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  1. Full set including the glass lower front and rear large stops with hardware. Top stops including hardtop along with the upper door panel brackets. Price is 60.00 per side, shipping flat rate boxes. Have a few sets in this same shape. Joe 602-298-7090
  2. Pair of covers, off an Arizona Monte, removed them back in the 1990. Rust free, just dirty and some light surface rust on the back side that were not painted. Price is $100.00 and shipping is $21.10 Priority mail. Joe 602-298-7090
  3. Full braces included, not like those expensive repops that only include the top section. Price is $100.00 pair, shipping $30.00. Joe 602-298-7090
  4. I have a few, prices range between 200.00 to 300.00 and I can ship it with freight. My email since I am only on here a few times a week is vegaazbowties@aol.com Joe
  5. Way too many smaller parts, prices range between $5.00 to $30.00 each. Shipping will have to be with Priority mail flat rate boxes. Paypal accepted as sales, let me know exactly what you want. I have more then what is shown if you need a pair or a set and don't see it in the pics. Example 3 rear quarter stops $20.00, shipping $8.30. If your buying both sides, enough room to combine shipping, total would be $48.30. Power window single switches $10.00 each, relays as is $10.00 each, trunk lock clip $15.00. Cruise control turn signal arm $30.00. Joe 602-298-7090 email is vegaazbowties@aol.com
  6. Pair of those hard to find shields that mounts on the side shoulders and go between the doors and fenders. One side is nice while the other has a small cut on the outer edge, shown close up in the last photo. $60.00 pair, shipping large flat rate Priority box $21.10. Joe 602-298-7090
  7. They can be polished very easily, think I might have a pair of the doors ones already done.
  8. I have some really nice ones that just need the black painted again off some Arizona cars if you can't find any NOS ones.
  9. Great replacement for a rusted out sail panel, channel for the side of the back glass is good down to the corner which has that common rust. Does have a small tear that someone made before I got the car. Price is $125.00, shipping is $60.00 with Fed Ex ground, will be very large section cut 1-2 inches passed all the vinyl trim tabs. Will be removed from the spot welds on the roof seam. Joe 602-298-7090
  10. Like to back up RealRed70 with a nice one
  11. I have a nice one, includes the screws $20.00 shipped. Joe
  12. Sent that to you Bob. Thanks, Joe
  13. $18.00 shipped in nice shape.
  14. Pick you out a nice pair, shipping them safely in a flat rate envelope for $7.40. I take Paypal and can send you an invoice/request or money order.
  15. I have lots of nice, original correct headlight buckets for $10.00 each and rings for $8.00 each. I also have those adjustment bolts for $1.50 each, ring mounting screws $5.00 for the set of 6. Retainer springs are $2.00 each. Rust free parts, shipping USPS Priority flat rate boxes. Joe 602-298-7090
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