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  1. Good looking Monte congrats and enjoy cruising. Jay and Jenny
  2. Outstanding Grant a job well done. Great looking Monte. Jay and Jenny
  3. Oustanding Greg Great looking Monte. Jay and Jenny
  4. good looking pictures Michael must have a nice show. Jay and Jenny
  5. I used a product called "quiet ride solutions". It is a kit. It fits the monte hood is plastic and so far it does not deteriorate. It is easy to clean and looks good. I also have it on the trunk lid. Jay and Jenny
  6. Back in the day before i new better I had a 56 F--d. A friend and iswapped tires. He had a 57 F--d with 14" wheels and my 56 had 15". We both a slight rake without being radical. Also was the last F--d I ever owned. Jay
  7. I have bought parts from Classic Muscle and have not had a problem. they will tell you if the part is in stock and will ship in a reasonabje time. They had parts when Year One and OPGI were backordered. Have also had good results with Ground-UP (ss396). Jay
  8. I use to find the plastic clamps in the junk yard on chevy trucks. I had a bunch that i pulled off but gave the last one to a guy here for his 72 custom. it seems that I found them on late 70's or early 80's trucks had them. Jay and Jenny
  9. I agree with all that has been said. Enjoy the day remember your friends co-workers and those that didn't return. U.S. Air Force Jul 65 thru Nov 90, C-130 Crew Chief and finished up as a Chiefmsgt. and the Hg. MAC C-130 Systems program manger.
  10. Congrats, Steve we hope it works out. I'm there will be some comprormising but that is what it's all about. best of luck, Jay and Jenny
  11. Great to hear that your surgery went well. Take it easy you are retired now enjoy it. Jay and Jenny
  12. Sorry to hear of Josh passing. Our thoughts and prayers to the family/ Jay and Jenny
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