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  1. If you were closer I would be glad to help. I love figuring these kinds of issues out. Make sure to keep us updated
  2. If the pressure was going too high there is issues with airflow at idle or he has too much freon in the system, or there is a restriction on the high side. I use this chart when charging non factory systems. What is you idle speed at when the AC is on? A good working mechanical fan should pull enough at idle. All of that being said, if you wire in a trinary switch like we have been talking about it would solve most of the issues. Being a AC tech I would love to see the gauges with it running
  3. I had one like that and went to use it a couple years ago while working on an old 6 cylinder Mustang and it had quit working. Was the first time I had used it in probably 10 years.
  4. Check this trinary switch out. If you are not sure on fitting sizes, call them and ask to speak with Trish. She knows her AC stuff. https://coldhose.com/collections/switches-and-adapters/products/female-7-16-20-trinary-switch?variant=35532300517536
  5. Do you only have electric fans? Are you running dual electric fans or a single? Are the fans in a shroud? In my LS swapped truck the fans are set to come on one at 210 and one at 220 ( LS like to run hotter) I trick one of them to come on with the AC no matter the temp. With the AC off and running down the road the electric fans do not even come on. In you case you may be able to put a high pressure switch inline with the fan so that it only comes on when the high side pressure gets above the set point like the factory AC cars do, going down the road the air flow across the condenser should keep the high side low enough that the fan does not run.
  6. I'm with Tom, I would file it smooth and run it. That being said I would also be checking piston to valve clearance real well when putting it back together. It has been a while since I had my old 402 apart, but that looks like it might be an aftermarket piston.
  7. Thanks guys! Let's keep our eyes on it for a while. I found some outdated settings and apps that needed changing. I hope that fixes it.
  8. I have not done as many as Andy but I have done 2 of them so far and both installs went real nice. There is a Facebook group for them and the biggest problem I have seen is not taking the time to do a clean install. Make sure you ignition setup is good. I did a Caddy 500 and a SBC and did timing control on both of them. The Caddy was a little bit of a pain because they do not make the HyperSpark for it. Any questions, just ask.
  9. I still have one of Davey’s stickers in my truck.
  10. Ian


    Only a test
  11. I make them out of PTFE line and fittings, look on Summits site. I have done 2 so far and no leaks.
  12. I would try swapping wires, you are saying if you pull the wire at the cap it does not jump the gap between the wire and the cap? Sounds like a broken wire...
  13. Ian


    Might need to choose a smaller picture. I think we have a size restriction on them now. It is in your profile but not showing when you post.
  14. Ian

    Website updates

    Just want to give a shout out to Aaron for all the work he has been doing on the website the last few weeks. If you have not noticed at the top of the message board there are a bunch of new links to click on that will take you to the different parts of the site. He has been updating them to all to the new look and feel of the site. You should also notice that the site is now showing secure in all browsers now.
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