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  1. Yea mine is right twice a day too 5 o'clock but it's always time for a
  2. I wonder if some electronic cleaner and some light oil may help? Crc makes a good electronic cleaner spray.
  3. I got mine from advance auto they fit fine. Of course that was several years ago who knows what they have now.
  4. Woo hoo mini meet at Joe's garage! Bring your sleeping bags lol may need them after some spirited bench racing
  5. Being retired is great there's no rush to go out and do driveway I get to it when I get to it. But I still hate the snow and the lake effect sometimes here is killer. Hopefully not this year 🤞
  6. That looks great, that's a whole lot of hardware there but I bet you still run out of stuff 😆
  7. I gotta get a load of top soil to level out where I removed the pool but looks like it's gonna wait now with this upcoming surgery, I did get a bunch of bags to get the real low spots thst was hard to do and I'm sore today lol. Gotta get a few more things to button up before Monday.
  8. Looks great Joe, it's a shame to drive on them beautiful floors. Moving the stone is a lot of work for sure good luck with that.
  9. that's a beautiful car you have there. I drove through Iowa last year on my way out west, beautiful wide open country out there.
  10. Yup that's the place I was thinking about.
  11. Snow will slide off of it easier🤣 I'm hoping that plows and snow blowers will be used very little this winter.
  12. The hitch looks great Jim, did you give up on the genny cream ale? To tough to find down there? Nixon bumper sticker is cool too.
  13. My springs are good but the hinges are worn, I'm gonna send them to hood hinge repair have then rebuilt just make sure they use original springs. Last I looked it's about $175.00 we'll see when I get ready to send them. I know they have a backlog too so I'll make sure I have enough time. But may be a good time to put new ones on and keep the old ones as spares.
  14. Took mine out today, was a beautiful day so too it out to run some errands and burn up some gas. Hopefully I can get it out at least one more day this week then that may be it for this season. Monday I go in for some surgery and will be down for a few weeks so this may be it.
  15. I aggree never saw one break like that. My 64 chevelle lookd like Swiss cheese and didn't break like that. The new one looks great 👍
  16. Oh that sucks, my brother is going through that on a house he cosigned for his daughter. He went to a lawyer found out the other lawyer screwed up but he would have take the other lawyer to court to settle it. Not sure what he's going to do. Good luck with it.
  17. Not quite a rotary but it's an older one, the kids used to call Mickey mouse when they would come over when they were younger.
  18. I always use new parts when ever possible, I avoid rebuilt anything. I didn't even know they rebuilt clutches or pressure plates I would never use them if I needed one. New costs a little more but worth it in the long run. I did have to get rebuilt calipers for the rear of my truck but on the monte I put new.
  19. Very nice, my grand kids love mine too. They were both amazed with the crank windows. This was at the Syracuse nationals in July they enjoyed my brother's car too
  20. It sure does look great I'm sure your excited about getting it home now. Won't be long now.
  21. Yea I'm not ready yet either, getting dark to early for me. But it is pretty warm for now anyhow. Definitely not ready to put car away for sure.
  22. I didn't get it when I first saw it it was someone else that pointed it out
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