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  1. If you are looking for reliability, strength , and the ability to produce unbelievable Horsepower, build yourself an LS ENGINE !!!
  2. We too went with the Chris Alston motor mounts ! As stated, just about unbreakable and I love the clean look.
  3. Thanks Ron for everything that you have done to help make this event happen !! For Ann and myself, The Eastern Meet was always our favorite show, Everyone there is like family and will always be there to help you with anything. Unconditional love !!!! That's the only way that I can describe how it feels.
  4. That was a very well prepared acceptance speech, undoubtedly rehearsed to perfection. Now you have set the bar rather high and I no longer feel comfortable with just a thank you and a wave to the other attendees. One question, how can you accept such an honor without showing appreciation to the wife ? I for one would be in the dog house. 😂
  5. Looks like a First Gen mini meet !! Absolutely beautiful !!
  6. What 71 ? 😂 All I can see is a girl in a bikini !! But then again my eyesight is not quite what it used to be !!
  7. Most of the time they just have to add that it definitely had a 4 speed as well 😂
  8. Brian, you did a fantastic job with that. I will look forward to seeing pictures of the shroud after you have it coated.
  9. That's a rather cool ride 😎
  10. Nitrous took care of our original gear setup when I was 17 😂 Needless to say, We then took the necessary steps to take care of that problem ( Mark Williams center section ) !!
  11. SWEET !! Looks fantastic. The trim adds so much to the complete package.
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