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  1. Unfortunately I don't have pics But it is straight forward.
  2. Use a come a long on the inside supported by a metal 2x4 tubing and pull till it is back into positon. You will have to pull from the middle like before and slowly past the original location as there will be flex back.
  3. keep in mind the dial torque wrench will show the rotational torque needed to turn the assembly i have seen sheets with 2 foot pounds same as 24 inch pounds so go with what is in your kit. when reading the dial just read when turning slowly. also realize this is the rotational torque only not the torque needed to crush the crush sleeve and pinion nut to where you get the rotational torque spec.
  4. no problem on the tail panel had to use up the stuff i dont need. didnt you get the floor pan to for the trunk?
  5. dont forget to unscrew the gear selector cable from the steering columb before dropping the colume its a small phillips head screw. slide out the clip with cable and tape to dash.
  6. custom cable from the company you got it from...
  7. its a 2.73 :1 ratio rear end look in the tech info section for the rear axle decoding info i wrote up a while back covers all firsst gen montes alex
  8. you want a set of patch panels i have a set that were made a while back will sell them for $250.00 these are hand made by a club member a while back and they go up to the body line and are well made. call me @ 217 480 7622 alex
  9. first off did you remember the copper washers for the brake hoses to calipers and the line t at the rear axle? Double flare brake lines like what was mentioned earlier? Bench bleed master cylinder with a pair of lines bent back into the resevoir before install and then gravity bleed the system? did you start bleeding them from the pass side rear then drivers side rear, pass side front to drivers side front? is it possible you got a power brake m/c instead of a manual brake m/c? make sure all brake lines are tight? also the proportioning valve is it the right type for manual br
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