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  1. Thanks everybody - good to see so many familiar "faces" so to speak. I was and am still am in a caregiver support group. While I'm no longer a caregiver I still go to offer any advice I can. One of the things caregivers deal with is a tendency to socially withdraw and I found that to be true for me.
  2. Hello everyone, It's been a few years since I last posted, but I've been checking in once in awhile. For years I was caregiver for my Mom, who had developed dementia that worsened over time (as it always does). It was important to me that she remain in her home (I had also promised my Dad that she would before he passed). She was deathly afraid of nursing homes due to a bad experience with my grandmother. I feel fortunate in that she always remained my Mom, asking what she could do for me, even though often she wasn't physically capable. Her personality never changed, just her memory and need for help with activities of daily life. It was my honor to help her and remains so. She and I were doing things together up until the day she went to the hospital and passed away there. I haven't worked on the Monte in a long time as my focus (and priority) was elsewhere. I still love the first-gens and have since I first laid eyes on one in the middle of the showroom floor in late '69. Basically "love at first sight". I will, however be selling some of the upgrades I had planned to make but never got around to adding. Will post in the appropriate location on the forum. Anyway, my apologies for basically disappearing from the forum (in hindsight I should have posted at least something). I regret not. Bob
  3. They will work on '71s and '72s if you wanted to add them, but you'll have to drill the holes. As noted earlier in this thread they were on some early '71s from the factory.
  4. Really GREAT videos Aaron!!!
  5. It's wackos like that that make it hard for responsible gun owners. Glad no one else got hurt...
  6. You've come a long way Scott - really looking good!!!
  7. Just FYI, they also make a radiator cover to complement the show panel. http://undercoverinnovations.com/radiator-covers?zenid=9594ef84aba35b57f4c58e2457246b50
  8. I second Tony 100%. If you want one with the club logo on it the panel needs to be purchased through the FGMCC Store (go to the merchandise link at the top of the forum page). At least that's what the order information there still indicates. Even better, just click on the link Larry provided while I was typing.
  9. Got a set of baseplates (for a 68 Chevelle) like Andreas that are exact reproductions in billet aluminum - very cool but yet to be installed (found them on eBay a few years back, but haven't seen them since unfortunately). I did install the chrome strip they used as well that goes in the indentation in the plastic armrest. Just to dress it up a bit...
  10. Great decision Larry and Doug!!! I quit smoking over 29 years ago when a pack cost 72 cents (and thought THAT was high). Best decision I ever made. It really does get easier over time...
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