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  1. OMG!! how do you get the rear regulators in without denting the quarter panel from inside
  2. thanks Dennis I have three washer type mounting tabs on both sides coming out the ribbon, do the wire run under back seat or the bottom seat?
  3. thanks Doug, so where does the red arrows bolt into and the green arrow has a plastic stub, does it plug into the hole that it is at? thanks, Sendo
  4. does anyone have picture of how the rear harness is routed?
  5. sendo

    a/c compressors

    so many different model numbers for four seasons and ac delco which one do I get?
  6. it worked for me, here is the number (775) 677-2438
  7. sendo

    A/C hose difference

    Hello Andy, are you willing to sell one ? the store bought one are they rounded to clear the bracket and do they have the muffler? thanks, Sendo
  8. sendo

    A/C hose difference

    thanks Andrew, another thing is how the hose enter the block I see back and the other top & bottom?
  9. sendo

    A/C hose difference

    I went to old air products website and they have the same hose for all monte's, but if you look at chevelle and el camino they have two different hoses for BB and SB. so there must be a difference in hose for a SB Monte and BB Monte too
  10. sendo

    A/C hose difference

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/1970-72-MONTE-CARLO-A-C-COMPRESSOR-HOSE-MANIFOLD-ASSEMBLY-AC-Air-Conditioning/361297894286?fits=Year%3A1970|Model%3AMonte+Carlo&hash=item541f085b8e:g:xW0AAOSwNSxVVj-p here is the link to ebay
  11. does any one know why this hose will not fit a 1970 BB but will fit everything else?
  12. can you point out what is different so I can know
  13. https://reno.craigslist.org/pts/d/chevy-monte-carlo/6986210351.html
  14. a/c hose line compressor side for rebuild
  15. sendo

    gm # 3967947

    on the money Andrew!
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