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  1. Tony, With a young family the demands on your time grow year after year. I rarely have a chance to get on here. Kids involved in multiple sports (all travel, sometimes multiple teams per sport per season.... then school sports to boot). Then the house, car responsibilities and "honey do" list. The long hours, stress and everything else you dealt with does not even take into consideration the impact it may have had on you future health. I hope the new career path brings you satisfaction in teaching the art but no longer being a slave to it. Better place to be for many reasons. Dan
  2. Thanks Aaron, I stopped collecting for a bit but now I see the ones i do not have ...... here we go again! Dan
  3. Congrats Tony. Looking good. My car was in the picture on the Syracuse Nationals website this year. However, it was just the left front corner. The car they were focused on was a candy green 59 Impala wagon with a blower that stuck out of the hood as tall as a young child. It was nasty!! Maybe I should have painted mine green. LOL. Dan
  4. Searsman, I am registering mine as modified. Everything is tweaked. It is conservatively detailed. I will be competing against full customs, chromed out beauties and cars with blowers etc. I built the car the way I wanted to .... not to win shows. As many have stated, I am there for the camaraderie not for a trophy. You will certainly have a good time with this bunch. Dan
  5. Happy New Year all! Time to plan for spring and Monte goals before Carlisle. Dan
  6. Great news Rob. I am sure we have a good amount of cars that are worthy of Building T. The only issue is many of them are either no longer active members or may live too far away to make the trip. I hope all will consider making the trip to make this an event for the record books and one that truly give our cars the recognition they deserve. I believe Mike Boyt's 72 was the only one I am aware of that was given the honor thus far. I am sure, based on some pictures I have seen, we have many that may fit the bill. Thanks for the early start. Long Island Crew will likely show up in force to this event. Dan
  7. Satin black or cadmium plated(gold color). Dan
  8. The only thing I do not see is the headlight squirters that were verrrrry rare (built into top of headlight bezel) and power seat back release (also very rare). Has the fiber optic light lamp monitoring system and the fiber optic windshield washer fluid monitor. Surprised it does not at least have the 4 way power seat because the 6 way is the rare one. Nice clean very well optioned car and seems to have all original drivetrain. Wonder what they have the reserve set at .......... that may be the deal breaker. Dan
  9. There you go Rob. Much easier than the search I took on. Just need to take a ride to PA. I would not take a chance shipping ..... let alone the cost. Dan
  10. I collected stuff for 13 years for my restoration (completed 2-3 years ago. All I can say is good luck finding a new NOS pair (not reproduced yet by anyone). I found one of each from two different guys but I paid out the nose for them ($750 ea). Think I got the last NOS right fender in existence. Harder one to find. Leo is always a good source for all stuff Monte as recommended. AMD has started to reproduce stuff for our cars and they are real quality pieces. I used their decklid. Much heavier weight than other repros and fit perfect. In case other pieces are needed here is a link http://www.autometaldirect.com/index.php Dan
  11. A Boy Scout is ..... Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean & Reverent. Guess there is no honesty in there LOL! Unless my memory is failing me..... been a few years. Dan
  12. All good here when I have logged on?
  13. Dans '70 Z20

    Monty 2018

    Very Nice. Love to see more in the restoration process and saved from becoming parts for a Chevelle. Nice Job. Dan
  14. I'd love to take a try at running a few laps at a dirt track. Love to do some drifting. Not sure I'd get Steve to be the co-pilot though. LOL
  15. Here is the link. Man, this guy has a lot of time on his hands, Just placed his last order of 5 million matchsticks he says. https://whotv.com/2019/01/17/iowa-artist-builds-a-dodge-charger-from-matchsticks/?utm_campaign=trueAnthem%3A+Trending+Content&utm_content=5c4188bc3ed3f00001d8a374&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=facebook
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