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  1. We too had the same issue, with the .730 lift , we had no vacuum. Added the vacuum pump in the very same location as you did Tom and also doubled the rubber mounts. No further issues !
  2. House of Colors Custom mix Black would be our choice of colors
  3. The 843 will never disappoint you !!! Just ask the 20 million people who recently moved here . 😂
  4. If you are going to Dream......Dream big! If I listed this vehicle, there would be no reserve and starting bid would be $100 . Even if you put an additional $30,000 into this, what would you have in the end , Other than just another money pit ?
  5. I see, I did notice there appeared to be no ropes or barriers around the cars .
  6. Thanks for posting these pictures. Absolute beautiful cars , Was someone working on the Monte there at the show ?
  7. Absolute beautiful car, extremely nice display in the background !!!
  8. Larry, I think I would just stick with old red. I personally think that your car is much more desirable ! And RED pops. People can't help wanting to look at it. Different class all together. And with that engine of your's, holy cow, people will catch themselves drooling !!!!
  9. Rather ambitious pricing, I would say. It would make for a great parts car if you was doing a restoration.
  10. Just a few more days until the beach trip Steve !! I will definitely look forward to seeing that Tat. And safe travels to you and your family !
  11. Is that what they call a tramp stamp ? If so, I would most likely qualify for one myself. 😂 All kidding aside, I love it !!!!
  12. Steve, your car looks fantastic ! The blacked out grille along with the cowl hood, really sets that car out in a crowd. Also matching the interior for a complete package ! VERY NICE 👍
  13. Rob is absolutely correct !! However if I was looking for an SS .... Aaron would be the first and only person that I would call .
  14. Thanks for posting, That's a very nice ride indeed, I personally would prefer the 402 4sp or the most elusive of all.......... Of course it would be the Factory 71 454 4sp !!!!!!! Please let me know when one of those come available !!! 😂
  15. Include the mandatory adult beverages, and you might just get what you are looking for !!!
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