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  1. Just checked it, its that size. My email is vegaazbowties@aol.com which I use for Paypal, you can send it as a purchase/sale which makes it easy to print the shipping label. Joe
  2. Yes, That would be correct. Sounds great, let me know if you want to use Paypal or if you need my address for a money order. Joe
  3. I pulled these all out from a storage shed I had back in the high school in 1985, most were from Chevrolets from the 70's. Prices are 25.00 lid, bases are 40.00 for either 4brl or 2brl or whole for 60.00. I did not see any heat risers or stove pipes some call it.No big block ones, though some of the later ones look similar in size. Shipping will be either Fed Ex ground for 25.00 or USPS Priority mail for 40.00. I do take Paypal as sales or money orders. Joe 602-298-7090
  4. I have one, nice shape for 30.00 shipped with Priority Mail.
  5. Its 35.00 and 18.00 to ship, rust free and will be taken off the spot welds from the inner area.
  6. Cool, let me know, nice to talk to you again Jared.
  7. I think most of them needed work from dents, it really shouldn't be too much to ship it freight if you have it goe to a business, no lift gate either would help too. I sent a Vega door to Miami and it was just a few bucks over 200.00.
  8. 7 fenders, 2 are very rough and have to pull one out for photos but similar to the other one which are 1970's show in CL ad, link at the end. Fenders tended to crack on the wheel lip around the 10:00 o clock position, common flaw. I live an hour southeast, not offering Greyhound anymore and use UShip it for the cheapest freight quotes. Fed Ex or Flat rate boxes for smaller parts, I do not use UPS unless you send me the paid label. Prices on the fenders are 200.00 for the worse ones and all the better ones are $500-600.00 shown in these pics. Rust free doors are 275.00 each, those can go with Fed ex ground, nice frame $600.00, have frame sections including front horns(very front). Automatic crossmember 80.00, 72 core support 250.00 for A/C option and 72 Big Block core support with the extra tab for 450.00, both rust free and straight. Shipping Fed ex on those range around 120.00, maybe cheaper if your closer. Original top cowl 140.00, corners that meet the shoulders and make up the very lower corners of the windshield are $50.00 each. Full A pillars are 100.00 each, no cheap looking like those outer new skins they sell, right full exterior sail panel with nice channel 125.00, inner sail panel sheetmetal panels are 80.00 each taken off all the spot welds. Rear roof inner support brace, tends to rust under the channel are 75.00 taken off the spot welds, same price for the front. Lots of smaller parts including fender mounting bolts, trim including one pair of the 70 Halo vinyl trim pieces along with most of the body side lower trim except the longer ones which I sold out. Joe 602-298-7090, prefer a call or email instead of texting, have some issues using my fingers. vegaazbowties@aol.com link for CL ad https://tucson.craigslist.org/pts/d/sierra-vista-monte-carlo-parts-roof/7006988432.html
  9. This was the buildsheet I save from either the top of the gas tank or just under the carpet. I found two and one fell apart as soon I touched it, It shows the vin on the top right hand which is the same as the title.
  10. Darren, Thank you for that information, makes a lot of sense. Appreciate it so much. Joe
  11. Larry, Thanks for trying. Someone in the Chevelle forum said his car had it and it was a fleet rental. I was think Dealer Demo.
  12. I finally found my buildsheet last night after having misplaced it 2 years ago. My question is in box 25 Special Order, it has a noticable FZ and looks to have either a C or O with a dash just before that code. Its a Van Nuys build sheet. Does anyone here now what that means? Thanks,Joe
  13. I would like to back up Jared with full quarters including sails. Can ship freight, better rate if it goes to a business or you pick it up at their terminal.
  14. If you need a left, I have an original with out sail panel. Without jamb, it would be able to go with Greyhound for a reasonable cost.
  15. I want to Thank everyone for the prayers and wishes. It helped, today was the first day I have not gotten worse, not out of the woods by far. The damage that is done so far is permanet-like spelling.(LOL) This email is taken me much longer and my hand controls are not there, very much a struggle.Easy things are very hard to understand especially shipping. So, I am closing AzChevs for now, have an investor who has shown interest for the last few months. Or, my boys will open it back up in the future. As my oldest brother told me which is helping me deal with this change, My boys will take me any way they can have me. Thank you all again so much, your comments were very inspirational to me to continue to fight to stay around, even if I talk like Rainman:) Joe sorry, trying to keep my humor up.
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