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  1. Red one didn't survive the Restoration, way cheaper to by another.  Although this isn't the original 400 motor, it Originally came with a 400. My friend Dick Savage is going to beef it up some more. Doesn't look like it will be ready in time for the Meet celebrating Monte Carlo's 50 years.  

  2. FGMC72


    formerly O'Reilly auto parts.
  3. Like the pictures capri, two of the pictures i had this goofy look on my face, i was trying to get out of the way..haha..This was our first Meet and although we were not totally prepared, we had a good time, looking forward to next year, we will have ours repainted and a new engine..yah...
  4. Obviously, turn outs are not always about the home state, Not sure If I can make EVERY meet, but it is only once a year. If the plan could be to arange a meet on either side of the Mississippi River, you could combine the two for 1 special meet, thats all I was getting at. Would I come, Its all about the timing, as It is for all of us no matter where or when we meet. It Appears that most of the western memberships center around Nevada. So I do see that both side could have to travel as many as 1000 miles to meet halfway. I guess in this case Its the Thought that Counts ?!
  5. Has anyone considered have a meet in the middle of the country so both sides can meet together...??
  6. Come On CAPRI, I Wont to get the chance of meeting the person who helped me figure out this site............
  7. Why wouldnt they celebrate together.....whazup with that.....
  8. Hendrick's Motorsport Museum...YES SIR...GO MARK MARTIN, You the Man... I think I missed something too..Andreas, you did say North of NC and EAST OF MISSOURI !?
  9. FGMC72


    Atleast it wasnt the Monte............This is the first I've seen or heard of this............Andreas all right, when was this ?
  10. I'm a new member and I would like an opportunity of getting my car on a NASCAR race track............pick one, any one............ Maybe Talladega and have Someone like Bobby Allison as a Special Guest. Or maybe some Race shop where a driver or owner or both as a Special Guest.......Is there a Car Museum somewhere we can show case at........or some Street Festival.....
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