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  1. Looks good, Ron! Most jobs can be accomplished in various ways with various tools. Many require patience, determination and creativity. It's a good feeling to achieve the end result you wanted/needed. Congratulations!
  2. Ron, You may have already re-installed your front coil springs. If so, I hope it went well. Frankly, it took me several tries to find a workable (and safe) way to re-install the front coils when I rebuilt the front suspension of both of my '70s. Following are a couple of tips from my experience. 1. There is not adequate clearance to use external spring compressors so I used the internal type and positioned them in the lower half of the coil but still a couple coils up from the bottom as shown in the photo below. Be sure the hex drive head of the spring compressor is pointing down
  3. MCfan

    MC #1

    Welcome, John! Congratulations on your retirement! Six Saturdays in every week now - more time to enjoy working on and driving your Monte! That's a great looking '72! Very few original owner members in the club, at least that I am aware of. Hope you are able to get her out of moth balls and back on the road soon. Keep us posted on your progress.
  4. Pat, the rubber splash guards (aka A-arm dust shields) you receive in your gasket kit for OPG should fit your stock plastic inner fenders just fine. Be aware that they will not fit the Chevelle steel inner fenders (larger and different shaped A-arm opening) if you were planning to replace your stock fenders with those (see second and third photos below). They will fit new plastic replacement fenders from The Parts Place (which I personally recommend), however, as those fenders are made specifically for the Monte Carlo. BTW, I've never experienced nor heard of melting or burning problem
  5. Very, very cool car and story!! Great find - just hiding in plain sight! Love all the mid-sixties cars, especially GM - lots of good looking models and strong performance options! Enjoy!!
  6. Another super nice first gen, Darren! Not sure how you find all the gems you have owned in recent years (including the convertible, 4-speeds and SS versions) but this is another worthy example. Just curious about the after market side protective molding - is it removable without damaging the finish or is it basically on there for good? No doubt it is practical for an every day driver, but I think it detracts from the otherwise gorgeous body lines of a first gen (just my personal opinion, of course).
  7. Jeff, I agree with others - it does appear to be a badly damaged/deteriorated upper control arm bumper. The first photo below shows where that bumper would normally be installed (easily visible after the upper control arm has been removed). Note the cone shaped bumper attached to the frame in the upper middle of the photo. Since its purpose is to cushion the downward movement of the upper control arm when the wheel assembly drops to the full extent of downward travel, I am wondering what conditions would have crushed the bumper you found on the floor? Maybe jacking the front
  8. Welcome to the club and forums, Kent! I do believe you have one of the most stunningly beautiful first gen Montes I have ever seen!! I assume that is factory color code 45 Green Mist. If so, I don't see that very often but it looks perfect without a vinyl top and those wheels! It must turn heads wherever you go - I can understand why you love it. I don't know if there are any other club members near you by I know at least one other member who lives in Kentucky, Steve Redmyer (sredmyer). He has several first gen Montes and might appreciate a contact from you.
  9. Yes, send me a PM with your email address and I will send you photos of the two pages in the 1970 Monte Carlo wiring diagram for 4-way and 6-way power seats. You can either print the photos or view/enlarge them on your screen. Are there any other sections of the wiring diagram you need? The complete manual is 14 pages.
  10. Paul, The 1970 Monte specs I have do not list front shock travel directly, however, I think you can back into it from the specs given. Here's the data I have: Wheel travel (design): Total 7.92" Jounce 3.92" Rebound 4.00" Wheel to spring travel ratio = 1.86 Since the front shock is mounted in the center of the front coil spring, that 1.86 travel ratio should apply to the shock travel just as it does to the spring. So, 7.92" (total wheel travel) divided by the 1.86 ratio would yield 4.25" of shock travel. Note that the data
  11. Good choice! Love my plastic inner fenders from the Parts Place!
  12. I replaced the woodgrain insert on my '70 SS soon after I got it. I was surprised to learn that the insert was held in place by some very stiff and very sticky black gum-like adhesive. I've heard it called "dum-gum" but don't know its official name. The insert came off with some very slow and careful prying as the strips and globs of adhesive slowly released it. Don't get in a hurry or you'll bend the insert which is just vinyl-coated aluminum sheet. I seem to recall that there were also a couple of soft metal appendages (like a small flared cotter pin) that pulled through their respective
  13. Sounds like you are building another wicked street machine, Andy! Wonder how you will hook all that HP (and torque) to the pavement? Really appreciated your tribute to CrazyDavey - this club suffered a real loss at his passing, IMO. Do you possibly know what became of his white '67 Chevelle - just wonder if it was retired or if someone else is campaigning it on the west coast? Doubt anyone could make it go faster than Davey did! Also wonder what became of his wife's black '72 W code Monte - hope it is still in circulation.
  14. Welcome to the club and forums, Lou! Glad you are able to upgrade to a Monte, you may never want to go back! 😄 Looking forward to following your progress.
  15. Sendo, The rear bumper on my SS was not bent but the brackets needed realignment with the frame. I removed the bumper (as you also have done) and then removed the brackets so I could clean and re-paint them. I sprayed the back side of the bumper with Bumper Chrome by Plastikote and sprayed the brackets with Rustoleum semi-gloss black. I inspected the brackets for bends but found none. When I remounted the bumper to the frame, I aligned it the way I wanted and it bolted right up. At that time my rear bumper did not have bumper guards (I mounted a pair several years later) so maybe
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