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  1. Nice going Paul!!!! Better than Christmas!!!!
  2. Tom he said he is contact with that person but is trying to get one in better shap. Thanks for all the help guys!!!! He has a few options and he is weighing them out. I still havent heard back from a friend of mine who has some nos stuff for that year monte. Thx again guys!!
  3. Yes Tom thats them the second one. Where can i get them? I have about 15 places i was going to call today for used ones. So far i was striking out. lol
  4. Hey Scott are they also the wide belt like ours, i dont think he wants the thin 1/8" one. There are no more pick-pull places here anymore. I do have some phone numbers i can call tomm . Tkx .
  5. Hey Jeff if you do go to Tom and Kevin call me before you go!!! You have my phone in the PM we have going. Thx
  6. Hey Jeff i have a SS with no emblems on it give me a few days and i will get you pics of the holes.
  7. A friend of mine called me and asked if i knew anyone that had a belt molding for the drivers door for a 84 Monte SS??? So i am putting it out here. Any help is appreciated!!!
  8. Dennis that looks great!!! A year and a half to get it or just to put it on???
  9. Hey Ricky i would ck with Leo K he is listed in the resource section above. I would bet he would have one.
  10. Hey Joe sorry about that white stuff (you can have it, i dont want it. lol). How is the hot tub doing under 18" of snow? Can the cover hold that much? I know we had about 9" last week and then it froze and turned to ice. Now i have a 10" frozen hockey puck in my pool, and i am worried again. Five years ago, a hockey puck just like this decided to break through the covers and take a 4ft drop ripping every thing on the way down. Ohh Booy!! Hope it doesnt happen to you!!!
  11. Welcome to the club Richard!!!! She looks sweet!!!! Like others said, post what you need and we will take it from there.
  12. Hey Joe, where did you get that overflow? I checked parts place under nova and they didn't have it.
  13. My 72 also has the problem, i do have to get something for it!
  14. LOL There is no middle, we all hang out in a circle. It just happens to be your turn to dance
  15. Hey Joe this breakfast is going to be worth every penny!!!!!
  16. Hey Randy, i haven't gotten to them yet, so not sure. But a few years back i think RockAuto had a set or 2 left. Check them out.
  17. Joe we need to bring tons of hand stress relievers and the 2x4 Dennis has in that frame on the wall (not to throw just to have him remember, he got klonked) Dennis dont make fun of me sitting there while the cars are running, i am trying to fog the whole greenhouse up and see if i can find my way out before i pass out. So far i have been making it. However i have been known to trip a few times on the way out. lol
  18. ohhh by the way Joe T stays with me on the sidelines just to watch!!!
  19. Hey guys whats up???? I heard Dennis was dancing at Carlisle this year and we all have to throw tips into a hat after he drinks a bottle of his adult bevarage choice...not including beer!!! lol
  20. LOL Steve, for some reason i am betting Dennis really knows how to cut a rug!!!! LOL
  21. I think she looks GREAT!!! However you are not getting your dancing bananas until you finish and send more pictures!!! lol I think thats fair???
  22. Hey Dennis don't call my bananas stupid, after all they dance better than I!!!! lol
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