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  1. Leo is a vender from Michigan, Koniksklassiks.com
  2. The gm part number 7805996. Not sure where you can find one. Did you check with Leo?/
  3. Not sure what you are looking for, any pictures??
  4. Sorry for the delay. I was finally able to load the pictures. Let me know if you have any questions. I might be able to deliver to the quad cities if you're interested.
  5. Let me see if I can get a few pictures for you. I thought I had posted a few before but can't find them. The fender is nos has one dimple / dent
  6. I used that port for my air cleaner. Not sure about the othe solenoid
  7. Thanks, I was thinking it looks like pipe insulation. Gives me another small project
  8. Do they sell that foam piece or can that be bought at a big box store?
  9. I looked in the shop manual and they don't show the size
  10. What are you missing?? Any pictures?? I thought the bolts were there and you only need the nuts. I have extra nuts if you need them. I also have an extra non- tilt column.
  11. Gm dealers still sell this number 3848272 70 Pass., 71 Chevelle (454), 71 Monte Carlo, 72 Chevelle (S.S., Hvy. Chevy), 72 Monte Carlo, El Camino (Custom )........................................... 3848272 2 2.20 (825/64w free length— 2 7 3/ 4" c o ils ) ..................
  12. Nice looking car, you'll need the extra $$ for $6.00 a gallon gas soon
  13. Mine came from the Chevrolet Parts Catalog
  14. Looks like a u-joint is in order
  15. I thought that Dan (overdrive) that makes the air compressor brackets and shock guards also made the rods. Give him a try.
  16. Nice, how does the frame look?
  17. My brother has an nos left 1970 fender. Let me know if your interested
  18. True, I do like the black wall look too
  19. Pretty nice looking car. Monte would be nice too
  20. Looking Good, what size did you decide on??
  21. Looking good, can you come clean mine up???
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