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  1. I agree with all that has been said. Enjoy the day remember your friends  co-workers and those that didn't return.

    U.S. Air Force Jul 65 thru Nov 90, C-130 Crew Chief and finished up as a Chiefmsgt. and the Hg. MAC C-130 Systems program manger.


  2. I attended the Grove's Chevy show on Sat. It was a mistake. They had 4 classes for Monte"s but only 3 cars.

    The only other first gen was David ( yellow 72 ). He has been to many events (carlisle and the grove} but We

    were never able to get him to join. The only other monte was a 94 Brickyard pace car. Camaro and Chevelle had the 

    largest car count, Impala 2, Nova 3 corvette 6. The only good thing was the Jet drag cars that put on a show. 

    Don,t know what will happen next year but something will have to change.

  3. I don't know how good they are but I picked up a flyer at GMNationals.The name of the company is Flatline.

    They have complete kits for 68-72 A body GM products. The also break them down into sections, doors, floors, trunk

    or roof. Contact is sales@flatlinebarriers.com or 1-800-342-0610.  


    Jay and Jenny

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