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  1. Jim, Here's a link to a post describing my experience with Patriot mid-length headers on my '70 402:
  2. Welcome to the club forums, Jeff! Hope you are able to acquire the '72 Custom you described and will become a regular member of our helpful club. While we seldom go out on a limb with specific price suggestions, we all have our own opinions based on what we know about the vehicle in question, the current market and our own values. What matters most is your assessment/opinion based on your interests and values. I believe it is safe to say that the only version of the '72 Monte that is more rare and desirable than a "U code" (402) Custom would be a "W code" (454) Custom. According
  3. Don't break your arm getting your checkbook out!
  4. Hey, Tony, I've attached a couple of photos of pages in from the '70 Factory Assembly Manual that may be useful to you as I doubt the '72 was any different. The stud that goes into the block casting boss just forward of the bell housing will position that end of the Z-bar and will also help locate the bracket on the other end if you keep the Z- bar pivot shaft perpendicular to the centerline of your motor. As shown in Section A of the assembly drawing, the bracket is placed close to the outside edge of the frame (as it is also on my '70 factory 4-speed). One of the last auto-
  5. Randy, I already sent you my expanded instructions to the email address you provided in your Private Message back on December 6. I have just forwarded that email with two attachments to the second email you provided. These instructions are specifically for a '70 conversion and most of the steps will also work for the '72 but a couple of the wires and connector locations are different so you'll have to refer to the instructions that came with your kit for that part. Good luck. Dennis
  6. I don't see RPO AU1 Power Door Locks on the Build Sheet so it is likely an error that was propagated across all three on-line listings. However, it is entirely possible to have power door locks without door switches if an aftermarket keyless entry system has been installed on the car. I installed the Klassic Keyless system on my '70 SS and enjoyed power door locks via the remote key fob with no door-mounted switches. Also included the optional power trunk lock operated by either the remote fob or a manual button in the glove box. Not a bad way to go ...
  7. Sad news ... Rick Treworgy is retiring and closing his Muscle Car City Museum due to the impact of the pandemic on tourism, especially international visitors. The good news (for some), however, is that the public will now have a chance to buy/own some of the cars in Rick's personal collection that he has refused to sell for many years. Roughly 3/4 of his 200+ muscle car collection will be auctioned by Mecum right here in Punta Gorda, FL on January 22 and 23. https://www.mecum.com/auctions/punta-gorda-2021/ A preview of the auction lots will be on Thursday, Jan 21 from 8 am to 5 pm at
  8. No salt here, just a lot of sand ...
  9. Darren, You know I have the highest regard for your knowledge of first gen Montes, but your recent statement is not consistent with the information our website has long published in the Technical Information section regarding the Z20 SS454 option. It lists RPO G80 Positraction as #4 under the heading "An SS MAY Have:" which I assume means it was a selectable option on a vehicle also with the Z20 option. I think that is exactly what we are seeing on Glen's Build Sheet. My (former) '70 SS had the G80 option so I would not have known otherwise. Or, maybe I am misunderstanding your st
  10. Hmmmm ... looks familiar. IF it has a stock paint code and vinyl top, it could be a '70 in Astro Blue (25) with a dark blue vinyl top (like mine) or a '71 in Mulsanne Blue (26) with a blue vinyl top. No blue vinyl tops in '72.
  11. In the ten plus years I've owned a factory four speed Monte and also been in this club, I believe there is always some level of interest here in factory four speed '70s and '71s, especially big block cars. Your small block '71 is relatively rare and certainly appears to be in nice condition but your asking price is toward the high end of the spectrum (IMO). Assume it is a documented, numbers matching car. Is it a recent frame-off restoration or possibly a very low mileage survivor? What other information about its features and condition can you share to pique interest at that price?
  12. Quarter panel clearance is the obvious consideration. Maybe some member here will have experience with that exact wheel and can get you in the ball park, but I can give you a comparison to my known rear tire/wheel combo using tiresize.com. I have 275/60-15s mounted on 15x8 rims with 5.5" backspace (+25 mm offset) with right at .6" clearance between the sidewall and untrimmed wheel well lip. A 275/45-18 is the same width and only .3" shorter, BUT when it is mounted on a 18x9.5 rim with only 5.25" backspace (which is zero offset) the tire comparison and wheel offset calculator say t
  13. Steve is a member of our club and a friend. Aaron has already given you the link to his profile. He's probably the only member who has seen both of my '70 Montes - my 4-speed in Florida and my (former) SS in Minnesota. He seems to have an uncanny knack for finding '70SS models and has owned a few. It's obviously none of my business what he does with them, but you may want to reach out to him regarding where and how he finds them. I know what it is to have a '70 SS itch and finally get it scratched - well worth the time, effort and money, IMO. Good luck with your search.
  14. Check with Steve Redmyer (sredmyer) - he was hoarding them for awhile - don't know if any are available for sale, though.
  15. Sorry, I thought you were asking if they would fit not how they will look.
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