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  1. Thank you all for your interest in viewing my sale post. A club member and I have come to terms and he is providing a deposit payment so as of this point we will consider it sold. It so good to have someone who really likes these cars to take it. Thanks again, /Brad CA72
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  3. Haven't been on in many years. Can I post on the for sale forum a link to a PDF I made to sell my Monte. The link would be a shared from my Microsoft One Drive. It has pics and text in the PDF? Or can I just post the PDF file?
  4. Well I thought a would post an update on the TH 350, drive shaft, rear end rebuild project. I put her on the ground last night and am driving her today. Wow, What a bandit! She's chirping second gear without really trying; I am taking it easy for a little break-in. I rebuilt the TH350 in my garage with no special tools except 1 home-made spring compressor and a store-bought set of bushing drivers. I used the B&M Master Race rebuild kit from Summit for $129.00. This set included all gaskets, seals, bushings, frictions and steels. Additionally, I purchased a new modulator and the B&M shift kit as well. I kept my original torque converter. I am working on a budget and the inside of the tranny when opened up was really clean. No metal shavings and even the old oil wasn't that bad. So I decided to do a lengthy manual flush of the converter. It takes time but cleans it out pretty well. The drive shaft was cleaned up and new quality universal joints added. The rear end got new axle seals and pinion seals. I installed the new PowerTrax no-slip differential and it was so easy. The only things that have to come out are the center pin and the four spider type gears. The car really performs, shifts well, fast, solid and quiet. If any of you that haven't done these upgrades yet are considering them, go for it. What a difference! The Monte (which my wife has dubbed the other woman, "Montessa Carlotta") hadn't been on the ground for a year and a half. What a joy to be driving her again. Brad [This message has been edited by CA72 (edited 02-12-2003).]
  5. George: Thanks for the invitation. Unfortunately as I look ahead to my family and work calendar I'm afraid I won't be able to take the time for that. Sounds like you all will have a great trip. I bet your Montes will be turning some heads along the way. You could call yourselves the "Sac Pack." Brad [This message has been edited by CA72 (edited 02-10-2003).]
  6. Let me qualify the above. Nothing wrong with teenage boys. I was once once myself. It should read, "You don't think I am going to let a teenage boy behind the wheel of a Monte I have spent $7500 on, now do you?"
  7. Thanks, George. I think I will try the smaller o ring first. I went to Riebes here (NAPA shop)and we could find only one ring that might work. It goes in with the o ring in the groove and seems to be touching the walls of the opening, but I guess I won't know for sure until I put fluid in it. I am kind of anxious to get that done. Then all that is left for me to put it back on the ground and and fire it up is to install the PowerTrax no slip differential and put my headers back on. Actually we have met. I was the one who showed up at the park a couple years ago in in Sacto driving the 66 Mustang. Forgive me, but it is for my son when he turns 16. You don't think I would actually let a teenage boy behind the wheel of a Monte now do you.?
  8. Thanks for all the help. I will make use of it as soon as I start. However I have a new problem on the transimission. My dipsick tube was the original which was the o ring type, (which leaked). I purchased a new chrome tube (also the o ring type) and I can't get it to go in with the o ring in place. It keeps pushing the o ring up out of the depression made for it. Now I am just tired of messing with it as it is the last thing from keeping me from finishing the trans job. Anyone know where I can get a new tube (or good used one, I can get a new grommet) that is the later grommet seal type? Thanks Brad
  9. Thanks for the insight. I believe the Powertrax unit is just "the carrier" so it should follow the process you describe. I guess I'll see when it get's here. These are supposed to be pretty good quality units. I wonder if anyone of this group has used this carrier before?
  10. I am nearly finished with the B&M Master race rebuild (and shift kit) on my TH350 (I just work on it now and then as I have time) so today I ordered a Powertrax no-slip differential from Summit Racing for my 12 bolt rear end. Any of you folks ever done this on an originally non-posi rear end before. I thought I would see if any of you had some tips first. It should be here by the weekend. Thanks. Brad
  11. Thanks, I may give it a gentle try and see what happens. Brad
  12. I am needing to remove the trim around my vinyl top. Could some one tell me exactly the tool I need and how to do it? Also, is it a different tool for front and back windshield trim? Just an aside. Last week got an excellent rear bumper off EBAY for $40 (shipping included) from some guy who cleans out forclosed houses in Phoenix and sells the stuff he finds in them on Ebay. I couldn't believe it. It had only been on for about an hour when I saw it and the first bid was set for $10, but he had a "buy it now" price of $20. I guess that is one of those once in a lifetime things.
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