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  1. Rob we are still up in the air about Kodak. If you find you are getting close to running out of rooms let me know please.
  2. All I need to do now is register for the event itself Been a lot going on lately as you know with Wilbur being in the hospital for 22 days! I myself had a heart attack while sitting with him at the hospital. Guess I better make myself a note to register. Can’t afford to do it until after the first of the year! Lol
  3. Whitlow Annette awhitlow0869 wilbur 2 Moseley VA 6/20-6/23 trailering 1972 grey no modified fairfield inn double queen awhitlow0869@gmail.com already have room confirmed
  4. Jared Wilbur & I will not be attending the eastern meet in Kodak TN next October as I had previously stated that we were. I know it’s still a bit of time out, but Wilbur just returned home from the hospital after a 22 day stay. The doctors expect it to take him almost a year to recover from his illness. In the hospitals 55 year history he was only the 3rd case to be treated and the first one to actually survive treatment. So as you can imagine our pockets will be rather empty from the co-pays. Sorryif it’s caused any inconvenience. Regards Annette Whitlow
  5. I want a key holder! I got my key chain, but now I need the holder to hang all my keys on.
  6. Praying for the family and friends of all those involved.
  7. Because the 72 Custom came any way you decided to order it. second choice would have to be the SS454 70. Not crazy about the turn signals on the front of the 71
  8. I got mine from OPG if you still are looking for some.
  9. any update on hotel reservations for this event yet?
  10. 2 attendting Annette Whitlow & Wilbur Langford 72 Monte Custom Thursday evening Trailering One question. What is status of room reservations? Thanks Annette
  11. Rob, I just saw this forum so no need to reply back to my question on the other forum. Yes, Wilbur & I will be there and I am going to call Hotel and get my room booked. Thanks Annette
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