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  1. Good luck in your build. When things like this happen when you just want to do one thing to your project. Then notice other things that need attention. It's called "The Snowball Effect" Keep those pictures coming.
  2. Welcome. Yup we love pictures.
  3. I wish I could find a decent 1970 steering wheel. I would trade my 71/72 steering wheel for.
  4. Tony, Best of of Luck in yours and Allison's endeavors.
  5. I love it Steve. I wanted to get another 3/4 ton like that with the 6.0. But ended up getting the 2013 F150 with the EcoBoost 3.5. It my 4th F150. I still have my Blue '03 2500HD 6.0 Chevy.
  6. That is very funny and cool. Yup. It Suks getting old.
  7. Welcome. Keep posting pictures of your progress
  8. Welcome. Like Rob stated. Your on the SNOWBALL effect. Lol. Keep your progress pictures coming. Looks good.
  9. That is Awesome Rob. Hope we all get invited for the house warming party. 😉😀
  10. Nice. Welcome Rachel & Eric. I've seen your posts on the FB Monte pages to. Love your car.
  11. bigtankjones

    New member

    Beautiful car, and Welcome to site
  12. Welcome. I've only ever seen one other monte with the chevelle front fender extensions. And it is in photos on here for past Michigan meets. Very cool. Would love to see more pictures.
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