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  1. Haven't had mine out in several years hoping to get it out this summer. I have most of what it needs except the time. Since it's been sitting (in a climate controlled environment) will be redoing the carb. It has needed a higher stall convertor, that has been purchased! Albeit for all the wrong reasons, the mud truck (see Locked-n-Loaded Mud Truck on Facebook) needed a stall convertor & the one in the Monte will be perfect for it, so a new one was bought for the Monte. The only thing left to get is a new driveshaft yoke for the TH400 as the current one has quite the groove worn into it w
  2. oh that's what I was supposed to do with it!
  3. Latest aquisition a M36A2 2 1/2 cargo truck
  4. 3rd gear usually goes out first then reverse will fail, and 1st & 2nd will work forever. Well that's been my TH350 experience anyway. 3rd & reverse use the same bands.
  5. I twisted the guts out of a Summit Racing 2000 in less than 3000 miles. Put a B&M Holeshot 2000 in it and it behaved like a stock one, pulled it out and have a B&M Holeshot 2400 in it now. Oddly enough, the Summit 2000rpm one felt like it had a higher stall than the the B&M 2400 does
  6. I did some research awhile back The B&M Holeshot convertors have a thrust bearing. The TCI convertors of the simular price range do not have a thrust bearing, yet their expensive ones do. So after breaking my Summit Racing brand convertor (TCI) I bouught a B&M holeshot 2000, should have went with the pricier 2400 though. as far as a convertor slipping in final drive, the only ones that don't are the "Lock Up" convertors. Typically, the higher the stall speed the more it slips in final drive.
  7. One common item is that the driveshaft yoke can get wore down and gouged and will still leak with a new seal. Overfilling the trans will cause fluid to come out the vent on top of the case when the fluid heats up and expands. Remember a 1st Gen Monte does not leak!, It is just marking it's territory!
  8. At www.gmpartsdirect.com they sell them for $8.73 ea that is also the same part # they show for the Chevelle, El Camino & Impala
  9. You looking for springs or the hinges too? Leo, said used ones are better than any of the new ones out there. I learned he is right. The new ones I had bought from C.A.R.S. Inc, ended up bending and resulting in some nasty paint chips on top of my fenders. I have original 1st Gen Monte hinges on it now. If it is just the springs yer after, watch out that you don't get the lighter Chevelle springs.
  10. Ok I'll chime in here too. The modulator controls all shifts, since it shifts from 1st to 2nd and not from 2nd to 3rd it is not a modulator issue. I think what he is saying is that when he places the shifter in D the trans engages (shifts) into first gear, then once under way it will shift up to second but will not make the leap to 3rd. One possibility is that someone has put a PowerGlide (2 spd) trans in the car. Another clue is "My dad fills it up with tranny fluid often" If the trans leaks when the fluid gets low, the pressure on the plates drops, they slip and wear out.
  11. A shorter drive shaft with a TH400 yoke on it. Possibly the shaft that your shifter linkage attaches to, the one that pivots in a bracket on the frame rail. If I remember correctly the TH350 one will work but the PRND2L in the dash will not line up quite right (visually). The trans crossmember is the same, just mounts in a different position. I can not think of anything different.
  12. Thanks for the info Mike! Maybe I got lucky this time and it had a shift kit installed! It's a shame that the first trans couldn't hold up to an anemic 2.8L, even with the 3.73 gears, rebuilt once & failed again all within 135K
  13. Bob Hansen


    A note of caution a stock 700R4 is weak, subject to early failure with high temps. OD should never be used if towing. Around here the 700R4 costs nearly double to rebuild as compared to the TH350 & TH400. I understand that the 700R4 can be built to last.
  14. After installing a used 700R4 tranny in my Blazer. I dropped the pan to change the filter I found a check ball in the pan Before I dropped the pan I had changed the throttle pressure cable from the outside, (undid the retainer bolt, pulled cable up, unhooked cable from pin, hooked new cable on, pushed it in and bolted it) Could this check ball have come from there???? Or is this just typical of my luck & the trans is probably junk
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