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  1. I bought out a repro vendor, noticed the 68 Chevelle tail panel is the same for the top of the tail panel and the trunk channel. $100.00, would be cut on the sides about 2-3 inches, equal with the openings for the tail lights. Then 2 inches from the very bottom since that is where it is taller and different in the lower seam. If you want it cut differently let me know, I have 7. Shipping depends on distance. I also have the trunk lock catch $15.00 and bracket that is welded to the floor $30.00 Joe 602-298-7090
  2. Pair of 2 door coupe Original Arizona solid covers. Sanded down the edges so you can see how nice they are. $100.00 shipped. I have another pair that has some heavy surface rust for $30.00 less. Joe 602-298-7090
  3. Did you find fenders yet, I have a pair on Ebay and can give you a package deal discount.
  4. Prices range on the black ones between $10.00 to $25.00 each, with the exception of the retractor which are 30.00 to 60.00 for the nicer 71 rear. I did wash them with soap but did not clean the chrome, some have rust which are the cheaper ones. Tan nice shoulder ones are $75.00, all the rest of the brown/tan are $10.00 to 20.00 each. I also have a few damaged ones for the ends and chrome male pieces. I have lots more photos I can email. Joe 602-298-7090
  5. I have a set, can ship them in a medium flat rate box to save you a little.
  6. He sounded like he was super busy, you should send him a message for his number
  7. UShip is a great way to handle that, just needs to be on a pallet the same size of the fenders. When you get a quote, just select Less Then a Truck Load. If the deal is passed, I would be very interested in those fenders.
  8. Was used on the 350 4 speed or 3 speed for 1970. Part number is 3014612(lower tag edge) and it an SA on the tag code. Its has the two rows but space for a third, was off a Phoenix 70 Chevelle that I owned a few years ago. You would need to have it re-cored so it would be cheaper if I cut thru them a few inches away from the tanks to save you shipping. Has the original drain plug, price is $600.00 Have more photos I can email. Joe 602-298-7090
  9. I have a really nice tail panel, do you need the frame mounting brace that goes under it? Have a very decent trunk pan on a 71 Chevelle, between both parts its would cover all your needs. Joe Vega
  10. I have a few single side bars for $25.00 each or $40.00 pair. Center brackets are $20.00, hardware is an extra $6.00. Large brackets as a pair are $60.00 or the full for $90.00. Shipping is extra. I can text or email photos, still on the bumpers. Joe 602-298-7090
  11. Rust free, cut into the quarters 3-4 inches in, great for repairing those rust areas without replacing your 1/4 panels. $75.00 per side, pic shown is one that I was comparing to a Chevelle which are different as are the other models. Was removed from the spot welds so you can install it like the factory. I also sell the brace behind that area for $50.00 each. Shipping extra, Joe 602-298-7090
  12. I hear ya, and shipping would be around $125.00 with Fed Ex ground if it did ship
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