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  1. Happy Belated Anniversary Aaron
  2. My condolences to you. Our pets are like children. Very hard to let them go.
  3. Yep. Could be bad rings, worn valve guides and valve seals.
  4. Welcome. Please post pictures of your car. We love pictures.
  5. Welcome to the FGMCC
  6. Has anyone ever noticed the first gen monte in the original gone in 60 seconds movie? At 2:11 into the chase scene. There is a Brownish colored monte.
  7. bigtankjones

    I got mad

    I've been down that road many times. I try not to take my anger out on anything that is gonna cost me money. Just allot of cussing and slamming my fest down on something. ðŸ˜ĄðŸ˜ĄðŸ˜ĄðŸĪŠðŸ˜œðŸŧ
  8. WOW! I can believe that this thread is still going. I opened the hood on mine to unplug the float charger from the battery to use to 110v power cord to start my snowblower. I wish we could bring back that word association game back.
  9. Very nice. Welcome to the FGMCC boards.
  10. Welcome back to the boards. Hope to see more pictures as you go.
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