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  1. Looks sweet! Glad you got it done.
  2. Sent you a message in them extra mounts.
  3. I’ll have to look for those. Need the back two ASAP so I can get fixing that tailpiece. I wonder if the stainless bolts are worth the extra cash.
  4. would these Work? https://www.ecklerschevelle.com/chevelle-body-to-frame-mounting-cushions-and-spacers-convertible-1968-1972.html stainless bolt kit https://www.ecklerschevelle.com/chevelle-body-mount-bolt-kit-stainless-steel-convertible-1968-1972.html
  5. jft69z- Great job on the research on the other thread. 👍 Thanks for posting a link. Couldn’t get it to work for some reason.
  6. Wow. Yours looks like great compared to mine. So weird how how these cars rust alike but different at the same time.
  7. I’m wondering if you could have used this-
  8. I think your right. I copied the pic from that page. I’d be able to mount it to the frame. They should be the same. Just have to see if I could get the bumper mounts correct. I bet it would fit to our tail piece. Check out these pics for the ‘69 chevelle. Looks really close. Same trunk lid.
  9. Just got off the phone. Bad news. It is a chevelle part that’ll need to be modified. The bumper mounts are different. might just have to fab it up. I’ll get new body mounts first. The Parts Place is only an hour away from me so I might cut that part out and run it up there to compare it.
  10. Gonna call this afternoon. I took some pics.
  11. I agree. Hard to believe they make that Monte specific piece. Hopefully it’s true. I looked at the kid’s ‘70 and his is rotted the same.
  12. Cool. I’ll get pics of my rotted one tomorrow. Here’s a Chevelle part. The square nuts in the center face the same way as the monte, but the outer one are off. https://www.opgi.com/sheet-metal-body-panels/body-trunk-braces/1964-72-chevelle-rear-body-cross-rail-braces/crossrail-rear-body-1970-72-chevelle-ch27804.html
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