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  1. I was told a few years ago by a guy in Frankenmuth that that was his car when I handed him a club card. Boy, that car got around.
  2. This past weekend. I installed the License plate I bought from the club store. Always wanted one of these.
  3. Very cool Aaron. I've been working on a few myself. I'm currently working on a Trumpeter 1/32 F4U Corsair and a 1/18 79 trans Am. The Charger and the finished Corsair i did last year.
  4. Opened up the trunk to look for a rag to wipe oil off my hands. Wanted put my new club plate on the front and start it. But didn't happen. To cold and blowing snow.
  5. Merry Christmas This is all I got. 🤪
  6. Happy Belated Anniversary Aaron
  7. My condolences to you. Our pets are like children. Very hard to let them go.
  8. Yep. Could be bad rings, worn valve guides and valve seals.
  9. Welcome. Please post pictures of your car. We love pictures.
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