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  1. Completely understandable Rob. You need to concentrate on doing what it takes to stay healthy. All my best to you.
  2. I already sent you an e-mail card, but happy birthday again! :-)
  3. Congratulations to all! Mickey
  4. What a wonderful sight to see. Great pictures.
  5. Very nice! I "participated" on line via web chat. Do I get one too? LOL Mickey
  6. My business credit card has a picture of my Monte Carlo on it.
  7. Man! What an awesome Monte. I had no idea he had put that kind of work into that car. Very nice to see it as MOTM. Brings tears to my eyes. Mickey
  8. Me too. I've been trying to think of what to say and someone else put it perfectly. Mickey
  9. Hey Kevin! It was great working with you. You may not be able to answer e-mails and phone calls in a timely manner, but you always paid your bills pronto! I imagaine you get LOTS of mail and it just gets to be too much when you are also trying to raise a family, go to work each day, keep up with the message boards, get newsletters out, etc. etc. I hope you are going to stick around! Will this make you a "bronze member" now? LOL Kevin...THANK YOU for starting this GREAT club! Best wishes, Mickey
  10. Ms. Mick and Dave


    If laid out right, you can print directly onto perforated (sp?) business card stock that you can buy. And can print on both sides. Until we were able to cough up the money for "real" business cards, that's what we used for our business. Real business cards we have now, on heavy stock, are much better, but they are expensive. Mickey
  11. Well! Good to know I'm not the only one. Never shocks Dave, but always shocks me. It's semi-arid here in Colorado, so I get shocked all year round. Mickey
  12. Ms. Mick and Dave


    Happy Birthday George!!
  13. Pete, I found a free download for ya. I'm sending the link via e-mail, as I don't know how to post a link here. Mickey
  14. I had mine re-done at an upholstery shop. They look GREAT, complete with map pockets. I chose the shop I used by asking people at car shows who they would recommend. I wanted to make sure I didn't get a hack job. I don't know what just the door carpet would cost because I had the headliner replaced, rear shelf replaced, sun visors redone, and seats rebuilt/recovered too. The whole thing cost me close to $800.00. Mickey
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