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  1. Sorry to change direction here but. How about posting a side photo of that hood scoop? Is it an aftermarket weld on or fiberglass hood? Looks awesome! Jim
  2. I found this trans locally. Seller stated it will not mate up to a SBC motor. Is this true or is there some sort of adaption required? Thanks Jim Weird, post didn't show Topic. Anyway it is a THM2004R.
  3. Looks to be the same bracket set up I have on my Global West rear coil over conversion.
  4. Thanks for the responses gentlemen! As far as I can tell, the difference on these parts costs between OPGI and R.A. is right at $150! Not certain if same for same but I assume all Moog parts have a LifeTime warranty. OPGI has free freight but not certain about Rock Auto. Again, thanks for your help! PS> Bob, I am only going on a recommendation to use Moog parts from a well known poster on this sight. Hopefully I am on the right track! Thanks, Jim
  5. Hi guys, Do you have any recommendations on sourcing replacement front end parts eg. center link, inner and outter tie rods etc. Thanks for any input! Jim
  6. Thank you for all of your input! Jim
  7. Thanks for the reply. Sorry to ask this but, if you are 300 at the wheels what are you out of the crankshaft? I know there are losses but do not understand how much is lost through the drive train. On another note, did you upgrade your axles or are they stock? Thanks!
  8. Looking for some input on the 8.2" rear end currently in my 72 MC. My plans are to build nothing more than a street car with some "get up and go". It will never be on a drag strip or race track. The plan is to install an engine within the 400hp range and 200-4r/700-r4 overdrive transmission with a limited slip differential. The question is: Will this 8.2 hold up or am I needing to source an 8.5"? Been to a few swap meets/Craig's List etc. and have run in to problems finding an 8.5" and am kinda running out of energy and want to get something back under my chassis. Thanks for any and all input! Jim
  9. Removed all of the interior and misc items. Received the rear quarters and outter wheelhouses today. Super excited to get the body repairs complete!
  10. Thanks for posting. I ran into the same issues and thought I was the only one!
  11. I really do appreciate the input you two have given me! Sorry as this is kind of a redundant post as do not know yet how to entirely delete one I had made earlier.
  12. Thanks for your input Glen and Robert.
  13. Thanks for the rides in your awesome car Robert! After lowering your cars did you go with adjustable, rear , upper arms to deal with the new pinion angle or is that not a concern? I only want to do this one time as easy access when body is off. Thanks! Jim
  14. Hi Robert, So with the 70 cruiser and the lowering springs/shocks what is the comparison on rattles and such in difference to the coil overs on the 72? I assume the 70 is the brown car? Love the height on that car! My objective is to have a somewhat quiet road noise so was thinking coil overs were the best option? My secondary objective is to achieve the height your car has but if It can be achieved by springs and shocks I am good with that, just don't want the rattling Cory and Glen have made reference to. Thanks, Jim
  15. Thanks for the reply Glen, First off, I hope your bride is doing well! The reason for the decision on the Viking coil overs is from the info you as well as Cory had provided. I am definately sold on that modification. Thanks, Jim
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