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  1. There is so much truth to everything everyone is saying. I will agree that most people dont remember or know what a Monte is because you right its not a blue Camaro or red Chevelle but once they see it I get asked a lot of questions. I do have to say 2 years ago at a show with 550 cars I was awarded the Military Peoples Choice award. They called my name and I just said wow there is a guy with the same name here. Then they said Monte Carlo... I figured it was a joke but it wasn't. Pretty cool to get the Monte on the map esp at a show with 550 cars.
  2. I was curious if anyone has an answer as to why the value of the Monte's are not going up like all the other "older" not even classic cars. I am seeing undesirable POS's from the late 70's and early 80's skyrocketing while you can still find a decent FGMC w/BB and low miles for under $20K. I don't get it? These are great cars and I have been a proud owner of my Monte for 27 years. Granted I did buy it for $3000 and im not complaining of its current value just curious why they are not taking off like others. Thoughts?
  3. Bigblock402


    Does anyone have any recommendations for headers that will fit into a 1972 Monte Carlo with out too much modifications. My old ceramic coated headers have seen better days and its time to get a pair of nice polished ones. From what I recall 20 years ago the headers I selected needed to be heavily modified to fit into my 72 and those modifications ended up causing a little flow restriction on a few ports. My Monte has a 402 in it but everything else is pretty much stock. Any suggestions to make my life easier? Thanks everyone, Rick
  4. I have rejected the carb and tuned it, I'm messing with timing now to get the most out of the engine. I'm rolling 4.11's in the rear with his great until 70mph then I'm wishing for a 700r4 or 4L that's a project for another time
  5. I just installed a Holley 750. From what I hear I should just move forward with the Perf RPM A/G that I will be pleased with the upgrade from the much older Torker. I am just looking for ways to recover the estimated 20% HP loss at 7000' with out breaking the bank, I'm all about the low end umph!
  6. Scott, Thanks for the info how much of a drop was your air filter cover? I did the foil test last night lightly wadded up foil, placed it on the current air cleaner lid and it compressed down to about 1" I am running hood insulation and I know that takes up some room. Anyone know if the Spectre filters are any good or and I better off spring a extra $25 and going to a K&N Rick
  7. I have a BB 402 that's been running a Torker 2-0 "Angled Carb Model" for the last 20 years. This was fine when I wasn't living at 7000' altitude so I never changed it. I have been on a mission recently to make it more "streetable" and gain some low end ponys back at 7000' I love the low end power the car has or should I say had and lower elevation. I have been looking at getting a Performer RMP Air-Gap because it opens up much earlier than the Torker 2-0. I noticed the carb base height on the RMP is 5.22" while my Torker is 3.82" Its already a tight fit for hood clearance with a 3" air filter. Has or is anyone running a Performer RMP Air-Gap with a bigblock? If so what is your setup and how is your clearance. I'd like to keep a 3" filter for the look, cowl hood and EFI is not a option! Thanks, RK
  8. Anyone have any information about converting a 1972 Monte from a Automatic to a 5 Speed? Has anyone done it or know of a place which can do it and make it look stock? This is a future dream im considering any feedback is welcome.
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