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  1. Thanks to all who are interested in these 'tooned Monte Carlo prints! If you'd like to send an inquiry about them or place an order, please feel free to e-mail me at the following address: mau4fifty4@hotmail.com My actual mailing address is still valid, as well: David Mau 852 SW 125th St Burien, WA 98146-2747 Thanks, Dave
  2. Wow... just WOW! The fantastic first-gen Monte Carlo body style coupled with the striking red & gold Coca-Cola racing livery made for one of the all-time NASCAR greats, and your wonderful recreation brought it back. Congratulations on all counts, Kevin. Dave
  3. The "A"s have it. Factory GM assembly manuals list the various models under the various body designations, and the Pontiac Grand Prix was the only "G-Body" listed for 1970. I don't think the term "A-Special" was used until one of the subsequent post-'72 generations. Conceptually, the '70-'72 Monte Carlo and '69-'72 Grand Prix were similar, but due to manufacturing costs and pricing strategies the Monte Carlo stayed closer to its Chevelle roots than the "DeLorean" Grand Prix did. Dave
  4. David Mau

    1970 SS COPO

    Good point. When the "Godfather of the GTO" Jim Wangers had a Chevrolet dealership in the early '70s, he used the COPO program to order a fleet of black '72 Vegas which he turned into special dealership editions. Black wasn't included in the [regular] color palette for Chevrolet passenger cars in '72, but Mr. Wangers didn't want to just go for close by getting them in Midnight Bronze (even though that's a beautiful color, too). He wanted black, so he went COPO. Originally Posted By: montefrazer Anything is possible and we can play what if forever. The only sure thing is none have been found, with proof, in 44 years so the odds are none ever will. I agree, Steve. This is, however, something of an "X-File" I'd love to see re-opened again someday for good reason. The truth is out there. LOL Dave
  5. It really depends on how loud you want your car to be - both outside and inside. When I got my exhaust system replaced in 2006, I went with Flowmaster Delta Flow 50 Series mufflers. Their exterior sound is considered "moderate", while the interior sound is fairly quiet and resonance is non-existent. It's a great combo. It's my understanding that their mufflers with the name "Delta Flow" are the ones to get if you don't want interior resonance. We've driven the Monte to a couple of Western Meets that are about a six-hour trip each way (even when averaging 90mph for some of it), and it was nice to converse at normal volume even with the windows down and arrive without headaches. I believe the Flowmaster 40 Series are considered to have "aggressive" sound, but I think they're also available in "Delta Flow" versions, too. Check out their website at www.flowmastermufflers.com . I hope this is of help. Dave
  6. Cool cars; great photos! I love it when some Montes get together. Dave
  7. That's great, Larry! I'd like to see it, too. Dave
  8. It is a very nice car. Underneath the engine photo the caption says, "OE engine decals are missing on our feature car." I also believe the car is missing a knight/crest grille emblem and the rectangular-shaped chrome SS exhaust tips. Dave
  9. Beautiful, Dennis! I love the Autumn Gold paint color. Some of the tree leaves match your car perfectly, and I'm sure the Psalm you picked matches the day you had perfectly, too. Very cool. Thanks for sharing! Dave
  10. Yeah, but stamped original for what... a '72 Lincoln Continental Mark IV?! Dave
  11. I received mine yesterday. Gotta love Hemmings Muscle Machines! Dave
  12. Man, no kidding! So what tune was Roy doing his "auto-fest dance" to, eh?! Dave
  13. I would assume that it is, being how they both share the same rear window glass - but the slightly different shape of the sail panels may make a subtle difference. I'd check with suppliers who sell both Chevelle and Monte Carlo parts, and cross-reference their part numbers for the rear window molding of both models. If the part numbers are the same, then you'll know for sure! Hope this helps. Dave P.S. - Well, it looks like Jared beat me with an answer! But I'll keep my reply on board, though, because I have answered my own parts questions by cross-referencing part numbers for other items. Others may appreciate knowing of this way to verify same parts as well.
  14. ...September 18, 1969, that Chevrolet introduced the Monte Carlo. The 1970 brochure stated, "If you... practice the normal preventive maintenance recommendations as prescribed in the owner's manual, years of ownership could run well into double figures." Double figures? Here we are in 2012, more than four decades on, and now with thirty-four years worth of double figures! What great cars. In the words of singer/songwriter Neil Young; "Long May You Run". Dave
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