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  1. hi I am bummed I missed it for a wedding it was out doors very nice but lots of rain off and on... so glad you had a great time and weather. did carsile give any info about getting the plate they had desinged , I really would like to have one since my monte is a 70. Also my club plate has gon missingbroke off at the mounts???
  2. hi I just got back from carsile all went well, very nice day I would guess 1/3 to about 1/2 of the vendors. lots of people but not crowded/// a lot of saftey precautions in place. with restrictions.not really effecting anything nothing slowed.anything down ,all went smoth ///// go and enjoy next week .we enjoyed our day
  3. thats great . I am still planning on going to carsile tomorrow for spring show bummer but i cant make our show with all the cancelations due to the virus. our friends picked the first date avial for their wedding after changing their date 2 times you guessed it next weekend.. WHAT I REALLY WANT IF ANY WAY POSS IS THE PLATE CARSILE HAD MADE BEING MY MONTE IS A 1970 MAYBE IF THEY GET ENOUGH REQUESTS THELL HAVE MORE MADE AND SELL THEM I HOPE
  4. dave m

    fuel gauge

    yes your right i have a thin sheet of foam taped to the bottom of that speaker, I just found a set of 4"round with 1.75 depth I am thinking of trying. they handle 50 watts I am running a amp even though i dont listen to the stereo often i keep blowing them
  5. dave m

    fuel gauge

    good news I figured it out. I knew my sending unit was working , I took a spare battery grounded it to the car used the wire from the car sender did ground to the ground on the gauge out of the car and hot the gauge in the dash still did not work but my old big gauge did.. I then took the new gauge ou of the dash hooked it up and it worked.. the answer the sending stud on the gauge was touching the dash housing,, i enlarged the holes in the dash housings used the insulator and bolted the gauge in place with no contact to the housing. I did the same process for my new volt gauge. all will go back together soon thanks bad news i fried the circuit board new one on the way
  6. just got this info with the attached news release still sounds good but
  7. HI i am looking for a 70 small gas gauge may consider other years 70 as you know is green this is considered a ss chevelle cluster that also came in montes but i dont know which models please be sure it works and if orig i will need the resitor for the back. i am going to carsile this fri i can not make the monte meet . I have a wedding and my car is apart for the gauge prob thanks dave
  8. dave m

    fuel gauge

    hi i am still trying to get my gas gauge to work. dropped the dash pulled the cluster i thought i did not have a good ground made new ground no luck. how can i check the gauge out of the car; I do not have an extra sending unit the sending unit to cluster plug reads ohms; also power to gauge works. the gauge was new 10 yrs ago but never worked. i have been playing with this for weeks now thanks one last thing this is an ss dash conversion from 10yrs ago it has no resitor on back i have been told the new gauges have it internal????
  9. hi when I did my car 10 years ago my body man grafted a 1969 z/28 cowl to my stock hood at the time it was less expensive the modifying the avail 4" fiberglass and I did not want lift off. it is fully functionable I also like the length and the hood center line follows thru the scoop to the rear. I use the under hood mat but would not have to it looks like it came that way dave
  10. UPDATE just got the cluster out ya reading from the fuel sender to the cluster plug. when I got the cluster out there is no connection to the bottom terminal of the gauge on the circuit board. next time out I want to check for pos and ground at the gauge the run a jumper to that bottom terminal. if I get that working I will start on the volt gauge that should be a snap. Paul if you read this thanks the speaker are discontinued I am looking at a pair of kicker but like you said magnet size is the issue dave
  11. thanks that should help. it looks like I missed 2 bolts I don't remember it being this hard ten years ago but then I was only in my 50s does anybody know how to tell the tan wire for fuel or tan for brake I hoping that's my problem. also anyone know of good stereo dash replacement speakers I am running a small amp. rather hear the car then the stereo but since its apart I guess I should fix them to . ( paul I just red your occupation I guess you'll know )
  12. Some progress I did determine that the fuel sender is working. the wire from front to back for the gauge seems ok I forgot I had to take the dash out to get the cluster. found the 5 easy bolts/ pillars both sides / center top/ I am guessing there is another center bottom?? I am hoping to be able to just tilt the dash enough to get at the cluster easy enough??? big hands and big body to match make it interesting to get in tight spaces. also when I built the car I already had the interior out and it had no radio or ac. so how many bolts and where is the last one hiding thanks Dave
  13. hi I did call shift work weeks ago same response sold out they do not even have any further info or not willing to guess. I did buy mine from sonny 24 on eBay but until you gave me the wiring changes I was afraid to use it. he had me cutting the circuit board. the gauge is correct in looks and does work when tested out of car. waiting to see if I can figure out the fuel gauge problem starting at the tank before I pull the cluster. I was trying to get it all done before a show on may 23 but that has now been cancelled. our weather has also not been ideal either rain cold or wind t have to put my truck out to be able to work on the monte I love my cars but I not the best at cleaning and detailing thanks again dave
  14. thanks i'll try that not at all like the directions. but much better then I planed my next prob is gauge is not marked. I thought I would check it with a 9 v transitor battery I think a reverse hook up the gauge would not read. or try to get updated info from shift works and buy one from them
  15. hi I am trying to change my amp gauge to volt paul I noticed back in 2019 you posted that you do/did this. one of the reasons I asked for the wiring which is great... I bought my gauge from sonnie on ebay the co you listed is out of stock could not tell me when avial again. the gauge has metal threaded mounting to bolt in factory location. I am going to remove the amp wires from the plug . he says ground through the panel and put the jumper wire to the 12v side of the tach I also plan to use nylon nuts and washers to mount CAN I OR SHOULD I CUT THE AMP PORTION OF THE CIRCUIT BOARD AWAY ????? thanks in advance also no luck at this point getting the fuel gauge to work
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