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  1. I know Bob B is going, Tom Carter is going with or without his car, CK I believe is going and a couple others from the Long Island crew.my brother and a few of hid friends along with about 8000 others. Definitely a great time. Not sure how many Canadian people will be coming so attendance might be lower.
  2. My phone took the big dump today, had to get a new one. I was due for an upgrade anyhow so it only cost me an arm not an arm and a leg lol. But I did loose all of my pictures apparently I didn't have them backed up but didn't loose contacts so that's a plus. I had just taken a couple pictures of my 5 year old granddaughter showing her 94 year old great grandma how to use a tablet, I'm really gonna miss that one and many others. But life goes on as I learn all about my new one. My girlfriend sent me a few so far and of course I took one of the Monte today after I got back 😊 oh look it still does dancing bannans!
  3. I will definitely be there, other members will be too. If you've never been bring comfortable walking shoes. Contact CK see which hotel they are staying at, I'm camping there for the week. See you there!
  4. Oh is Dennis now the king banana?
  5. Still bumming about missing the Eastern Meet but I did get some monte time yesterday and today. Put front brakes on my 2500 HD Silverado and had to take monte to get a caliper all the other parts I already had. It fought me a little especially doing it on the ground in my driveway but I won. What a difference the drilled and slotted rotors made, more so on the front than the rear. I'll find out for sure next week when I take the trailer out for the holiday weekend. Hope everyone is having a great time at the meet!
  6. Oh monte fugo, one of our members had that for a while fixed everything that was kinda messed up
  7. Probably not, aftermarket stuff has to be matched up usually.
  8. They also have a bank right there on site for cash advances. They have atm on site too but they are expensive to draw from, think the few was like 7 dollars a few years back.
  9. For everyone leaving in the next day or two please have a safe trip and have a great time. I'm still crushed I'm not able to make it this year.
  10. Yea I was too, we heard there was one there the night before and Lisa wanted to see a bear so she got her wish. I had her dog on my lap at the time and luckily the dog didn't see it.
  11. Happy Father's day everyone. I spent the weekend camping with my daughter and son in law and grandkids and Lisa of course we were sitting by the fire at my daughter's site Saturday night and what wanders by but about a 400 pound or so bear 😳 was a bunch of people around with lights and got a good look at the thing, it just wandered off without a care in the world, was about 50 feet from us. Also had a deer pass through Friday afternoon. Yea I know no pictures didn't happen here ya go.
  12. Don't think you have to take it apart, the ignition switch is mounted to the lower column just have to find the proper wire. I guess I should have said welcome to the site before this but welcome aboard. You will find a lot of help here there's always someone that's done it before. Oh yea we love pictures too.
  13. It should be fine but is that your wiper or washer power?
  14. Should be a 2 wire plug possible laying on intake manifold the solenoid was on drivers side of original carb. Maybe someone cut the wires when they put aftermarket carb on. Don't really remember the color of the live wire. The second one was a ground. For me it was just easier using that wire than running a new one. Shouldn't be a big deal just find the correct wire cut it off and run a non resistor wire.
  15. Yes you definitely need 12 volts for that system to work. They say to run a regular wire from ignition switch to coil as opposed to the register wire that is there. I no longer use the throttle selanoid so I got my voltage from that wire. As long as you have 12 volts with key on it will work but you can not have constant voltage. The pertronix tech guys were great to work with very helpful don't be afraid to call them and ask questions.
  16. I'm sending something for Dennis too it's coming with Bob since I'm not gonna make it 🥺 I'm sure you'll love it Dennis 🤣🤣🤣
  17. Hopefully that's the only problems you have along the way, have a safe trip everyone and a great time!
  18. My grandpa had a wood lot and blueberry farm up in Maine with springs all through it the water was great and ice cold all year long. I always worried that some animals would pee in it my grandpa said don't worry about it I've been drinking it for years. The only indoor plumbing was a hand pump in the kitchen of the cabin. The state bought it all and put a highway through it.
  19. Dave, very nice 71 you have there you can't go wrong with a blue monte but I'm kinda ok partial to blue 😀
  20. How'd you make out did you try the oil change? Did it work?
  21. I've seen a lot of sites say parts won't fit because the computer tells them that won't but I've put a lot of parts that don't fit on my cars before and probably will again.
  22. Bummer, I'm glad I don't have to deal with a well, my girlfriend does for now but not to much longer the county is in the process of coming down her street with the water line. Her well sucks but that's normal on her road that's how it got its name bankrupt road and that's what happened people were going bankrupt drilling wells.
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