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  1. Darren , you and your family as well as your car's will definitely be missed. I was fortunate enough to actually see your convertible Monte in person, at the time, it was the only First Gen Monte Carlo convertible that I had ever seen.
  2. Welcome to the First Gen Monte Carlo club !! You could not have chosen a better year, and yes, we love pictures !!
  3. That's the truth !!! I have cursed myself out so many times !! And most of the time, I just can't let it go.
  4. Looks like Larry's (Leghome) been playing Santa !! Nothing stands out like a Red 72 Monte !! Unless Santa is driving it !!
  5. We are now on our third set of Nitto Ridge grapplers 37 x 12.5 x 20 on our 2018 2500 Ram. This tire has very little road noise, expensive but worth every penny.
  6. Jared is a great person to deal with, he's going to be honest and will definitely work with you to get you exactly what you need !
  7. I certainly hope that your local track remains open, even if it does sell. Too many of the local tracks have shuttered their doors, Racing at the track is racing under fairly safe conditions ( fire and rescue on premise ) Without the tracks for test and tune or grudge racing, the racers then have to return to the streets.
  8. As for myself, my wish list would either tear at the heartstrings or pull on the purse strings. So I will keep my list rather short, I would like a new Snap-on tool box and a few more Snap-on tools. And a couple of new rechargeables ( tools )
  9. Wow, that's a lot of First Gen Montes. Quite a feat and 7 years before the First Gen Monte Carlo club was established. Very cool 😎
  10. To date, I believe that I have seen at least 4 examples of a First Gen Monte convertible. Just the oddity of it alone, captivates my attention.
  11. Ok everyone, it's time to begin that Christmas wish list. Let us know what's on your list this year. This does not necessarily have to be car related, however the car stuff really does get our attention.
  12. There's nothing like getting to immediately enjoy the fruits of your labor !
  13. Good looking system and a very good price. What is the diameter of the pipes ?
  14. Notice the front spoiler, Very nice addition for that car , being black, it matches the car very well , in fact, it looks as if it came on the car from the factory. Very, very well done πŸ‘
  15. Absolutely gorgeous !!!! You definitely have a head turner. That car will get an unbelievable amount of attention !! Congratulations on the finished project !!!
  16. I agree with the point at the bottom , hit a pothole and oh well........... cursing would begin at this point , that is for certain.
  17. Very nice πŸ‘ Experience is definitely the best teacher !!
  18. I too can clearly see that she is definitely marrying into a good family !!!! We would become rather close friends !
  19. Absolute beautiful car , However it being dealer converted when new.... That's a new one for me...?? Would actually need to see verified documentation from the "Dealer" and even then, I would still have doubts. Would I like to have the car ... Absolutely !!!!! As stated, it's going to be expensive !!!
  20. Wow , What an experience. Well one thing is for certain, You definitely have a rather exciting and entertaining life !!! You are the only person I know that has gone toe to toe (pardon the pun) πŸ˜‚ with a possum !
  21. Wow Steve, you are quite fortunate for your mom to have reached such an age. I hope you guys have a wonderful time celebrating her birthday . 95 is such an unreal number. I hope she is in good health and still has her mind.
  22. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and may you, your family and friends have safe travels throughout the holidays. There's a lot of crazies out there. Just be careful and have fun !
  23. I love the tubbed rides , from behind, it looks like a steam roller !!
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