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  1. I have the ratcheting car dollies and they are good but if the casters get turned different directions, its hard to get the car started. Once they are going the right way its ok.
  2. I think I am up to date now. Just paid.
  3. So after humming and hawing about what I want to do with my front suspension, I decided to bite the bullet and get the set of QA1 upper and lower street control arms. Now I won't feel so bad putting the viking setup in. Anyone running the control arms? I am curious if they need a plate in the bottom to mount the shock to or if it has the stock bolt locations.
  4. Those are fantastic! Been looking for a week and haven't had any luck. Thanks!
  5. 307. Not sure if that was the original one or if it was a 305.
  6. Haven't been on much. Life has been crazy lately so haven't worked on many projects lately until recently. I'm looking for a wiring diagram for an 88 caprice. Previous owner cut out the ecu and converted it to straight carb. Doing so seems to have disabled the fuel gauge so I'm trying to find what I have to reconnect.
  7. Have my 71 monte that I've had for 14 years. Sort of running and driving though there are some issues that I'm going to try and take care of this year.
  8. thanks for the tip but I am specifically asking if they will work with a stock lower control arm. If funds allow, I will go to a decent quality set of tubular, but dont want to pull the front suspension apart yet if I cant fit the coilovers into the stock control arms
  9. I am curious about this kind of as well. I have a viking setup on the rear but haven't started the front yet. Was wondering if anyone whos done the front end viking setup, did you use stock lower control arms or go with something tubular?
  10. Greetings! Good to see there's more Ontarians out there! I am near Hamilton myself. Perhaps sometime in the spring/summer we can get together!
  11. I am looking for a manual trans as well. Only for a 454.
  12. From the pictures it looks like it may have ac ducts under the dash and possibly has the rear defrost fan switch in the dash as well. All I can see at a glance that may be an option.
  13. I think the meaning of classics for today's cars will be different from the cars we currently refer to. These days, cars are differentiated by their options instead of styling differences. Rarity might be a deciding factor. Cars like the Dodge hellcat and demon are made in limited quantities but are still considered modern muscle. I too like the newer mustangs though I'll probably never be able to afford one. One caviat though is the longevity of electronics. Can't seem to get things to last more than a few years so we need a steady supply of components to keep them on the road.
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