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  1. They limit the amount of hot exhaust flow, more flow more heat more hp loss and greater possibility of vapor locking in the hot summer months, I would buy gaskets that completely block off the flow on a nice weather driven car myself.
  2. I recievd the 1st rough drawing on the project this weekend, here is a sneak preview of whats to come. Alain will be able to do all three years for any prospective buyers.
  3. Oh and on a side note if anyone is really creative and wants to come up with a short paragraph story about our special cars please feel free to do so here.
  4. Guys he is not sure the priceing on this one here is his website where you can look at his other works. www.lemireart.com
  5. Good morning, I had a artist Alain Lemire create a one of a kind drawing of my Camaro and I was so happy with it I asked him to do one of my Monte. He told me it would be a week or two before he would be done with the rough draft and when I get it either he or I will post it up for viewing and consideration. He is willing to do changes from the stock drawing for your custom wheels hoods and such. Here is the framed picture of my Camaro so you can get a idea of what is to come.
  6. The OEM joints were greaseless and lasted a long time.
  7. Unless your shocks are load bearing like a coil over I see no advantage in adding the brace.
  8. Look at the B & F on both tires, other letter are not so obvious.
  9. I am running mine blackwall out.
  10. I bought a extra washer jug and cap and mounted it on the right side on a homemade bracket that attached to the battery hold down bolt, looks like factory installed.
  11. Ya I'll opt for a set of Hookers and electric cutouts and still be close in price.
  12. If it stripped out you can install a nutsert or drill and tap it out for a 3/8's bolt
  13. If the bolt is missing install a new one, if it is broken off you need to remove whats left before installing a new one.
  14. whoa those are a little exspensive.
  15. Waiting to hear how they fit in the chassis. My 2455 Hookers are 20 plus years old.
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