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  1. Walter you have your badge and access to all areas for the Forum. What can't you access?
  2. My 71 build on 9/70 had the emblem on the brake pad
  3. Has anyone restored the sail panel and tail panel scripts? Just curious how you protected the chrome
  4. Great progress Patrick! You are all set as a full member. Thank you for supporting the FGMCC
  5. you should be all set now Jeff
  6. Last Name:WiemelsFirst Name:BobScreen Name:black07ssName Of Others In Your Party:DeannaTotal Number In Your Party:2Home City & State:Lorain, OhioArrival Date:6-19-12019Depart Date:6-23-2019Driving/Trailering:DrivingCar Year:2007Car Color:BlackVinyl Top:noStock/Street/Modified:StockHotel:FairfieldRoom Type (Qn/Qn, Qn/Qn Suite, King or King Suite):KingEmail Address:
  7. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!
  8. Welcome Pete! Nice looking Montes. Thanks for joining the club and I have also granted you full access to the site Bob
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