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  1. Welcome to the club and forums, Gareth!! That's a beautiful '72 and one of very few with a 4-speed I have heard of. I lived in Austin from '88 to '97 but it's a much larger and crazier town now. Have fun with that beauty and don't be a stranger to the forums.
  2. Congratulations, Dan!! That's a win/win - you get a really fun-to-drive first gen and it gets a savior! It will be interesting to see how your Montes compare after restoring this one. Mine seemed to have different personalities, each with likable characteristics, but I must admit the one with the silver thing sticking out of the console was more fun to drive. Looks like you are starting with a pretty nice specimen. Keep us posted on your progress. Enjoy!
  3. MCfan


    That's quite a coincidence, Joe! Actually, Punta Gorda is my permanent home but I "summer" in North Central Minnesota each year (too hot and humid in SW FL). Yes, we must try to get together. At the moment, I am dealing with a nasty cold but will hopefully be over it soon, certainly before you leave on the 26th. Have you visited the Muscle Car City museum yet? If not, maybe we can meet there one day soon. Their monthly car show is this Saturday, the 18th. They also have a nice little breakfast/lunch place there called Stingrays. I will give you a call soon to see what we can set up. You can also call or text me on (316) 253-4346. Thanks. Looking forward to meeting you!
  4. MCfan


    Welcome to the club and forums, Joe! You are fortunate to be starting with a documented '70 SS454! There is something unique, almost mystical, about owning and driving a first gen SS. Yes, the big 454 is part of it but the SS badging and genetics give them membership in a Chevy performance family that is broadly recognized and appreciated. I enjoyed every minute of the eight years I owned, drove, showed and improved my '70 SS. Hope you find the information on this site helpful and have a great time restoring her to glory.
  5. You did an amazing job "restoring" that plate, Antoine!! I had no idea those were so valuable. BTW, I seem to remember that you had a lot of work done to the exterior of your unusual SS before you even picked it up. Are you satisfied with the paint job and other improvements? Are you just working on small improvements now or what is the status of your Monte?
  6. Jeramy, You asked for opinions and mine agrees very much with yours. Tangibles like actual equipment, condition and factory documentation can have significant value to many buyers where intangible claims about originality, ownership, location, storage and even mileage may have little value to most buyers. In fact, when sellers make intangible claims about their vehicles, even if they have some means of verification, they usually limit their potential market if they try to use it to justify a premium asking price. I also agree with Rob that seller's claims that are obviously incorrect because of visual evidence to the contrary or known false statements are a real turn-off to knowledgable and observant buyers. As the Romans used to say: "Caveat emptor!"
  7. Mark, Yes, it is very straight forward, especially if you ditch their instructions for removing one of your stock 1157 lamp sockets and splicing into the stock harness. Instead, using the male plug with the three-wire pigtail is quick, easy and makes the installation completely reversible. One step I neglected to show in my original post was to simply plug the unused lower lamp socket with a flexible plug/cap (as show below) to keep dust or debris out since the lower lamp bulb should be removed also.
  8. Rick, That was too far back to be retained in my ebay purchase record, but here's another one that looks similiar: LINK $3.59 each for a pair with free shipping, not bad.
  9. Thanks for the update, Rob, and for posting the direct link, Larry. I bought a pair of these in the club group buy a couple years ago just as Shiney Hiney was going out of business. Like some other members, I have been super pleased with them. It is a great way to improve the brightness (and function) of your tail lights, brake light and turn signals while maintaining a completely stock appearance (when they are not lit, of course). Their price is about $25 less than the originals and nearly the same as our group buy price, if I remember right. I must say that I highly question their claim of a 30 minute installation (maybe after your 20th install) but it is not bad at all. In fact if you simply buy a pair of lamp-socket three-wire pigtail plugs from ebay (see photos below), you can dispense with the long wires, grommets and connectors they provide and simply replace your stock 1157 lamp bulb with the pigtail plug and be in business. If you ever want to go back to the stock lamps, just unplug the LED modules and replug the standard bulb. I must admit that I was skeptical when I first saw these but I'm glad I tried them and would do it all over now that they are available again.
  10. Hi, Bob, Sounds like your wife's "off roading" excursion may have been accidental? Hope no one (except possibly the Monte) was injured. Actually, Punta Gorda is our permanent residence but we spend 6 months (minus a day to be legal) at our summer home in Crosslake, MN (NC, about 120 miles due west of Duluth). Yes, I have seen (and drooled over) the black '71 SS 4-speed in the Muscle Car City Museum many times. I spoke at length to one of the MMC employees who services the cars and maintains the display and he stated unequivocally that it had been converted to a 4-speed by a prior owner. If you Google Muscle Car City and watch the YouTube interview with Barry of CarCrazy you will hear Rick Treworgy say he collects only the most powerful models/versions made and prefers 4-speeds. That black '71 SS apparently satisfys his criteria because it is the only Monte of any generation I have ever seen in his museum. The original location of MMC was just 1/2 mile from my home but 2 years ago they relocated 1 mile south (still on Hwy 41). Rick had to trim down his selection of 180 cars on display (at least another 80 in storage) as the new museum is in a bit smaller space (former Sweet Bay super market instead of old Wal Mart store) but he has more room to expand his Sting Rays cafe and his retail and consignment operations. They continue to have monthly car shows on the 3rd Saturday and swap meets on the last Sunday. Let me know if you make a return visit and I'll bring my '70 over to meet you. I've met several other members that way.
  11. Hi, Bob, Just wanted to add my belated welcome - not sure how I missed your introductory post just before Christmas. Your '71 SS was obviously a real looker in it's earlier life (love the Cragars, BTW) and it will probably be even better when you're finished with it. Great that you are investing the time, talent and money to completely restore it! Regarding the manual steering on your car, I believe your GM Canada documentation confirms what I have understood since I bought my '70 ten years ago - power steering was not standard (although a very popular option) on first gen Montes. I can understand your desire to keep it original. I also know from experience that the most satisfying of all the many, many upgrades I have done to my low-option BB/4-speed '70 was installing factory power steering. Leo provided the BB brackets and the steering box, hoses and pulleys were all available through local salvage, swap meets and parts stores. I initially installed a rebuild kit in the pump and haven't had a leak, squeak or problem since - just effortless driving, parking and turning around even with larger 255x60 front tires. I don't think the addition of factory options hurts a cars value as long as it enhances the owner's driving experience. JMO, of course.
  12. Frank, if you are talking about the front inner fenders, the Parts Place offers a pair that is made specifically to fit the first generation Monte Carlos (not Chevelles). They are made from heavy, black plastic, like the originals, but the material is a thermo plastic that flexes and does not crack like the originals. You can see them at this LINK. I've had a pair on my '70 for nine years now with no issues at all. They clean/shine up nicely for car shows and are much easier to install/reinstall than the Chevelle steel inner fenders.
  13. Great to hear of your major career shift, Tony! Work/life balance is so important for you and your family. You obviously have a wealth of technical knowledge and experience that will serve you and your clients well in your new position. Congratulations on your move and new opportunity! Wishing you and your family all the best in the new year!
  14. Congratulations, Steve! You are going to love driving that BB 4-speed!!! Great looking first gen!! Enjoy!
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