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  1. Sorry to hear of Josh passing. Our thoughts and prayers to the family/ Jay and Jenny
  2. Also try Classic Muscle they are part of Modern Chevolet a dealership. They always seem to have what I"m looking for. Shipping might be high. Jay and jenny
  3. Good one Rob, a laugh at the right time. Jay and Jenny
  4. glad that all went, wish you a speedy recovery. Jay and Jenny
  5. The monte is looking great good job. I'm Sure your uncle would be proud. Jay and Jenny
  6. Great pictures larry, thanks for sharing. Jay and Jenny
  7. So sorry to hear about his passing. Thoughts and prayers for his family. Jay and Jenny
  8. We run no ethanol in the monte and all the yard equipment. My sons run 93 octane or racing fuel in all of their bikes. Jay and Jenny
  9. I switched to Cooper tires 2 yrs. ago and have been happy them. BFG tires were old and new ones had problems with off color RWL. They were also a lot more expensive. I got mine from Discount Tires and shipping was free. Jay and Jenny
  10. welcome to the club. Your car looks good. Jay and Jenny
  11. Outstanding videos keep them coming. Have a great time and be safe. Jay and Jenny
  12. Your car looks great, hope you had a nice dinner! Jay and Jenny
  13. so sorry for your loss. Pets are very much like family and you grieve for them. Jay and Jenny
  14. I attended the Grove's Chevy show on Sat. It was a mistake. They had 4 classes for Monte"s but only 3 cars. The only other first gen was David ( yellow 72 ). He has been to many events (carlisle and the grove} but We were never able to get him to join. The only other monte was a 94 Brickyard pace car. Camaro and Chevelle had the largest car count, Impala 2, Nova 3 corvette 6. The only good thing was the Jet drag cars that put on a show. Don,t know what will happen next year but something will have to change.
  15. I found roof rail weatherstrip guides in "Ground Up". If you look on www.ss396.com p/n jss-4579 that may be what you are looking for. It is not the bracket but the rubber cover that got on the bracket.
  16. I don't know how good they are but I picked up a flyer at GMNationals.The name of the company is Flatline. They have complete kits for 68-72 A body GM products. The also break them down into sections, doors, floors, trunk or roof. Contact is sales@flatlinebarriers.com or 1-800-342-0610. Jay and Jenny
  17. great pictures thanks for posting. Jay and Jenny
  18. Happy 4th, be safe but have fun. Great pictures rob, be careful on those hills. Jay and Jenny
  19. Attended a local show on Sat. ( no pics ) wouldn"t how to post them if I'm had taken some. The official count was 400+ cars. There were 5 first gen Montes, 3 of us are club members, myself, Gary V, and Kieth. I did talk to a forth car owner about joining the club. I gave him my last FGMCC card. It was a nice show. If I learn to post pictures You will get flooded with them. Jay and Jenny
  20. our thoughts and prayers go out Aaron, family and friends. We will miss Jim at Carlisle. Again sorry for your loss, Jay and Jenny
  21. Another Monte Carlo in a movie is the remake of Charles Bronson " Death Wish" with Bruce Willis. He drops a 70 Monte on top of one of the bad guys. Can't post pictures not that good with computers.
  22. Carlisle has started their 20% discount for early registrations to the now GM Nationals. Jay and Jenny
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