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  1. Another Monte Carlo in a movie is the remake of Charles Bronson " Death Wish" with Bruce Willis. He drops a 70 Monte on top of one of the bad guys. Can't post pictures not that good with computers.
  2. Carlisle has started their 20% discount for early registrations to the now GM Nationals. Jay and Jenny
  3. We got ours, I don't know how to post pictures but it is the #3. See you all there. Jay and Jenny
  4. Rob, We can bring a canopy and I agree with James on the drive through. We will also help with the goody bag stuffing. You are doing one heck of a job. THANK YOU. Jay and Jenny
  5. Tony, Happy New Year, Good luck with your new job. We know you will do outstanding. Wishing you the best. Jay and Jenny
  6. I think that we will skip the "Social Hour" . No room after going to the restaurant for a meal. Looking forward to seeing everyone, Jay and Jenny
  7. prayers sent and all positive thoughts. hang in there Rob. Jay and Jenny
  8. how about route 66, 77sunset strip with kookie and surfside six? Jay and Jenny
  9. Munday Jay Gerard Munday Jenny 2 Reading pa Thurs. 20 jun 19 Sun 23 jun 19 Driving 1970 Red (Hot Poppy) No Modified Fairfield King jnjmunday@comcast.net
  10. just registered at the hotel for the mini meet at carlisle. also registered with carlisle for the show. 20% discount until 12/31/18. see you all there. Jay and Jenny
  11. Outstanding video Aaron, Thanks we enjoyed meeting you it was a great meet. Jay and Jenny
  12. So sorry for your loss. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Jay and Jenny
  13. Steve Demers in NH had all kinds of first gen parts. His phone # is 603-894-1152, or the shop 603-372-7288. don't know if he is still around, but he is a lot closer. Jay
  14. Rob, We are going to bring a second car. I sent you a PM. We will have a canopy. Sorry for any confusion. Jay and Jenny
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