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  1. Welcome! I lived in Memphis for about 15 years. I sold my first 70 MC there, wish I would've kept it.... I have a 3 bay garage, one bay is full of STUFF, one bay has a project Chevy truck and looks worse than yours; and the other has my 2nd 70 MC in it but get's moved in and out as needed.
  2. VERY KOOL INDEED!!!!! BLACK on BLACK is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. That is the area between the back glass and trunk lid.
  4. I saw the opera windows also. Different, but could be repaired pretty easy.
  5. Hey all, just searching around and found this! Mobile, Alabama; 1970 Monte Carlo. No engine/trans. Rally wheels do not come with. Bench seat car. I wish I was closer, but just too far for me. PS... If anybody buys this car for parts, I'm asking for the right front fender and extension first!!!!!! I will pay you for them . https://mobile.craigslist.org/cto/d/mobile-1970-monte-carlo-parts-car/6936641492.html
  6. Hey Kevin, is the yellow one that is made new, the same size and shape of the original green one? I want to put a power trunk release in my car, but I don't need a numbers matching, correct color green button. On a side note, I do like original cars. My 1968 Camaro RS/SS 350 3 speed floor shift car was original from 1968 to 2015. Except for mag wheels, it was correct. I sold it to a guy that said he was going to restore it. Sent me a picture of it recently..... The ONLY thing that is original now, is it's a 1968 Camaro RS/SS. EVERYTHING else is different!
  7. GREAT! Inline tube is looking good. So, as IMR asked; Steel or Stainless ?????
  8. Hey all, I'm working on a Chevy truck right now, and want to replace the fuel/brake lines. I will also be doing this on my 70 Monte. There are several companies that supply these, but which is your favorite? Which ones are not copies of original, with different bends, ETC??? Thanks, David
  9. Welcome here Walt! This is the place to help bring your Monte back. Just let us know what questions or parts you need. Hearing it run, is a GREAT START!!!!
  10. Nice SS!!!!!!!! 70's are my favorite. I'm working on my second 70. It has the same green bucket seat interior as yours. Looks like a great find, and a great start to a beautiful car. People on this forum are GREAT! Post any questions you have, they will help. David
  11. Hey all, just looking thru the internet at work. Found a 1970 Monte, 350 4 speed in Columbus Ohio. Ruff but all there. $2800 OBO. Has pictures. Originally silver with black interior. NOT MINE!
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