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  1. Check out this video series on YouTube on 68-72 GM A-Body cars. They are great videos. Click on his name and it’ll pull up the videos that he has posted.
  2. Thanks guys. 👍 We got everything home Sunday. Loaded the car itself up with parts and the pickup truck was loaded too. Ended just driving the car home the 80 plus miles. Ran good. Praise the Lord, that we had no issues. Yesterday was Cameron’s day off, so he cleaned up the rust stains. The sides look better. The top of the car has some type of thicker crap that was brushed on. He said it was coming off but he ran out of time. He went to the DMV and got plates today before work. Waiting to hear back from Hagerty on the insurance. I’ll see if he has any pics of it cleaned up a bit.
  3. Why we chose to wait to drive it home. Nasty roads with 30mph winds.
  4. My son finally found a 1st gen Monte at a decent price. He’s in the middle of a ‘75 Corvette street machine/street freak project right now. Was thinking about selling it. His mother says one of our projects has to go. I turn a deaf ear. 😀 She is not the best of shape, but drivable. Would have drove it the 80 miles home Monday, but the snow was a little risky. New front suspension, New tires, new dual exhaust, engine rebuilt a while back, new brakes all around. Tons of parts go with also. Quarter skins, bumper, trunk kit, and slot of other stuff.
  5. Thanks for that link. Will be ordering stuff soon.
  6. Standard Illinois has a place. About an hour and a half west of you.
  7. Anybody know what guage sheetmetal to use on this repair? The local hardware store has both 16 and 22 gauge available.
  8. I have a pic of a drag car with openings cut in the grill. Doesn't look too bad. As for headlights, Hot Rod had one of them fast street car challenges and some guy had a Nova in there and he was running sometype of small halogen headlights that were just in the center of the headlights. He had the headlight airbrushed and that in the center. It was a red 66 or 67. Can't up load a pic though off of my computer. It keeps asking for a URL Link. Maybe because I'm new. I know some sites want you to be around for a while before they will let you post some pics.
  9. Anybody have any experience with Glasstek's one piece, pro front end?
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