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  1. Shipping will be a lot more. He's in Ireland
  2. I remember why I sent the guy two radios, I bought one for the green face for the 1970 dash. The other was for a 72. the repair shop gave me a cash allowance for the spare radio. I'll try to find his name.
  3. You should just need a rear speaker harness. I use a small bluetooth speaker I set on the dash and steam from my cell phone if I want iheartradio or audasy radio. Or pop in an old 8track. Best of both worlds
  4. The 8-track is the same size radio. When I bought my car it had a am radio that didn't work. I found a couple 8-tracks on ebay and had a guy on the east coast go through the radio and 8track to make sure everything worked.
  5. The automatic transmission will shift itself while in 3 (D=3) You can manually shift the car but it's not necessary
  6. Thanks for sharing, you have to love the interior in the convertible, looks a little fuzzy. Also there was more of a choice of white lettered tires back then
  7. Lower front kick plates and lower rear quarter trim panel. I my also be interested in window trim.
  8. Do you have any 1970 dark green interior parts? Rear quarter lower trim?
  9. No they should be the same. Some have said that they have found built sheets for other cars
  10. Jared, do you have any console & shift indicator trim plates??
  11. I checked the parts catalog and didn't see a diagram. If i was guessing it looks like in the wheel there is a groove that it should sit in. Just a guess. I will see if I can find something in the assembly manual
  12. Larry, did you use a 30 watt electric soldering iron?? Or 60 watt? Or butane?
  13. It should be plug and play if you have a stock manifold. This is a picture of the part number of my stock manifold. The choke pull off screws to the manifold. The choke is manual.
  14. Nice looking Monte, welcome to the group and thank you for your service..
  15. Did you get inserts? My front chrome plate is cracked. I'll take a look thanks. Looks like the number is the paypal number
  16. Is yours aftermarket? The wood grain looks correct to me. Let me know where you got them if you don't mind. Thanks
  17. The parts place has a replacement that the burlwood is a decal that looks like dog dooo. I have a set ordered from Classic Muscle that look good in the pictures but they are on back order.
  18. I'm working on my console too. Looking to find the two console plates if anyone has any extras in "stock" I emailed Leo but haven't heard back.
  19. That is the number on my carb, 70 454. I bought some parts from quadrajet power. I'm one that likes originality.
  20. My parts catalog shows the hose to the same as a 71 chevelle. Hope that helps 69-70 All w /8 cyl. (exc. Camaro, Monte Carlo) ................................................. 6272174 1 5 7 .10 w/muffler and hoses, complete ....................... NOTE 1: When used with Retractable Headlamp, tape piece of sponge rubber or equiv. where hose contacts vacuum bott/e-insulate hose from all contacting surfaces with sponge rubber & tape-maintain adequate clearance from all sharp & moving objects allowing for 2 inch engine rock conditions. 69 All w/Acc. Air Cond. (8 cyl.) (exc. Nomad), 70 All w/Acc. Air Cond. (8 cyl.) (exc. C am a ro )....................... ____ 3942689 1 4 5.25 w/muffler o n ly ........................................................... 70 Monte Carlo (400, 454), 71 Chevelle .................................... ___ 3984614 1 4 7 .00 w/muffler and hoses, complete
  21. Thanks, of coarse they don't tell you how to install this stuff. I've had them since last summer so no returns. I'll figure it out somehow.
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