about 5 years until I pulled it out recently. Once I put a battery in it and got it running, I was surprised to see the clock was working. Went to set it and the pin came right out in my hand! Oh well!
  13. I’m missing these bolts and rubber bushings that attach the compressor to the mounting bracket. Anyone know where I can find these? Thanks!
  14. Clint, are you going to the Eastern Meet in Carlisle? I’m going and Bob who owns the Blue 72 pictured above is going as well. Anyone else from NC?
  15. I’ll there tomorrow with this one.
  16. Good Guys is in town this weekend and our local car club volunteers to help with the event. I’m helping with parking tomorrow. I got the 70 cleaned up So she looks good in the club’s designated parking area. I also resprayed the dash pad in a satin finish. The previous owner had done it in gloss and the reflection off the windshield on a sunny day made it nearly impossible to see.
  17. Man! I haven’t been on here in a while and I’ve missed a lot! Congratulations! I’m looking forward to following your progress.
  18. Awesome news! I wondered what lucky person ended up with this car. I’m thrilled that it’s a member of this group and she kind of stayed in the family so to speak. Congratulations!
  19. sbarnette


    Wow! What a great find! Welcome!
  20. I’m late seeing this, but I recently went to a local locksmith and had keys cut and when he gave them to me they we original GM’s with the logo! I was pleasantly surprised and plan to go back for more.
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