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  1. Thank you! For those interested, here is the part number on Inline Tube website ($145) : CMB7102
  2. Hi, I'm looking for quality brake line, from proportioning vale to flex hoses for my 72 Monte. I want to avoid Chinese crap. Do you have any recommendations ? Thanks for your help !
  3. Tim, I know you posted in July, but is your fuel tank still available?
  4. Thank you for your answers. Referring to Bruce's picture (Fig. 41), my guess is the problem might be the separator assembly... Anyway, I'll drop the tank this weekend and check hose routing. Thanks !
  5. My Monte is currently not running, or at least I don't drive it anymore because I'm in the process of rebuilding brakes and front-end. Anyway, today I tried to start the engine and as usual I poured a bit of gas in the carb because bowl where dried. The engine started and the pump never managed to send gas... The culprit was my fuel tank! It look like that has a bit collapsed over the time and fuel sending unit is unable to pick fuel. My Monte doesn't have fuel canister anymore however the vent line is still "open". Does anyone has an idea why it's doing this??? Should I buy I new tank?
  6. I have seen too many engine bay painted that way on Craigslist and the seller claiming that the engine as been rebuilt recently. Well, if the rebuild as been done the same way the engine was painted, it won't last long
  7. Apologies ... I did not tried hard enough because I was afraid to scuff piston or wrist pin. It was hard to engage but then slide right in.
  8. They are stock Gen4 rods. It looks like stock floating rods (Gen4) accept .943 pins, but I'm not sure.
  9. Hi, I bought a set of used flat top pistons (Gen4) for my 5.3 (Gen3) and also a set of Gen 4 connecting rods. Pistons came with wrist pin that seems to be the wrong diameter (.945). Also, wrist pin do not fit my Gen 4 connecting rods. Does anyone know the diameter of Gen 4 wrist pin? Should I buy new one in .927 diameter? Thanks!
  10. Welcome from France Bernd. Post pics of your Monte
  11. Hello Vince, I'm wondering if you went with the stock SBC radiator? What hoses did you use?
  12. Shnalla

    Instagram Montes

    looks like everybody here follow each other. Pretty cool! I appreciate @1stgenmontecarlo daily pics
  13. Stock exhaust from rockauto is somewhat cheap. Also, Summit Jegs sells basic dual exhaust setups that are cheap. If you just want to quiet down your exhaust, replace your glasspacks with quiet chambered mufflers. It's cheap.
  14. Shnalla

    Instagram Montes

    I post pics from my cars, from time to time, and beers I drink, mostly https://www.instagram.com/romain_sch/
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