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  1. Sounds political to me, but that's okay my single vote will cancel out any other single Biden vote out there. Just so everyone knows, Trump 2020 here and everywhere else that I travel to. What has Biden done in the past 40 years besides taking tax payers money ? Everyone knows why ObamO picked him , Because he had no idea where he was even then. No opposition !! Who would like to go back to where they were 8 years ago ? NOT ME ! My stock is up way beyond where it was , even in today's economy . Haven't heard much about the additional 1.8 million jobs added last month. Didn't hear much about Sally Yates testifying about Comey being ROGUE. Wonder why ? The MEDIA has their agenda . ( Never anything negative pertaining to the Democrats, and turn every word spoken by a Republican into a negative ) Remember AMERICA FIRST !!! I stand for the US FLAG. . First time I remember in the past 30 years a US president putting the American people FIRST instead of last ! I'm sorry if anyone considers this to be offensive. I'm only speaking the obvious !!! I've made more money in the past 4 years than I did in the 20 years prior and I am retired !! I know this is going to be removed and that's fine . Even the media would have issues with you reading this before they could put their spin on it . Google CREEPY UNCLE JOE , Then go and vote your conscience . Never attempt to silence the Republicans , you will fail miserably !!! Know this TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT !!!
  2. We have tried both directions. Hopefully they've learned over the past few years what is causing their problems. The issues that we had were mainly centered around the pivot joint in the center with I believe three bearings. I hope this helps .
  3. Those look quite familiar, Good luck.They we're not much help in our situation, However it may be different for you . We went through four sets of struts at our expense before we finally found the solution. Also had to replace the hinge bearings on a brand new set. I hope for your sake that I am wrong. As I said before, Good Luck My Friend ! (5 pieces of chrome everything else is Billet and Stainless !!! )
  4. Absolutely beautiful !! Great detail work 👍
  5. 70 4spd....!!! There... you saw a car really worth whatever the asking price. (Should it ever be for sale) That car will actually win Professionally Judged National Shows and be very competitive for BEST IN SHOW !!! On a National level. And will continue to increase in value . Not just another opinion !!!
  6. Congratulations to everyone who pulled Carlisle awards. Did we have Club awards this year ? If so, someone please post.
  7. Hey Leo, I don't suppose I would know who that grill belongs to by chance would I ? It sure does look like the one that Advanced plating did for me dropshiped to you and you detailed for me. I have sick money in that grill, however it's worth every penny of it !!!
  8. Steve, That's a nice looking camping setup you've got there . I like the two entry doors. And with that truck it never realizes it's even pulling anything !!
  9. I would love to see this car again, the last time I had an opportunity to do so was before the rebuild and as you said it was rough !! I don't think the pictures are doing it justice. As far as Monte's go.... I've always felt Mark Patrone set the bar. His car has always been my motivator !!
  10. Steve, Your car looks fantastic and has a great stance . Absolutely beautiful !!
  11. My Monte family is welcome at my home anytime ! Just give me a shout .
  12. You will have to come to my house to see this one 😂
  13. Absolutely beautiful !!! Black with a Black vinyl top, reminds me of a Monte Carlo I see around here from time to time .
  14. I would expect there would be quite a few numbers matching SS-454s out there complete with build sheets, that has had a color change both on exterior and interior without affecting the value while still maintaining rally wheels. Also quite a few have gone to the 8-in rally which I may be wrong but I do not believe was even offered as an option. I have always said if it belongs to you and it's your money do it the way you want ! A fine example would be Steve Levante's custom 402 4 speed , non-factory ( custom) options tastefully done and the price went through the roof
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