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  1. Yes Joe, I think we should!!! Dennis can be in charge of a BUNCH of Banana Slippers!!! lol He would be very good at that!!
  2. Hope you get well fast Heather!!! Smart for you to jump on that early!! Rest up, listen to Doc and then get back to wrenching!!!
  3. Hey Capri!!!!! Hope all is well!!!! I/we miss you on the boards!!! That Pasta Fagioli looks fantastic, but it wouldn't last 2 days at my house!! lol How strange it is, when i made my Antipasto (that is also in the Cookbook) for Thanksgiving I was thinking of you guys and the Cookbook and how great it was that you came up with the idea!!! Can't wait to see you guys down the road, be well!!!
  4. willie

    New Guy Here

    But they are all Monte parts!!! Wait a min, some are GN parts also!!! lol From what i know, hoarding means "everything and anything"! NOPE NOT ME!!! lol
  5. willie

    New Guy Here

    Dennis , what do you mean junk? I specialize in Monte parts!!! Lol
  6. Hey Dennis my Grand Mother at 108 (passed at 110) (RIP)used to have a saying "every knock is a boost" So just teasing you means we Love you Budd!!!
  7. Just worried about you getting hurt with your bananas???
  8. Nice going Guys!!!!! Movement is always good!!!
  9. I am in, see you there!!!!! Another GREAT time!!!! Can't wait to see everyone!!!
  10. No i think the Mc'y D's would be better for Dennis. As we all know even with those non slippery slippers, he would slip and hit his head again!! lol
  11. Steve if you're asking me, there were plenty of times i strapped things including hoods on my trucks roof!!! I remember seeing something on the wife's FB page. A guy had to get rid of the Monte parts he had as he was getting out of the house. Problem was he waited till the last minute and i had to drive to Virgina to get them right away. He had the whole car there cut up and ready to go. Only thing not there were 1/4s. I fit everything i could in the back part of my Navigator and still had a hood, gas tank, and rockers with door post attached. I loaded them on the roof with the tank on top and strapped and tied them good. Made it home no problem. Thought for sure the Men in Blue were going to pull me over going thru the Lincoln and Mid-Town Tunnels. Figured they would see the gas tank on top of the roof and expect the worst. The trick is always do your running at night!!! LOL
  12. Dennis the dust goes all over the place make sure you put an exhaust fan if you put it in the basement. I have one in the GH and i use a wet dry vacuum to the outside when i use it. Works great!!
  13. Nice Glen!! Did you have to strap anything to roof!!! LOL
  14. willie

    New Guy Here

    Looks Great Joe!!!! As Dennis said you are a better welder than him, and he is better than I, so to put it in perspective I suck. lol I seen a set of Doermann cabinets online i would of just bought them. LOL
  15. Where is Glen when you need him!!! Dennis now your warm and fuzzy!!! lol
  16. willie

    Tony's 72

    Hey Tony Welcome to the madness!!!!
  17. Dennis you crack me up! Where are the sneakers????
  18. Thanks for loading them again, Joe!!!! Rob, from what i understand the gentleman that owned this stuff had an exclusive contract back in the day for all the water meter repairs in a certain area. So i guess it was time sensitive for him to run from one to the other rather than constantly changing wheels. I was looking for a strong stand but wound up with a strong stand that also had a grinder on it. lol I will say a club member here might be taking the press and will be looking at the milling machine also. Hope it fits and they can work out the details. I am glad that our club members saved some of these old but great machines. Don't like the idea of selling them for scrap!!
  19. Thanks for posting this Joe!!! A friend of mine does these estate sales and came across this stuff. They are all metal machines, not woodworking! I know he has a deadline when they have to be out by. But if anyone in the club or knows of someone that could use them PM me! I will work with anyone who is interested. I can probably get every machine out except the lathe, that we will have to work something else out. The prices are stated above but i forgot to put the price of the press, its $300. If my friend doesnt sell these machines he will be forced to scrap them, so let me know if there is any interest? Tkx Willie The welder was sold last night but as of this morning everything else is still available
  20. willie

    New Guy Here

    Dennis, what did you do now!?!?
  21. Cool story Glen, Nice Detective work!!!! The dice were the THING back then!!! lol
  22. Steve nothing you haven't done before. Looked great first time and i am sure better when you're done.
  23. Hey Glen, Great job on that wheel. Maybe Dennis is afraid of the point. Try it upside down, maybe he will like it better. I DONT THINK IT THE COLOR!! Dennis is stretching the truth a little!! lol
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