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  1. Unfortunately I don't have pics But it is straight forward.
  2. Use a come a long on the inside supported by a metal 2x4 tubing and pull till it is back into positon. You will have to pull from the middle like before and slowly past the original location as there will be flex back.
  3. did you vac both the high and low pressure sides of the system at the same time? a stuck expansion valve can isolate one side of the system when stuck closed. also if the compressor spins fine without issue start the system and let the compressor draw it into the system. what all is it doing when running will need guage pressures when compressor cycles and when not cycling. what type of compressor is it an A-6 style? did you attempt to flush the condensor or the evaperator inside the car? you may have flush solvent in the system if you did which will cause issues since those have multiple passages. are you getting frost build up on the expansion valve? if so the valve is stuck closed. let me know what the pressures and stuff are and we can nail down the issues
  4. actually for r-12 you need r-12 refridgerant oil it is mineral based also with the condenser since it has so many passages in it flushing will not work with it if there is debris in the sysytem you need to replace it. the red dye you talked about must have been put in awhile ago as it was the old version of leak detector for the system before the uv dye came out. make sure to lube all seals with a little refridgerant oil when you install them. vac it down for 30 minutes with a 5 cfm vac and let system set with the guage valves shut for an additional 30 minutes to see if you have a leak. then charge the system partially and see if there are leaks... then charge the system fully. before you start the car hand turn the compressor a few times to make sure you did not get liquid refridgerant in the compressor if it is hard to turn then turn backwards a few times then again forward to cycle it though. this will prevent damage to the reeds in the compressor and insure you dont damage it when initially starting the system. then check with a thermometer in the middle or side ac vent that it cools down to 58-60 degrees with a/c on high and cold. after that you should be good to go alex
  5. keep in mind the dial torque wrench will show the rotational torque needed to turn the assembly i have seen sheets with 2 foot pounds same as 24 inch pounds so go with what is in your kit. when reading the dial just read when turning slowly. also realize this is the rotational torque only not the torque needed to crush the crush sleeve and pinion nut to where you get the rotational torque spec.
  6. does it smell a little sweet and is the carpet on the pass side a little damp? check the level of antifreeze if it is down quite a bit then it might be your heater core has developed a leak. also what do you use to clean the inside of the window? this can sometimes make visability worse.
  7. no problem on the tail panel had to use up the stuff i dont need. didnt you get the floor pan to for the trunk?
  8. dont forget to unscrew the gear selector cable from the steering columb before dropping the colume its a small phillips head screw. slide out the clip with cable and tape to dash.
  9. custom cable from the company you got it from...
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