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  1. Hey Leo, I don't suppose I would know who that grill belongs to by chance would I ? It sure does look like the one that Advanced plating did for me dropshiped to you and you detailed for me. I have sick money in that grill, however it's worth every penny of it !!!
  2. Steve, That's a nice looking camping setup you've got there . I like the two entry doors. And with that truck it never realizes it's even pulling anything !!
  3. I would love to see this car again, the last time I had an opportunity to do so was before the rebuild and as you said it was rough !! I don't think the pictures are doing it justice. As far as Monte's go.... I've always felt Mark Patrone set the bar. His car has always been my motivator !!
  4. Steve, Your car looks fantastic and has a great stance . Absolutely beautiful !!
  5. My Monte family is welcome at my home anytime ! Just give me a shout .
  6. You will have to come to my house to see this one 😂
  7. Absolutely beautiful !!! Black with a Black vinyl top, reminds me of a Monte Carlo I see around here from time to time .
  8. I would expect there would be quite a few numbers matching SS-454s out there complete with build sheets, that has had a color change both on exterior and interior without affecting the value while still maintaining rally wheels. Also quite a few have gone to the 8-in rally which I may be wrong but I do not believe was even offered as an option. I have always said if it belongs to you and it's your money do it the way you want ! A fine example would be Steve Levante's custom 402 4 speed , non-factory ( custom) options tastefully done and the price went through the roof
  9. This is a product that we have used for years , and would highly recommend it !
  10. I expect Gateway is trying to more than double their money. When I last saw this car it was a $ 25 - 30 k car. And I see no difference between now and then !
  11. Nice ! It's great that people had the opportunity to see such beautiful cars out together. And noticed you was practicing social distancing at the same time. 👍
  12. I guess it's much the easier to copy someone else's work, as opposed to actually designing and engineering a more proportionate cowl hood. The little short cowl (functional or not) does not look proportionate to the long hood, To me it looks just like a Chevelle graft. I see very little progress in the design ! Once again, So Sad !!
  13. Damn !!! I would never have made it to work. I would take my lunch and spend the day. There would have to be a much less appealing route otherwise I would never make it to work
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